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Where To Bet MLB Online


As you can imagine, every single online sportsbook there is offers up MLB Betting.

However there are some online sportsbooks that stand out among the rest. Sportsbooks where you should be signing up at to bet your major league baseball on a consistent basis.

Sometimes that’s simply due to trust – knowing you’ll get your money when you win. Other times it’s due to what they offer, when they release their lines and the odds on those lines. Then there is bonuses too – sportsbooks that offer good deposit bonuses with an easy wagering requirement.

So let’s discuss the best online sportsbooks to bet Major League Baseball at:

Where To Bet Major League Baseball:

America: Probably the best place is Bovada. Formerly known as Bodog these guys have been around since the 2000s so you know they’re trustworthy. Baseball is one of the sports they push the most and because of that they offer up solid lines. Bovada also have a deposit bonus and a great selection of baseball betting options, MLB futures and game by game props. In saying that, BetOnline is also an excellent choice because baseball can be about betting sharp lines, and Americans will find great lines there.

Canada: A great choice is the exclusively Canadian Sports Interaction. One major reason for that is Blue Jays games – as they get a lot of casual fans backing the Jays due to being only Canadian, the odds against the Blue Jays are always great and make it worth betting against them. They also have been around forever, offer a great variety of props and if you like to bet hockey as well, are the best sportsbook for Canadians by far.

Everywhere Else: The best option is Bet365 Sportsbook. If you’re betting baseball, they are the best non-American sportsbook as their lines are great and you won’t find better odds anywhere else.

Where To Make Specific MLB Bets:

MLB Games: The most common question answered – where the heck do I bet on MLB Games? In this article I go in-depth to where to bet them and why to choose these particular sportsbooks. It lists the best sportsbooks to bet MLB due to the amount of lines they cover and potential bets as well as the juice. I cover the common bets although I also go into more detail about them in the articles below.

MLB Moneylines: One of the most popular options in baseball betting – betting on who will win a game.

MLB Runlines: MLB Runlines are like the point spread in NFL or basketball, but applied to baseball. In this article I break down what they are, how they work and are calculated and the best places to bet them.

MLB Game Totals: In this article I break down MLB Over/Unders or Game Totals – the bet, how it works, why it’s .5, and what to look for when betting MLB Game Totals. Another article within this category is MLB Team Totals which is backing the total of one specific MLB team.

MLB Grand Salami: In this article I break down where to bet the MLB Grand Salami, which is a great bet where you are backing the total runs of that day. A variant of the MLB Grand Salami is the MLB Home vs Away Total Runs which I have an article on as well.

MLB Team Props: A list and breakdown of all specific MLB Team Props you can make.

MLB World Series Winner:: In this article, I go over the best places to bet the MLB future – who will win the world series? And if you want to bet on the Pennant or Championship instead, then you can see my articles on the NL Pennant Winner and the AL Pennant Winner. I also have an article on betting on the MLB World Series MVP

MLB Futures:: This article covers all of the futures available to bet and where to bet them, and I also do individual articles on specific futures such as the MLB Regular Season MVP, MLB Rookie of the Year, MLB CY Young Award, MLB World Series MVP and MLB Most Home Runs.

MLB 5 Innings: One of the most popular bets in Major League Baseball is to bet on just the first 5 innings as it reduces variance as you’re banking on the starter lasting those 5 innings which usually happens. You can bet the 5 inning money line, run line and more. I break the 5 innings bets down here and offer strategy for it. We’ve also got an individual article on MLB 5 Inning Moneylines and one on MLB 5 Inning Runlines and MLB 5 Inning Over/Unders.

Where To Bet MLB Player Props

MLB Pitcher Earned Runs: Bet on the over/under of earned runs by a pitcher. I cover this bet in detail here.

MLB Pitcher Hits Allowed: A prop bet you can make on the hits allowed by a pitcher in an MLB game. I go into detail about the variations on this bet and where to bet it.

MLB Pitcher Outs: A prop bet you can make on the amount of outs a pitcher will throw during a game. It’s usually an over/under play. I cover where to bet MLB Pitcher Outs within this article.

