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Where To Bet LOL EU Masters

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Bringing together all the best teams from across Europe, the European Masters is one of the biggest eSports tournaments to date. Taking place every year, it runs through both the Spring and the Summer splits, and is organized by Riot Games themselves, along with Esports ESL. A relatively new league to the game, it aims to provide a more concise accumulation of all the European regional leagues.

With the teams competing for a prize pool starting at €150,000, this is set to become a fairly heated competition in the years to come. What this means for you, then, is that there’s plenty more opportunities for you yourself to get involved with the sport and make a bet.
How is this new contest open to that though, and what are the best ways for you to make your bet? Well here we’ll give you the rundown of this event and how you can ultimately make it work for you when gambling.

Where To Bet on the LOL EU Masters:

America: The site with the most on offer here is Bovada, which all depends on when you decide to make the bet. You should also be given the option to combine any match bet with a prop as well, giving you a chance to maximize your stakes.

Canada: With Bet365 Sportsbook you should be able to find everything you need, as all the options are there, depending on the time of year. This should allow you to maximize your bets to their full potential. Timing is an essential component to consider too, as it’s not just the odds that are changing, but what’s available at any given time as well.

Everywhere Else: As above, Bet365 Sportsbook is again the best site going in terms of choice, giving you everything you need, especially as the EU Masters’ season approaches.

What is LOL EU Masters Betting?

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With Riot Games and the Esports League running this, this is definitely a competition that’s in good hands. Comprised of both the Spring and Summer splits, they’ll create tournaments which will determine the best of what Europe has to offer in League of Legends gaming. With the first split taking place towards the end of April, it’s aim is to bridge the gap between grass-roots gaming at a regional level and gaming on an international level.

Made up of the play-in stage and main event itself, the league takes place over a set period, within predetermined locations, such as the UK and Poland, which provided the venues for the 2018 Spring and Summer splits. The Play-In, Group Stage, along with the playoffs right up through the quarter-finals are all played online, whilst the semifinals and the main finals are played live at a pre-set location.

Taking on-board a whole host of teams from a number of different regions, this event is essential for providing the best that Europe has to offer to the world. That means there are plenty of up-and-coming teams fighting to make themselves heard, which leaves you with some great betting opportunities.

Common LOL EU Masters Betting Questions:

Where and when do these typically take place?

With the first stages taking place online, these are available for everyone to view. The main events will usually take place in April and September. In regards to the locations themselves, these are interchangeable, as they’re determined each year prior to the event.

How can I view this live?

These are usually available to watch live over Twitch streaming, either through the ESL channel, or Riot Games’ own channel. If you want to catch up with older games, their YouTube channels also have a number of games available, which they update regularly.

How To Bet on the LOL EU Masters:

Bovada: Following the sports section on the main page you should come to a list of sports down the left-hand side of the page. Below ‘boxing’ is the ‘E-Sports’ tab, which will take you to the list of games offered. Selecting ‘League of Legends’ from the drop-down menu tab at the top under the ‘E-Sports’ tab, you should find all the leagues below, including the ‘Euro Masters’.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Firstly you’ll want the ‘English’ language tab from the man page, and here you’ll head into the site itself. From there go to the ‘Esports’ tab down the left side of the page, just beneath the ‘Darts’ option. In the center of the page you should find all the game and the LoL selections are all beneath DOTA2. With a few other various LoL selections of different leagues and tournaments, you should find the ‘LOL – EU Masters’ panel some way down, with all the choices you need. Here you can create your ultimate bet by ticking the boxes and creating your coupon from the top.

LOL EU Masters Betting Strategy:

There are a wide variety of speciality combos you can make, creating a vast number of bets that can be tailored for maximum payout. Try playing the field and always look for the smaller more unique bets, as they can all add up. Here are just a few of the main bets you make:

  • Match Winner 2-Way: For a match with just two outcomes as the overall result, you get to choose one of them.
  • Match Handicap: You set a handicap for your chosen team to cover, which then boosts the value of your odds in return.
  • Map Wins: With specific maps being used, you can determine which teams will win which maps, all depending on their previously displayed strengths and weaknesses.
  • Props: As LoL is a lively game there are plenty of these, such as ‘team to kill the first dragon’ and ‘team to destroy the first tower’, once again helping your odds.

Taking into account all of these, you should be able to find something suitable to your tastes. Equalling out the odds in your favor is your best course of action, as this should provide a bet with more winning potential. Just be sure to keep on top of all the latest news, as this is always essential when making any bet too, and you should be able to make the game work for you.

Where To Bet Specific Types of LoL Bets:

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.