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Where To Bet NHL Player Assists


A great NHL assist can often be prettier than the goal it sets up. The players in the NHL can put the puck in places that we couldn’t possibly imagine it going and it leading to a score or a near score. It’s truly one of the great things about seeing the game played at the highest level. From players like Sidney Crosby to the king of the assist, Wayne Gretzky, the assist is a key part of the game.

It’s also something that you can bet on.

Assist betting is a relatively new option in the world of sports betting, but it has quickly become a great option for fans of the NHL. You can bet on the individual players, the stars of the team, for each NHL game and whether or not they will get an assist.

It is something that is only grown in popularity and this article will tell you a bit more about it. We will cover how to bet on it and which sportsbooks offer betting on the game of passing. For more on this subject, just keep reading.

Where To Bet NHL Player Assists:

America: Americans can bet on player assists at BetOnline where they are available through the player props.

You can also find this prop at Bovada

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook offer a player assist betting option on all of the day’s NHL games.

If you would prefer, check out BetOnline as it is not only for Americans.

What are NHL Player Assists bets?

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There are two ways that sportsbooks offer NHL Player Assists betting, “at least” and over/under.

At Least: If you are betting on “At Least” then you are given a number of assists starting at one. In this case, you are just hoping for that player to have at least one assist in order to win the bet.

A fun thing about this bet is that you can change the amount to two and get some really great odds. For instance, a high scoring player might be relatively close to even at +125 to finish with one assist. If you set that number to two assists, his odds jump to +700.

Over/Under: They way this one works is that a total is set at 0.5 assists and you can bet if that will go over or under. Under will, obviously, mean no assists. While over would mean one or more.

With this betting option, there will be a price set on each side. A star player like Patrick Kane would see his over 0.5 set at -140 while his under would be +100. While a defenseman like Duncan Keith, who doesn’t get a ton of assists, would see his over with a line of +175 and his under at -250.

Common NHL Player Assists Questions:

How do assists work in NHL?

An assist in the NHL is attributed to up to two players of the scoring team who either shot, passed or deflected the puck towards their teammate who scored the goal.

A primary assist is when you make a play that directly leads to the goal. While the secondary assist would be considered the pass that lead to the pass that lead to the goal.

For the purposes of betting, there is no difference between the primary and secondary assist. So even if the player made the pass that lead to the pass, you would still get the win if you bet them to have an assist.

How to Bet NHL Player Assists:

BetOnline: Click “hocley” on the left sidebar and this will bring up the list of games. Click on the “+” sign on the far right of the game’s odds and this will load the player props including assists.

Bovada: Click “Hockey” at the top of the page and this will take you to a list of the day’s NHL games. You will see an area that says something like “+68 bets”. Click that and then you will see a “Prop Builder” section with options for assists.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Simply click “Hockey” on the left hand side of the page and this will bring up a list. Scroll down to the “Score” section and find “Player Assists” to see all of the day’s odds.

NHL Player Assists Betting Strategy:

You have to start by looking at the over/under for each game. I like to go with one of the higher ones of the day as we can find a team that is most definitely not getting shutout. From there I look at who is playing well of late and the lines that they are playing on. From there I find the best line to bet on this.

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