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Where To Bet UK Christmas Number 1 Single


Once a year Christmas comes around, and with it the time honoured tradition of the nation picking their favourite Xmas single all across the UK. Representing the United Kingdom for the festive season, the song becomes the sound of Christmas for many, with many of the songs going on to achieve an iconic status in the years to come. With so much riding on this then, it stands to reason that there’ll be lots of speculation over who it will be, which means also means plenty of potentially rewarding bets to be made, as we’ll now examine here.

Overseen by the Official Charts Company, the Official Singles Chart is created on behalf of the British record industry, as they compile the best-selling singles from all across the United Kingdom. This is done by analysing the downloads, physical copies and streaming that’s paid for, measuring which of that week’s singles has been most popular. Making up a list of the 100 best-sellers, the number one spot is the most sought after by artists, both new and old, with the top forty being broadcast across the BBC and MTV. Changing with the times and technology, the top forty has become a huge institution within the music industry, which is especially the case for the Christmas number one spot.

Essentially becoming the anthem of Christmas for many, this is transformed into an event in of itself, with many vying to get their song there. In the past they’ve typically fit in with an Xmas theme, although they can range to be anything, with many record companies releasing their singles on the UK market specifically for the purpose of reaching number one at that time. How do you best determine what it all be then, and how can you attempt to potentially make a more profitable bet when choosing?

Where To Bet The UK Christmas Number 1 Single:

America: Not being so prominent in the North American region, betting on the UK number one single isn’t available here as of yet.

Canada: You should be able to find that Bet365 Sportsbook meets all your betting needs for the UK Christmas Singles Charts.

Everywhere Else: Here again you’ll find that Bet365 Sportsbook best serves you when making a bet of this kind.

What is The UK Christmas Number 1 Single?

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Beginning in 1952 on the 14th of November, the singles chart would become officially recognized throughout the UK for the first time. Originally published in the NME, The New Musical Express music paper at the time, they would create ‘The Hit Parade’, which would come to see the charts as a popular weekly run-down of all the new singles. The first ever Christmas number one that year was ‘Here In My Heart’ by Al Martino, but it would start to become considered seriously as a national event following the release of the still popular Christmas single ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ by Slade in 1973, after beating out Wizzard for the top spot that year.

Over the years the UK Singles Chart has transformed to meet the technological needs of the marketplace. This is a general layout of how the Official Singles Chart currently tallies overall sales:

– Physical Sales: This includes CDs and also vinyl, which has seen a resurgence as well.
– Downloads: Accounting for sales through services such as iTunes and Amazon, this tallies up all the copies of the single through digital outlets.
– Streaming: Taking into account the amount of plays a song has on streaming services, including Spotify, Apple and Deezer, this takes the total number on-board.

With everyone vying for the number one position, there’s a lot of talk in the run-up to Christmas season, as it has now become a tradition for many. How do you make your bet count here though, and what can you do to potentially make your money go even further?

Common UK Christmas Number 1 Single Betting Questions:

What sort of signs should I look for when deciding on a song?:

Firstly you’ll want to see what’s up for release in the weeks prior to Christmas, as many companies tend to put out their singles in order to compete for the top spot. See what’s popular and what people are talking about, as this will be a good indicator as to who has a strong chance of reaching number one.

Many fans of certain artists and bands also try to push their preferred choice up to the top, and you can find out more about this online through social-media. It will also give you the opportunity to find out more about who they are, as their history can offer some insight too, such as whether or not they’ve been featured elsewhere prior to release.

How can I find out more on each of the songs?:

There will be a number of songs on offer on any given sportsbook providing bets surrounding the Christmas number one, so you should make yourself aware of them. Researching who they are and where they come from through the music press is a great place to start, learning more about their history and what, if any, were their previous chart positions.

Online speculation is useful to explore, as there’s been many fan driven campaigns in the past surrounding single releases, and social-media and fan forums can help you here. Many companies will also attempt to market their singles in a bid to push them up, so make sure you pay close attention to advertising too, as this will also give you some level of insight as well.

How to Bet UK Christmas Number 1 Single:

Bet365 Sportsbook: Selecting ‘English’ as your language of choice, you’ll then see ‘Specials’ down the left-hand side of the page, with ‘United Kingdom’ underneath. Next you’ll see ‘UK Christmas Number 1 Single’ for that year down the center of the page now, with the other UK bets. You should then be able to see ‘To Win Outright’, which will give you all of the artists and their odds of winning.

UK Christmas Number 1 Single Betting Strategy:

The marketing of any single release is where you’ll want to look to, as the hype surrounding it can be a good indicator of how far it will get. If the artists aren’t newcomers then you should check their history and previous releases, along with the purpose of the song, as many tend to be charity singles specifically released for the Xmas line-up. Look into the news on the release of the single and what it’s about, as there’s usually a lot of media attention dedicated to the Christmas single.

For many people it’s a time to make a statement, with fans showing their appreciation for a song, one notably being the pushing of ‘Killing in the Name Of’ by ‘Rage Against the Machine’ in 2009. Look at the odds for each song and hedge your bets as, regardless of their being a lot of competition for the spot, you can successfully research in order to make a more informed and productive bet.

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