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Where To Bet Strictly Come Dancing


A firm fixture on the BBC prime-time line-up for a number of years now, the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ show is a dance competition seeing celebrities partner with professional dancers for the grand prize at the end of each series. Broadcast on BBC One, it sees a panel of judges, themselves professional dancers and celebrities, deciding upon the winning couples alongside the voting public watching live. From all this you can make yourself some potentially profitable wagers, as we shall now examine in closer detail here.

Known by many as simply ‘Strictly’, the show has gone on to become one of the most successful franchises worldwide, with it featuring in the Guinness Book of Records for that reason. This has seen its format adapted globally, with it typically shown on either Saturday or Sunday, gaining some of the largest viewing figures to date. Alongside the main show, there are many spin-off specials, such as ‘Strictly Dance Fever’, which uses a more contemporary dance theme, while the original focuses mainly on ballroom and Latin dances. It’s a brand that’s also been successfully transferred onto various different platforms, seeing an app game produced by BBC Worldwide, clearly displaying the popularity of the show.

Gaining such high-ratings with an increasingly star-studded line-up means that there’s plenty at stake here. There’s also much talk surrounding who the emerging winning couple will be, with a dedicated audience tuning in each week to see who will go through. With this in mind, how do you make a more worthwhile bet on the event, and how can you potentially make the most of your money?

Where To Bet Strictly Come Dancing:

America: As a primarily British event, there’s no such bets available in North America as of yet, although you may be able to do so on its American counterpart.

Canada: Using Bet365 Sportsbook you should be able to find all the bets you need when it comes to betting on Strictly Come Dancing.

Everywhere Else: Here again you should go to Bet365 Sportsbook for all your Strictly Come Dancing bets.

What is Strictly Come Dancing?

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Starting out in development under the title of ‘Pro-Celebrity Dancing’ in 2003, it would finally make it to air as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in 2004 on the 15th of May. Originally presented by Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly, it would quickly go on to become a huge international success for the BBC, being adapted for the worldwide market. Presented from a huge set in BBC Television Studio at first, it would later go on to be filmed at Elstree Studios’ taking place in a massive arena.

Each dance itself typically lasts for 90 seconds, being brief and to the point. The format of the competition is generally as follows:

Phone-In Voting: Viewers can phone in to the show and vote which contestants they’d like to see go through to the next round.
Judges: The panel of judges gives their scores at the end of each performance, along with their opinions as to why.
Grand Finals: This sees the final dance couple remaining from the series overall, as they’re then named the winners.

Throughout the progression of each series, certain couples will become popular with the public, which is something you can easily identify. How do you put all this into practice when making a bet though, and what can you do to make your money go even further?

Common Strictly Come Dancing Betting Questions:

What should you look for in a dancing couple?:

The performances are what people will be presented first when watching a couple on stage. It’s important to remember who they are though, and what the history of each celebrity is, as this can play a crucial role in deciding whether or not they’ll win. There’s lots of coverage of this in the media, especially within the tabloid press, as this will give you some indication of how the public will perceive them. Some performances stand-out as well, as a memorable and unique dance will stay with the viewer, so an imaginative approach to the performance is definitely something to watch out for.

Where is it available to watch?:

Being a show from the British Broadcasting Corporation, or the BBC, it’s primarily shown on BBC One, on either Saturday or Sunday in the evening. You can watch this live on television, or through the BBC iPlayer, where you can play previous shows back at a later date. If abroad you may be able to use the TVPlayer service if available, or you can simply keep up-to-date with news of the event through other media outlets. There should also be plenty of people talking about it online through various social-media outlets, which will let you know how people are doing almost instantaneously.

How to Bet on Strictly Come Dancing:

Bet365 Sportsbook: Choosing ‘English’ from the top of the main page, you then want to go on and select ‘Specials’ from down the left-hand side of the next. You’ll now have ‘United Kingdom’ as an option, which will take you through to all the UK based bets down the center of the page, with ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ some way down. From here there’s a range of different bets you can pick, taking you through to the separate sections, with the odds provided.

Strictly Come Dancing Betting Strategy:

The people competing is what you need to focus on firstly, as it’s them who the audience follow throughout the course of each series. Between both the judges and the public, a lot of it comes to presentation, as it’s a show first and foremost, which is what will ultimately determine the outcome of the votes. With a lot of media and news surrounding each event, there’s plenty of places to help get you started, giving you the information you need on each contestant.

The bets themselves offer a lot of variety for this particular event as well, from the ‘Next Elimination’ to the ‘Gender of the Winner’, along with the ‘To Win Outright’ bet for the whole series. You can either focus on single bets, or hedge your bets across a wider range, tailoring your odds to something you feel more comfortable with, giving you a more productive and profitable wager overall.

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