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Where To Bet Team Shots in Soccer


One bet you can make in soccer is where to beat team shots.

There are a lot of variations to the “where to bet team shots” bet. This includes alternate lines, individual player shots, types of shot and team shots on target.

However the most standard bet is betting on the quantity of shots a team will have in a game. It is usually set as an over/under line. For example, France to have over or under 17.5 shots in a game and you can bet whether they will shoot over or under that amount. It doesn’t matter if they are on target or not – as long as they qualify as a shot.

Here’s the best places to make the team shots bet due to trust, odds and the team shot variations:

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Where To Bet Team Shots in Soccer

America: You can bet team shots at Bovada. They offer a wide variety of bets related to it. Please note they call it “attempts” as opposed to “shots”. They give you the ability to bet on the over/under of attempts, as well as teh over/under of attempts on target. They also offer a wide variety of special parlays such as “Each Team to have 1+ shot on target in each half”, or one team to have 3+ shots on target in both halves.

Canada: The best option is also Bovada. The variety of bets offered, as well as the props available make it the best for Canadians looking to bet on team shots in a match.

Everywhere Else: For everyone else, Bet365 Sportsbook is easily the best option. They offer the team shots on target bet with over/under, as well as just team shots in general. They also offer match shots and match shots on target. You can also use their bet builder to choose what team shots line you want so you can do alternate team shots and build it with other bets.

What is the Team Shots Bet?

You are betting how many shots a team will have in a game.

The bet is usually set with an over/under and it depends a lot on the team. In a random Chelsea vs Fulham game for example, the lines were as follows: Chelsea Over/Under 13.5 shots, Fulham Over/Under 10.5 shots.

The most common variation of the bet is team shots on target, where you aren’t betting just on the quantity of shots, but they have to actually be on target.

Most sportsbooks including the sportsbooks recommended above also allow you to bet on individual player shots, as well as offering props and parlays related to shots.

Common Team Shots in Soccer Questions:

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Do headers count as player shots?

Yes they do!

How to Bet Team Shots

Bovada: If you click on the match you want to bet shots on, any of the props are under the “Specials” section. As a reminder, team shots are listed as team attempts and they are further down the page. Or in the navigation bar above the bets, click “Game Stats” and that will list all the total attempts / shots bets.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on the game that you wish to bet total shots, then click on Specials. Scroll down, and they are there under Match Shots on Target and Match Shots.

Team Shots Betting Strategy:

Figure out the general outcome of the game, or how you think both teams will play. Then look at similar matches featuring those teams and look at how many shots they had or conceded.

General raw data isn’t enough for this one. A team averaging 21 shots per game over 15 games really doesn’t mean as much as you’d think. There are so many factors that change that. A juggernaut like Man City for example would thump teams by 3 goals or more, but their shots ranged from 9 to 29 to 16 over that period. The reason is often their opposition, as well as teh way the game goes.

So it’s really a case of figuring that out. Look at where a team gets its shots from, look at where the other team concedes shots. That’s the sort of thing that can help you win these sort of betse.

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