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Where To Bet Fortnite Top 3 Finish

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The Fortnite field is vast, with approximately a hundred players in any one single game, all fighting for their position as last person standing. This is why finishing in the top three is so important, especially when it comes to a professional eSports match. Here we’ll take a look at the top 3 finish bet in Fortnite, and how you can make it work for you when putting down your money.

Facing the online battle royale, players must contend with a whole host of other players, as they break up into teams of around four in total. Thrown onto a virtual island, they must all battle to the death, all whilst a storm closes in around them, meaning a player must survive to the end, all the while representing either their team or themselves. This means there’s a lot of competition when trying to remain in the game, especially as one of the final three players. Much of the time this means a victory for all three, as it’s often the case that they’ll all be in the same squad, securing them the ‘Victory Royale’.

A bet here means you must successfully predict your choice of player reaching the top three, making it one of the safer prop bets out there. Who will they be though, what exactly goes into this bet, and where should look when attempting to predict the winners?

Where To Bet Fortnite Top 3 Finish:


When it comes to betting on Fortnite in North America, everyone will be well covered through Bovada.


For all those in Canada, Bet365 Sportsbook is the best option, as it provides an extensive range of eSports bets here.

Everywhere Else:

Once again it’s Bet365 Sportsbook, with its consistent international coverage of most Fortnite bets and events across the board.

What is Fortnite Top 3 Finish?

The bet itself does exactly what it says in the name, in that you’ve got to predict which player will remain as one of the last three to finish in-game. This means they must hold-out for the duration of most, if not all of a match, outlasting the ninety-seven other players in a single game. Whilst the odds may be lower for this particular bet, it’s far more secure than other larger wagers, such as outright winner.

With around a hundred players spread across the playing field at any given time, there’s a number of ways to make it through to the final three. Here’s how the different wins and Victory Royales generally look overall in a straightforward basic game of Fortnite:

  • Solos: Playing against 99 other players, the player must survive right through to the last person standing, although the popularity of this mode is waning online.
  • Duos: Teams consisting of just two players, or duos, battle it out to remain as the last pair standing in the game.
  • Teams: This usually consists of four players, although it can vary, as at least one player has to remain as last person in order for the whole team to win.

Of course you can’t be certain that any one player is going to make it into the top 3, but there’s plenty of indicators as to who it might be. What are they though, and how can you better spot them when looking for clear signs of a top 3 contender?

Common Fortnite Top 3 Questions:

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What tactics can be used to help a player get into the top three?:

Fortnite is a game filled with various different strategies, and every player will have their own preferred styles. Some like to wait it out on the sidelines, playing it safe for as long as possible, and building their resources for the final showdown. Others prefer taking a more aggressive approach by attacking their opponents straight away, taking them out the game as soon as possible. This can vary though, but surviving as one of the final three will likely mean that the player needs some degree of staying power.

How does this stack up against other Fortnite bets?:

Given that there are limited props out there for Fortnite, this is one of the stronger options when putting your money down. There’s also the chance to bet on the outright winner, which is obviously a lot more difficult to determine, making the top 3 a more secure complimentary wager. Betting on the ‘Region of Winner’ is also going to be simpler on the surface, but again it can be hard to determine how strong a region is when there’s so many players out there. Putting the bets alongside each other though, they can compliment one another well, all depending on how much you put down respectively.

How to Bet Fortnite Top 3 Finish:


Using the ‘Sports’ tab first of all, go on and use the ‘Esports’ option on the next page, followed by the ‘All Esports’ drop-down menu. Beneath this you should find ‘Fortnite’, either there directly, or under ‘Other eSports’, allowing you to open up all the forthcoming events down the middle of the page. From these you can open the matches you want, and the ‘Top 3 Finish’ bet will be there if available for that particular game.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Selecting ‘Esports’ under ‘Darts’ from the left side, you should then find all of the eSports themselves listed alphabetically down the page. Moving down to Fortnite, you can then see all of the betting markets under each event, and one of the options, if available, will be ‘Top 3 Finish’. Choosing it you’ll then be taken through to a list of the players to choose from for the bet, allowing you to create your coupon.

Fortnite Top 3 Finish Betting Strategy:

There’s so many players to choose from, and it can definitely feel a little overwhelming at times, so you really need to look at the odds and work backwards from that. With many big eSports names coming out of Fortnite as well, you’ve got plenty of celebrity players to choose from, but don’t allow this to over-shadow everything else. You’ll find that there’s often a high turnaround in newcomers, as rising stars continually make their way on to the scene.

Finding the balance between these attributes is important, but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to whether or not they can play, which can only be decided upon by watching previous games. Once you have a clearer idea of their tactics and how long they typically stick around, you should then be able to place a bet that’s potentially more rewarding.

Fortnite Where To Bet Type of Bets Guide:

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.