MLB Pitcher Strikeouts: You can bet on MLB strikeouts and it is usually an over/under line. I cover that betting prop as well as stats and details in regard to it.

MLB Player Doubles: A bet you can make in MLB games on whether or not a player will get a double. The betting prop most common for this is over 0.5 / under 0.5 so you are simply betting if they hit a double or not.

MLB Player Home Runs: Nice and simple bet – will a player hit a homer in a game? There are also variables you can bet on such as multiple home runs. I cover all of that within this article.

MLB Player Runs: There are a LOT of varieties of bets you can make in regard to MLB player runs and I cover that and where to bet them in this piece.

MLB Player Props: One thing you can bet in MLB is specific player props such as total strikeouts, if a player will hit a home run etc. This article goes into detail about all of those.

MLB Player Singles: In this article I cover MLB player singles – how it works, what betting options you have etc, what to consider when looking to bet MLB Player Singles and of course – where to bet MLB Player Singles!

MLB Player Stolen Bases: The stolen bases prop bet in MLB is a nice and simple yes/no bet where you choose to bet if a player will steal a base. I cover the details of this within this article.

MLB Player Triples: A bet you can make – for nice odds – on whether a player will hit a triple. There are also variations on that bet which I cover here.

MLB Pitcher To Record A Win: A nice and simple prop where you are betting if a pitcher will record a win or not. I go into detail about it, any props related to it etc.

MLB Player Total Bases: A fun prop betting on the total bases an MLB player will have during a game. You can pick and choose such as 2+ bases, 3+ etc so you can take a risk for best odds. I cover strategies etc within this article.

How to Bet MLB Online:

Bovada: In the sportsbook section of the site, click “Baseball” on the left side. This opens up that days games and any futures but it can be a bit messy so click “All Baseball” at the top when in this section and you’ll be able to filter by bets, leagues etc. Then click the “BETS >” section beside a specific game to see what bets are available beyond the basics.

BetOnline: You need to log in (or register and log in) and then on the navigation bar will be “Baseball” on the left hand side. You want to click “MLB” but you also want to click reduced if it is there as that will list reduced juice lines where you bet the best odds.

Sports Interaction: Click “Baseball” on the left side and that opens the “MLB” Sub-menu and you can just click what you want from there. For a list of particular game bets use the drop down above each game on the top right.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click “Baseball” on the left sidebar and that will open up a sub menu with all of the baseball options. This will display a full list of different betting options that you can play.

What MLB Bets/Props Are There?

Baseball Deposit Bonuses

MLB betting is betting on the outcome of a particular game within baseball or events within that game or baseball as a whole.

There is “MLB Future Betting” which involves betting events which won’t be decided until far into the future. Such as betting player awards or who will win the pennant or world series.

Then there is the basic MLB betting – the three most common bets are who will win a game, the run line bet and the over/under on amount of runs.

Each MLB game has hundreds of potential other bets that you can make though and there really isn’t much that you can’t bet on.

Common MLB Betting Questions:

How does Run Line betting work?

So let’s say the Jays are taking on the Yankees and the run line is Jays -1.5 and that’s what you bet. That means you take 1.5 away from the Jays final score and they still have to beat the Yankess despite that. So if the Jays win 8-6 then you take 1.5 away from the Jays score and it’s 6.5-6 so the Jays still win.

The line is set with a .5 so that there will always be a winner as a push doesn’t help anyone.

Where To Watch MLB Online:

The best option to watch MLB online is MLB.TV. They offer different streams for each team and it’s the best service you can get.

MLB Betting Strategy:

Betting on MLB is a real big numbers game and there are many models people use to try and make money betting major league baseball.

My own recommendation is to start small – pick a betting prop that you feel a lot of people don’t bet on. One that isn’t fully researched by the sportsbooks or the oddsmakers – and start looking for an edge. Come up with a system that you feel may result in a profitable outcome then test it historically.

Look for those small edges and do the work the oddsmakers don’t.

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