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Where To Bet Time Person of the Year


Time is a magazine based in the United States of America. Every year, they give an award known as the Time Person of the Year.

It’s one of those awards that many take seriously and treat as a big deal. It’s became very notable in recent years due to President Trump, who was the 2016 Person of the Year and was on the shortlist evert year following that.

It’s an award that you can also place bets on, and that’s what I am going to cover here. Some online sportsbooks will actually offer odds on the Time Person of the Year all year long which is neat.

Let’s cover where you can actually bet Time Person of the Year.

Where To Bet Time Person of the Year

America: There are two online sportsbooks great for Americans in terms of entertainment betting which are Bovada and BetOnline. Unfortunately no American Sportsbooks offer betting odds for Time Person of the Year early on. You won’t see odds for Time Person of the Year until October or November most likely.

Everywhere Else: All year long, you can bet the TIme Person of the Year at 888. They have a big list with a variety of possibilities listed and of course the odds will change throughout the year based on what actually happens that year.

How does Time Person of the Year Betting Work?

It’s very simple – throughout the year you will see a list of contenders for Time Person of the Year. You then simply place your bet on who will win.

There are no other bets related to it. You can’t bet on who will make the shortlist or anything like that. It’s simply betting on who will win.

Early December each year, Time will announce what the shortlist is for the event. They will then announce the eventual winner a few days later. Theoretically, the Time Person of the year is based on who has had the biggest influence on events in that year. Whether those were good events or bad events.

There can be controversy in regard to the picks of course. The fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won in 2020 was a controversy to many, who felt either BLM or the healthcare workers should have won. However anyone who understands how Time works would have bet on the +500 Joe Biden based on the history of Time giving the award to presidents who won the election.

I’m not saying he was a shoe-in or anything; but there was certainly value on him.

You have to go back to 1996 when Bill Clinton didn’t win for the last time a US president didn’t win during the election year. Don’t worry though – Bill won it in 1998 due to his impeachment.

Common Time Person of the Year Questions:

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What are the Time Person of the Year 2021 Betting Odds:

I won’t list them all, but the current top 10 favourites in January 2021 are:

  1. Docturs, Nurses, First Responders: +125
  2. World Health Organization: +350
  3. Joe Biden: +400
  4. Kamala Harris: +650
  5. Anthony Fauci: +800
  6. Black Lives Matter: +1000
  7. Ugur Sahin: +1000
  8. Angela Merke: +2000
  9. Doctors Without Borders: +2000

there are also numerous other options such as Beyonce at +10000, Barack Obama at +10000 and Kim Jong Un at +10000.

How to Bet Time Person of the Year:

Bovada: You are looking for their Entertainment section. Clicking the “All Sports (A-Z)” button will bring that up. This will list any entertainment bets and if they have Time Person of the Year odds, they will be listed there.

BetOnline: You are looking for the Entertainment section which is located in the sidebar under “Other Sports”. Click that and any entertainment bets, including Time Person of the Year, will be listed there.

888: You are looking to go under all sports, and clicking on the TV & Novelty section. There you will see the betting options available for Time Person of the Year. You will need to expand that section to see all potential picks.

Time Person of the Year Betting Strategy:

I mean the most obvious one – if it’s an election year, bet on who wins the election regardless of what else is going on in the world. 2020 is a prime example of that.

To show the work I put on – one thing I thought of was whether Google Trends would be a good indication and I looked that up. Despite winning in 2019, Greta and the environment didn’t make top 10 for people, searches, news. Similar for previous years.

Note that occasionally Time will do what they deem “right” over the true winner. If it truly includes the negative impact then no doubt Osama Bin Laden should have won in 2001, and not Rudy Giuliani.

Generally the most newsworthy items that carry on for a few months will be good to look at though. Such as the Silence Breakers in 2017, The Guradians in 2018 and Greta in 2019. Long term impact and media focus is something to look for.

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