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Where To Bet the PGA Tour Online


In this section of the website, I cover everything related to betting on the PGA Tour.

While a lot of this will apply to general golf betting, the below advise and suggestions are focused purely on the PGA Tour. So I may mention an online sportsbook to bet the PGA at – they may not be the best sportsbook to bet golf overall, but they’re definitely the best place to bet the PGA Tour online.

I’ll also go into detail about specific PGA bets you can make, answer any questions in regard to PGA betting and much more.

Let’s get to it and let’s answer the question everyone has first:

Where To Bet the PGA Tour Online:

America: I have to recommend Bovada when it comes to betting on the PGA Tour. The reason first and foremost is they have the most golf betting options available with usually 40+ different bets per tournament. Along with betting the winner you can bet the Top X Finisher, Round by Round betting, whether there will be a hole in one or not, the Top Player by Country or nationality, tournament match-ups and much more. They’re also a very reliable sportsbook and generally have the best odds available for Americans.

Everywhere Else: When the odds are equal, I advise betting at Bet365 Sportsbook. That’s where I usually bet my PGA online. It’s just such a great interface and they have so many betting options. Their odds I find are better a good majority of the time too and I do most of my PGA betting here. They cover a wide variety of futures betting as well and are reliable and trustworthy. Finally they also offer live betting all the way down to the final hole.

Where To Make Specific PGA Tour Bets:

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PGA Tournament Winners: The most common bet – on who will actually win a PGA Tournament. However there are a lot of different things to consider when it comes to where to bet PGA tournament winners and I go into detail about it.

PGA E/W Betting: This is a term you’ll see a lot but may not be familiar with as it is used primarily in the UK. E/W means Each-Way and this goes into detail about exactly what golf E/W betting is.

PGA Group Betting: The variance in golf is obviously high so this is where group betting comes in to play. Rather than the entire field, you are betting based on a group of players.

PGA Hole in One: A bet you can make over the course of a tournament where you bet whether there will be a hole in one.

PGA Three Ball: PGA Three Ball is a bet where you get three golfers, and you have to bet who will do better. It’s a solid bet that reduces the variance in golf betting and I go into detail about it and what strategies to apply in this article.

PGA Head to Head Matchups: Every golf tournament offers the option to bet PGA Head to Head matchups where you can bet on one golfer to beat the other. I cover all of that in this article.

PGA To Make Cut: The variance of PGA can be high but that’s only if you are looking to bet on who will win. Betting on who will or will not make the cut is a really underappreciated bet as there can be a lot of great value found within it.

PGA Top 10 Finish: With the variance in the PGA sometimes it is better to look at betting people to place in the Top 10. I cover where to bet this golf prop here.

PGA Top 20 Finish: If you want even less variance then the Top 20 finish bet in the PGA one is a very good one. I’ve lost a lot of bets on people to win or E/W who finish in 6th-20th instead but by placing a few key bets on top 20, I’m able to cover that extra risk.

Top Golfer by Nationality: This prop bet covers a wide variety of props such as top Scottish golfer, top American golfer etc. It can be a great bet to make because the variance is less due to the smaller selection of players.

PGA Winning Margin: A fun prop bet where you have to predict the winning margin of the leader in the tournament.

PGA Tournaments Betting Guides:

The Open: It’s The Open, The British Open and the Open Championship. Whatever you want to call it here’s a guide on where to bet it.

U.S. Open: In this article I talk about the best places to bet on the US Open and why you should bet the US Open there.

Ryder Cup: This bi-annual event features Europe vs USA and in the article I explain how it works and the best sportsbooks online to bet the Ryder Cup.

PGA Championship: Formes in 1916, the PGA Championship is an annual tournament played the weekend prior to Labor Day. in this article I examine the PGA Championship and tell you what to look for when betting it.

The Masters: The greatest PGA tournament of all. Heck one of the best events in the history of sports. I cover the best places to bet the Masters due to prop bets, E/W betting etc.

How to Bet PGA Online

Bovada: “Golf” is listed under the sports section on the left. When you click that however I advise using the filter in the green bar at the top. Click “All Golf” and choose “PGA Tour” and this will list all related PGA Tour bets. it will list the current week tournament and on the right it will says “BETS >” and you click to expand the selection and see all of the bets available.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on “Golf” in the left sidebar and this weeks tournaments – all of them – will be listed and all of the betting options will be available. If you want to see PGA futures you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page where all golf futures are listed.

What PGA Bets/Props Are There?

PGA Betting is betting on the outcome of particular golfers or events within a specific PGA tournament.

For example you can bet on who will win the tournament, or you can bet the much more popular bets with less variance such as what golfer will have a Top 5 Finish or a Top 10 Finish.

Then there are bets such as “Top Asian” where out of the golfers who are participating in that tournament who are Asian, you are betting which one will beat the others. So if you bet Si Woo Kim to be the Top Asian it doesn’t matter if he comes 34th in the tournament – as long as he beats the other Asian golfers listed.

Then there is match betting similar to a typical sport – where you are betting specific match-ups. So a typical match-up may have Jimmy Walker vs J.B. Holmes. You then have to bet as to who will perform better. There is usually the option to do a match-up bet for the entire tournament, or a match-up bet just for that particular round.

Most sportsbooks will offer round by round betting too so a popular bet is to watch how the 1st round goes and figure out who is carrying momentum and then place bets just on the 2nd round match-ups.

Common PGA Betting Questions:

What is Each-Way Betting in PGA Golf?

Each-Way Betting is a bet popular at European bookmakers. It involves two separate bets – one of which is backing a golfer to win, the other is for them to place. To place they need to finish in the Top 5(unless it’s a Major and they’ll extend that to maybe top 8) and if they place you get 1/4 of the winning odds.

So if you bet each-way on a golfer to win at 20/1, if they place then your place bet will be for 5/1 odds. Also if they win, you win both the “to win” bet AND the place bet. The odds for this are always better than betting separately for someone to make the Top 5.

Where To Watch PGA Online:

The online streaming service Dazn usually offers the first two rounds for you to watch online. The final two rounds are usually aired on local TV and depending on your subscription and provider you may be able to log into their website and watch online.

You can also watch online by subscribing to PGA Tour Live.

PGA Tour Betting Strategy:

I do very well at the golf and my personal focus is on bets to win & E/W where I am betting the each-way. It’s my own personal preference and it’s all about patience – hoping you get a high odds “place” finish to keep you break even until you get those big wins.

However I’d advise people wanting to win on the PGA to focus more on either match-up betting or the Top X bets. When you only have say 8 Asian golfers to look at and pick which one will do better there can be a lot of money to be made there as it can be easy to immediately narrow that down to 2-3 golfers. Then just really focus on them and study them and you should be able to find some solid value.

Those are the markets I’d advise focusing on.

Golf Tournament Betting Guides

Types of PGA Bets:

PGA Tournament Betting Guides

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