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Where To Bet The Razzie Awards


The Razzie awards are an annual movie awards event that takes place with a twist; rather than awarding the best movies, best actor etc – they instead give out the awards for the worst performances.

Their full name is actually the Golden Raspberry Awards, although they are most well known as the Razzies. They first started back in 1981.

It is common for the majority of “winners” of these awards not to actually show up to accept the awards although there have been numerous exceptions. Some will provide a video acceptance of the award.

You can of course bet on the Razzies, and I am going to cover where to bet the Razzie awards in this article.

Where To Bet the Razzie Awards

One thing I do want to note is that the ability to bet on the Razzie awards is hit and miss. Some online sportsbooks offer odds one year, then nothing the next. So I’m going to cover the sportsbooks that offer the most consistency in regard to offering betting odds for the Razzie awards.

One additional note – just because the sportsbook doesn’t currently offer odds doesn’t mean they won’t. You can contact them and ask. Many online sportsbooks are good like that and will offer odds upon asking.

America: The sportsbook that has been the best when it comes to online entertainment bets is Bovada. They are always offering a wide variety of bets. You can bet on the Oscars and you could even bet on stuff like props in Space Jam 2! Like how many baskets Porky Pig would make. Over the years, they have been consistent with offering betting props for events such as the Razzies. If you don’t see them – just ask!

Everywhere Else: Normally the best online sportsbook for Razzie award betting for non-Americans is Mr Green however they are not covering the Razzies at this point. Checking for the 2021 Razzies, you are able to bet them at Betway. They currently offer a few different markets.

So if you wish to bet the 2021 Razzies, bet them at Betway.

What Razzie Bets Are There?

Although there are numerous awards for the Razzies, you can normally only bet on three Razzie awards. They will be the worst actor, worst actress and worse picture.

Occasionally you will be able to bet on others such as worst director or the new Razzie Redeemer Award – but for the most part, the only Razzle bet you will be able to make is on the three main ones.

Common Razzie Betting Questions:

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What are the betting odds for the 2021 Razzies?

The online sportsbook Betway has the betting odds available for the three main categories. The odds in American format are:

Razzies Worst Actor Betting Odds:

  • Mike Lindell: -250
  • Robert Downey Jr: +250
  • Adam Sandler: +1000
  • Michele Morrone: +1000
  • David Spade: +2000

Razzies Worst Actress Betting Odds:

  • Kate Hudson: -200
  • Anna-Maria Sieklucka: +333
  • Katie Holmes: +600
  • Anne Hathaway: +1000
  • Lauren Lapkus: +1400

Razzies Worst Picture Betting Odds:

  • Music: -163
  • Dolittle: +350
  • 365 Days: +400
  • Fantasy Island: +1000
  • Absolute Proof: +1600

How to Bet the Razzie Awards Online

Bovada: You have to activate the “All Sports” menu and then choose “Entertainment”. All entertainment bets will be listed there.

Mr Green: Under “All Sports” look for “TV & Novelty”. If the razzies are available to bet, they will be available there.

Betway: Within the navigation bar on the side, look for “Specials”. You will find the Razzie awards in there.

Razzies Betting Strategy:

Honestly, I have no idea. I’ll be completely honest. Historically the favourite does win but that’s not the case all the time. In 2019 for example, Gotti was the favourite in 2018 but Holmes and Watson won. Based on that one I’d probably just use common sense as well as look at what the internet hated the most.

I mean Holmes and Watson got so much more of a negative reaction than Gotti. When you look through the historical data that seems to be the best thing honestly – what most people hate the most is what to go for.

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