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Where To Bet the OHL Online


The OHL is the “Ontario Hockey League” which was founded in 1933.

It’s a junior ice hockey league which is part of the Canadian Hockey league and the age limits for the OHL are 16-21. There are quite a few sportsbooks that have issues with the ability to bet on OHL due to those age limits however there are still some online sportsbooks that will allow you to bet on the OHL.

The OHL follows a similar format to the NHL with a regular season broken down by 4 divisions – East, Central, West and Midwest. 16 teams – 8 from each conference – then process to the playoffs and it’s a best of 7.

Like I said a lot of sportsbooks won’t cover the OHL due to the age range permitted to play in it however there are a few sportsbooks that do allow you to bet. Let’s cover those:

Where To Bet OHL Online:

America: The only place for Americans to bet on the OHL is Bovada. They’re a great sportsbook – formerly Bodog – and are very trustworthy. They offer a $250 welcome bonus as well. The only bad thing about them is they take a little while to get their lines up – sometimes it’s just a couple of hours or so prior to game time. They usually have a decent amount of bets including 1st period betting.

Everywhere Else: The best option for betting the OHL out of America is 888. They offer up every single OHL game and they get lines up early on which is nice. You can bet on who will win and the over/under on goals as well as a few match props such as correct score.

How to Bet OHL Online:

Bovada: Click “Hockey” on the left sidebar and then in the green bar “All Hockey” shows up. You can just click “Canada” and that will filter it to the OHL as well as the WHL.

888: Simply searching via the search bar for “OHL” will bring it up. However you can also click “Ice Hockey” on the left and that will bring up the hockey section. The OHL will be on that page and you just have to expand the bar for it.

What OHL Bets/Props are there?

The basic bets found in hockey are there – you can bet on a team to win. You can choose whether it will include overtime/shootout or not, and you can also choose to bet that you think the game will go to overtime.

You can also bet on the total goals in a game with the over/under betting – the line is usually set at least 6.5 and often higher.

You can also do live betting on specific games.

888 also offer specific match bets such as variables on the total goals, and handicap betting. They also offer the ability to bet the correct score, and choose the over/under on total team goals as well as if both teams will score.

Common OHL Betting Questions:

Can you bet OHL Player Props online?

At this time you are unable to bet OHL Player Props online at any sportsbook unfortunately.

Where To Watch OHL Online:

You can get live streams online to watch the OHL at

OHL Betting Strategy:

Honestly there’s no specific betting strategy to the OHL – if you do your research you should be able to come out ahead. The research the sportsbooks does for the OHL isn’t too big due to it not being very popular to bet on. I’d advise you stick to a couple of OHL teams and really get to know them. Watch their games, figure out who the key players are etc. Then bet big when they play each other and you know how they are.

You’ll find a lot of the odds on the OHL are lop sided but if you do your research you should be able to pick out the underdog plays fairly easily.

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