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Where To Bet The NHL Grand Salami


In this article I’m going to discuss exactly what the NHL Grand Salami is, and where to bet the NHL Grand Salami.

The Grand Salami isn’t really a “serious” bet that you’ll be making when betting on the NHL. It’s a lot of fun, but you are unlikely to see the greatest gamblers in the world rushing to the sportsbook to put down their money on Grand Salami.

Betting the Grand Salami is more like betting the lottery to be honest – it’s a completely random high variance bet won or lost purely on luck.

The Grand Salami bet involves betting on the total goals of EVERY NHL game that is played that day. The sportsbooks set a line, and you will then pick whether the actual goals will be over that total or under.

Sure, you can look at the over/under of every game and try to add them up, try to figure out which ones will go which way and add up those totals, but any bettor can tell you that is likely a fool’s errand. There is just far too much variance when looking at a bet like this.

In saying that, it’s a very fun bet and a great casual bet to make. It’s one I like to make on a regular basis purely for fun because it provides me entertainment and intrigue for every single NHL game that day.

Where To Bet the NHL Grand Salami:

The Grand Salami is a prop bet you’re not going to find at most sportsbooks unfortunately. We’ve broken it down by country as to the sportsbooks you can make it at:

America: The only sportsbook that offers the Grand Salami for Americans is BetOnline. Along with Away Goals vs Home Goals and the Grand Salami itself, they also offer handicap betting on the Away Goals vs Home Goals which can be good for getting reduced juice on your bet.

Canada: We advise you bet the Grand Salami at Sports Interaction. This is one of the top sportsbooks for fans of betting on the NHL. They offer the Grand Salami along with the Over/Under they also offer the Home Teams vs Away Teams Goals prop that I am personally a huge fan of.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook offers both the Grand Salami and the Home Teams vs Away Teams prop bet, every night of the NHL season.

What is the NHL Grand Salami Bet?

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The Grand Salami is a bet you can make in the NHL which factors in all of the goals scored on that particular day. It counts every single game.

Let’s take a night with only a few games and use that as an example. Let’s say there are 3 NHL games on a Tuesday night, and the over/under for each game is 5.5 goals, 6 goals and 5.5 goals.

The sportsbook will create the Grand Salami line based on those over/unders, and would most likely set it at 17 goals, which is the combined total of all over/under lines set in the games that day.

That’s not an exact science of course – most likely if it’s an even number such as 17, the sportsbook would move it to 16.5 or 17.5 to make sure there is no “push” and that people must win or lose. Also sportsbooks may move the line a goal or two depending on what they think the true odds are and what can get them the most action.

You would then place a bet on whether the total goals of all of the games of that day would be above or below 17.5 goals.

Let’s say you bet over 17.5 goals and the results that night are:

Kings 3-2 Blackhawks
Leafs 6-1 Coyotes
Lightning 1-0 Red Wings

The total goals scored was just 13 goals factoring in all 3 games. As you bet Over 17.5 goals, you would have lost the Grand Salami bet in the NHL on that night.

The Grand Salami totals all of the NHL goals scored in that particular day and will usually be close to an even money bet. It’s a great casual bet to make because it gets you interested in all of the games that particular day.

It can be difficult to predict because one game can throw you way off, one way or the other. A 0-0 shutout can mess up a night when every other game goes over while a 5-4 game can take a night of unders and make it into a Grand Salami over. This is what I mean when I say there is a ton of variance on this one, truly anything can happen in a full night of NHL action.

Common NHL Over/Under Bet Questions:

What does the term “Grand Salami” mean?

You know – we’re not really too sure other than it began in baseball. There are some resources stating that the phrase was created by Milwaukee Brewers announcer Bob Uecker, while others state it was Mariners commentator Dave Niehaus. It was in reference to a grand slam. Actually Niehaus was known for his catchphrase “Get out the rye bread and mustard, Grandma, it is grand salami time!” when talking about a grand slam. But as for how it became a betting term? We’re not too sure.

How to Bet the NHL Grand Salami:

BetOnline: Under the “Hockey” list, select “NHL ” then “Continue”. When you get to this page look for “NHL – Grand Salami”. It’s usually below all of the game listings and you’ll see “Away Goals Today” and “Home Goals Today” and the total is within that section.

Sports Interaction: Click the “Hockey” link on the left and when the menu expands, click “NHL Props”. The Grand Salami will be listed there. Note there may be various team/player props

Bet365 Sportsbook: “Hockey” on left side, and then in the “NHL” section there is a “Props” category. It’s usually listed under there as “Grand Salami” and there is also “Home Goals vs Away Goals” for that variation of it.

NHL Grand Salami Betting Strategy:

It’s really tough to have a sound betting strategy for the grand salami, as it’s such a casual bet to make with such high variance.

In saying that, what I’d suggest is looking for a game or two that are going to upset the mean. For example on a night of 8 NHL games, look for 2 games where you’re extremely confident they will either go under the posted game total, or over. If you can find 2 games that you feel good about doing that, then bet it.

We find betting the “under” is the most profitable in that regard as you can get games that will have just 1-3 goals in them. However a lot of the games that are expected to go “over” will only go over by 1 goal the majority of the time and won’t upset the mean that much.

So look for those low scoring games, and bet the Grand Salami accordingly.

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