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Where To Bet LoL Total Barons Slain

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In any professional League of Legends match, the total number of barons slain over the course of a map is essential in determining the overall final results. A lot of the time it may be the case that only one needs to be killed in order for the winning team to make their way across the finishing line. Either way, we’ll now break down this particular prop bet, what it means to kill this particular neutral enemy, and how you can potentially profit from it when placing down money yourself.

Baron Nashor is the largest neutral monster in League of Legends, appearing in the Summoner’s Rift map for players to attack. Once attacked he will then put up a fight, one which usually involves the entire team surrounding him, as power-ups are then awarded to the team that lands the killing blow. Given that he’s one of the toughest enemies in the game, specific champion types are often required to bring him down, including the tank class. After being killed, though, he’ll provide the killing team with the ‘Hand of Baron’, which powers up the attacks of both players and minions, along with decreased spawn recall time.

The question remains then during any game of League; how many times can each team kill this particular enemy before the end of the match? Also, what does this mean to you when putting down money, and how can you potentially profit off successfully predicting the Baron kills?

Where To Bet LoL Total Barons Slain:


The best option here is Bovada, as it provides comprehensive betting coverage of most League events and props all across North America.


Bet365 Sportsbook is what you’ll want in Canada, as it offers prop bets for most LoL games and events worldwide.

Everywhere Else:

Internationally Bet365 Sportsbook is also the best choice, as it covers most countries betting wise, with a number of League games.

What is LoL Total Barons Slain?

Winning the ‘Hand of Baron’ buff for all the team-mates alive in-game, this is the most sought after power-up, as it can make or break a match. Allowing the team to essentially push forwards, it lasts for three minutes, drastically increasing the attack power of the champions and minions. This is why there’s such a rush to be the first ones to destroy it, with everybody looking to take him down as soon as they can.

It’s also the case that many will seek to take him down as many times as they possibly can over the entire run of a match. Here’s a general list of attributes that you’ll commonly find with Baron Nashor over the course of any game of League:

  • Abilities: The Baron has approximately nine abilities, including immunity to crowd control, Voracious Corrosion, Sweeping Blow, and a range of other attacks.
  • Spawn Times/Stats: Arriving twenty minutes into the game, the Baron respawns every seven minutes after being killed, with 6400 health, increasing by 180 every minute after first attack.
  • Drops: Along with the main ‘Hand of Baron’ buff, he also provides the successful killing team with 600 experience and 300 gold.

Covering the jungle areas of a map, it will largely be down to the Jungler champion from each team to alert the rest of the team after securing his lair. What should you look out for here though, and what’s best to keep in mind when considering this particular prop bet?

Common LoL Total Barons Slain Questions:

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What does the particular prop entail?:

This bet focuses on the number of Barons killed by a team over the course of a single map, or match, of League of Legends. Putting money down on the tally, you can predict how many you think they’ll each kill in the entire run of the video-game. You also have the option of putting down money on the over/under of that tally, providing a prediction of whether you think the kill count will be higher or lower than the set number. Working alongside other bets, this prop is one of the main ones when it comes to LoL, and is the ideal compliment to some of the larger bets
What signs should I look for when placing a bet?:

The key player to watch in this bet is the Jungler, as they’re the person that will be covering the jungle regions between lanes. Whilst they can take on the Dragon enemy by themselves, killing the Baron is a team effort, so you also need to pay attention to the rest of the team too. Usually a tank class of champion is needed as well, as they’re the one that will take on the brunt of the attack overall. It’s the Jungler that needs to be alert though, making sure the area’s covered, keeping the opposing team away from the Baron in order to score consecutive kills.

How to Bet LoL Total Barons Slain:


Choosing ‘Sports’ from the main page, go ahead and select ‘Esports’ from the next, and then you want the ‘All Esports’, followed by ‘League of Legends’. This should then give you a whole range of different events, which will take you through to the matches themselves, all listed down the page. You then want the ones with the most available bets, and, opening them up, find ‘Other Props’ listed down near the bottom, and ‘Total Barons Slain’ will be there when it’s up.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Down the left side of the screen is ‘Esports’, and this will take you through to all the eSports available themselves rolling down the page. All the ‘LOL’ events will be listed near the top, and you want to open up the ‘Map’ subsection, followed by ‘Total Barons Slain’ when available. You can then choose from the over and under options, with the final tally predictions, allowing you to make your betting coupon.

LoL Total Barons Slain Betting Strategy:

Whilst the Dragons are easier to slay, the Barons slain can make for an interesting prop, as it sometimes it may only be one, if any, that are killed. You also need to look at the whole team here, as although the Jungler is important, everyone is required when it comes to taking him down. The tank class of champion is also important to take note of, as strength is required when facing up to the Baron, so see who’s playing here too.

As one of many props you can combine this with other bets as well, making for some highly appealing betting combinations. Spread your money out across the board making the most of the over/under, and you should then be able to increase your chances of winning.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.