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Where To Bet On Britain’s Got Talent


The British talent show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is a huge televised event, taking place every year during the Spring and Summer months. With the entire nation rallying round to watch each week, it draws in a record number of viewers, as millions tune in to follow the contestants. Here we’ll look at the how the winners and losers are decided, the competition itself, and what this means when it comes to betting.

Informally known of as BGT, it’s a reality talent show that’s been running since 2007 after being started by Simon Cowell, who himself serves as a judge on the show. The format of the show itself is simple, in that contestants perform before a panel of judges and a live audience, after which they’re voted on. Performing anything they want, they display their ‘talent’, and the voting determines whether or not they’ll make it through to the next round, with the final remaining contestant at the end of the season being declared the winner. There’s been numerous spin-off shows as well, but it’s Britain’s Got Talent that’s one of the ITV channel’s flagship prime-time events.

This means that there’s a lot at stake when it comes to appearing on the show, bringing plenty of competition along with it. Who are the winners then, and what are the signs to look for when putting down money on the winning acts?

Where To Bet Britain’s Got Talent:


Currently this is mainly for UK betters, with it being a British show, although it does have its US counterpart ‘America’s Got Talent’.


Accessible across Canada, Bet365 Sportsbook has all the available bets when it comes to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

Everywhere Else:

Internationally Bet365 Sportsbook has the widest range of options for all BGT related bets, being straightforward and simple to use.

What is Britain’s Got Talent?

Doing pretty much what it says in the title, it’s a national televised talent show taking place across the United Kingdom. Originally created by British celebrity entertainment manager Simon Cowell, it would consist of three judges, including him, as they presided over the incoming acts. These would take part in front of a live studio audience, with the talent itself then being judged by both the professionals and the public. The acts themselves tend to wildly range in terms of what’s on offer, with the more professional performers typically lasting for the duration.

Over the course of the series the contestants will compete in order to make it through to the finals, winning money, and the chance to perform in front of the Royal Family at the annual Royal Variety Performance. Here’s an overall general look at how the competition itself is laid out, and what you should expect from each one:

  • Auditions: Taking place across numerous different cities in the UK, the open auditions are the first round, followed by the judges auditions, which is when the series itself begins.
  • Judges: This consists of ‘Deliberation Day’, whereby the judges will further narrow down the contestants to who they think will make it through to the semi-final stages.
  • Semi-finals/Final: Divided into groups, contestants must perform for the judges again, as well as for a live audience, with the final stage winners being decided upon entirely by the public.

Whilst it’s the public that get to decide upon the winners, the judges do voice their opinion, although it’s often the case that the judges themselves are celebrities, and have a role and character to play. How do you successfully predict the winners though, and what are the signs to look for when it comes to betting on who will make it through?

Common Britain’s Got Talent Questions:

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What kind of bets are on offer?:

Mostly you’ll find that all the bets focus largely on ‘To Win Outright’, as it’s a pretty straightforward wager for the most part. Given odds for the various different acts to make it through, you’ll find the line-up changing, as different acts remain, whilst others are voted off. The set-up itself is pretty standard when it comes to putting down money, so you shouldn’t have any trouble at all here. There is the ‘Top 3 Finish’ as well, which allows you to put money down on who you think will come in the top three positions, and this can be in any order.

Which acts are more likely to win?:

Given the variety show format, it can be difficult to tell exactly who the audience will respond to over the course of a season. The winners themselves typically consist of singers, comedy acts, and magicians, along with choirs and sometimes opera singers too. Usually it’s the case that the winning acts will have a slightly unique selling point, offering something fairly conventional, such as magic, but with a distinctive twist. Although this isn’t always the case, this can help propel an act forwards, as it leaves an imprint with the audience, helping it to stand-out. It’s also often the case that many of the more successful acts will have a story behind them, helping to give the act an arc that viewers can follow over the course of each series.

How to Bet On Britain’s Got Talent:

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Heading down the left side of the page, you should find ‘Specials’, followed by ‘United Kingdom’ directly underneath. This will bring up a range of bets down the page, with ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ for that year there at the top when available, with the betting markets below it. You should then have the option of either ‘To Win Outright’, or ‘Top 3 Finish’, both offering a range of odds and choices to create your betting slip.

Britain’s Got Talent Betting Strategy:

Following the acts is essential first and foremost, as this is what will allow you to gauge the audience responses far more clearly. As mentioned earlier, it’s more often than not the case that many of the performers will have their own stories, and this is what will typically sell them to the viewers. When it comes down to the finalists though, you then want to concentrate on the judges a lot more closely, paying attention to their voting habits.

The ‘Top 3 Finish’ can be a great bet to get in early on, as the odds it provides are sometimes a lot higher than they are with the outright win bets. Spreading your money across the board can help too, but make yourself aware of everything that’s on offer, and you should then make a more informed decision when betting.

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