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Where To Bet Fortnite To Win Outright

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Where To Bet Fortnite To Win Outright

There’s a constant turnover in the world of Fortnite, with new eSports stars continually making a name for themselves. Keeping up to date with all the latest players in the world of the much loved online Battle Royale can seem a little daunting. Here we’ll break it all down for you, examining what it takes to win outright in Fortnite, and where you should put your money down when predicting a winner.

Each match consists of around a hundred players in-game at any one time, and one of these needs to remain through to the end to win outright. This will constitute a Victory Royale, either for them or their team, as they must remain within the timed storm closing in around them, whilst also taking everyone else out. Using the Battle Royale format which Fortnite helped popularize, all players have to gather resources fighting their opponents. Many of the matches and larger tournaments are run by the developers Epic Games themselves, as they’ve managed most of the games’ official events from the outset.
It’s the star contenders that make the game though, shooting and building their way to the top, as there can only be one final winner. Who are they though, and how do you make that all important decision when looking to place that winning wager?

Where To Bet Fortnite To Win Outright:


For all eSports bets in North America, Bovada covers most Fortnite events across the country.


You want Bet365 Sportsbook in Canada, as it offers a wide selection eSports wagers, including many Fortnite events.

Everywhere Else:

Internationally Bet365 Sportsbook is also the best option, as you should find most Fortnite tournaments covered there.

What is Fortnite To Win Outright?

Remaining through till the end of a game of Fortnite takes a lot, and it’s important that players keep their wits about them if they want to survive. The stipulations behind winning outright are fairly straightforward though, as the player must be the last player standing above everyone else. Whether they’re part of a team, or a pair, everyone else has to be taken out for them to be declared the overall winners.

Players will need a range of skills if they want to perform at a professional level in the Fortnite eSports’ arena. Here’s a quick look into what goes into getting that all important Victory Royale, and what skills are needed in-game:

  • Fighting: Getting up close, this will include factors such as aim and the player thinking quick on their feet in the heat of an armed battle.
  • Resource Management: Gathering resources from the moment a player lands, it’s also important to consider how items and resources are organized across the inventory.
  • Building: This is where the ‘fort’ factor comes in, as a player builds defences depending on the resources they’ve gathered, and this typically takes place toward the end of a game.

Many can spend years honing their skill-set, which is why the competition tends to be so high when it comes to climbing to the top of the pack. How do you spot those star players though, and how can you successfully identify who has that Fortnite winning potential?

Common Fortnite To Win Outright Questions:

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Which sort of players are the ones to watch out for?:

The world of eSports is always shifting and evolving, and Fortnite is no different, with it’s constantly moving line-up of stars. You can get a handle on this early on when looking to the players themselves, seeing how they handle themselves in-game. Watching live-streams of this is a great starting point, looking at what their preferred tactics are, and whether they opt for a more aggressive or defensive stance. Sometimes it can be the less obvious players too, as it’s not all about taking out the enemy straight away, but how you manage yourself over the course of a game.

What typically defines a performance over a game of Fortnite?:

There can be a number of different factors driving a game forwards, from the weapons and items, to the building materials and resources gathered. It’s also the case that the game is updated on a fairly regular basis, with the latest season making some big new changes. Whilst this doesn’t affect the underlying core basis of the gameplay itself, it can alter how the players interact on different terrain. Some players may be used to certain formations, taking advantage of the lay of the land, which can all potentially change in an instant.

How to Bet Fortnite To Win Outright:


To start with choose ‘Sports’ and then ‘Esports’, followed by ‘All Esports’ being the roll-down menu with all the eSports. Here you should find ‘Fortnite’ when available, and, opening it, you will then find all the upcoming matches down the screen. Opening the ones you want, you can then select which players you think will win, along with their odds given.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Found down the left side of the main page, ‘Esports’ will bring up all of the available eSports down the page. Shown alphabetically, you will need to go down about mid-way, finding ‘Fortnite’, and it’ll be broken up into the upcoming events. Under each one are the betting markets, and here you can find ‘To Win Outright’, which you can follow through and create your betting slip.

Fortnite To Win Outright Betting Strategy:

To start with you should focus on a range of different players in any given match, breaking them down according to the odds given. For example, who’s predicted to win over everyone else, along with some of the more unsure players, putting them alongside one another looking for any inconsistencies. While some of the stronger players are bound to attract odds in their favor, you really want to pick out the wild-cards that could turn the game around with some surprise moves.

Track down their live-streams, as many will have footage of their previous gameplay online, and you should be able to see how they handle themselves in-game. Once you have a better understanding of what everyone has to offer, you can then place a bet on who will win outright in Fortnite with far more confidence.

Fortnite Where To Bet Type of Bets Guide:

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.