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Where To Bet The MLB Grand Salami


The MLB is all about the longball these days. Homeruns are king and they don’t seem to be going away. Pitchers throwing harder than ever, players swinging with uppercut swings, stronger players and modern stadiums with short porches all lead to more and more homeruns in the game. More homeruns equals more runs and that makes the game more exciting to watch.

You can also bet on those runs. It’s called the MLB Grand Salami and, no, it’s not a clever name for a grand slam. It’s a total set on the total number of runs scored across all MLB games and you can bet on it, over or under.

The MLB Grand Salami can be tricky, but it can be beat. In this article we are going to show you how it works, where to bet it, how to bet and our strategy for winning it.

Where To Bet MLB Grand Salami:

America: You will find the Grand Salami at InterTops, but it is called the “Grand Pepperoni” there. Not sure why, but I assume it’s to avoid confusion with the Grand Salami in hockey betting.

Canada: Sports Interaction offer the Grand Salami on a daily basis as well as Home vs Aways Total Runs which is another fun bet.

Everywhere Else: You can find the Grand Salami at 888.

What is the MLB Grand Salami?

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Simply put, an over/under on all of the day’s games combined. All games must play for this bet to be official and those games must go the full length, but there are no restrictions on action regarding starting pitchers. Which is to say, if Clayton Kershaw is scheduled to start and he’s replaced by Joe Schmoe – the bet still goes through.

Common MLB Grand Salami Questions:

Is the Grand Salami just a total of all the day’s over/unders?

Not necessarily. The total can be set at a different amount, although probably close to that added up number, due to a variety of reasons. A lot of times lines on a single game are made to “entice” while this line could attempt to “entice” you in a different way.

What if a game gets rained out and I’m already winning?

Sorry. The frustrating thing about the MLB Grand Salami is that all games must play and play until completion. A game canceled means the bet is canceled. A game called after five innings means the bet is canceled. Of course, this can work in your favor at times but it can also be quite frustrating during rainy season.

How To Bet MLB Grand Salami:

InterTops: Head to the “Baseball” section of the sportsbook and the “MLB Grand Pepperoni” will be listed among the day’s games.

Sports Interaction: From the menu select “Baseball” then “MLB” and “MLB Props”. The daily Grand Salami will be posted here once all lines become official.

888: From the “A-Z Betting” menu find “Baseball” and then “MLB”. The Grand Salami will be posted amongst the day’s lines.

MLB Grand Salami Betting Strategy:

I like to monitor the weather when betting the Grand Salami. Which means that my main strategy is “under” in the early part of the season and “over” during the summer.

In 2017, March/April games had an average of 4.42 runs per game and 4.64 in May. While in June that number shot up to 4.91. Cold weather, bad. Warm weather, good.

Variants To A MLB Grand Salami: