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Where To Bet the Scottish Premiership Online


Officially known as the Ladbrokes Premiership under its sponsorship title, the Scottish Premiership is the top division of the overall Scottish Professional Football League. Set-up in 2013 it consists of twelve teams, making it one of the most successful leagues in Scotland, with a lot of talent moving up through its ranks. Because of this there are many bets to be made, as we shall now see here.

Run by the UEFA, it’s the top ranking league for professional football players in Scotland, with the Scottish Championship just below it. Competing for the Scottish Cup, and the Scottish League cup, players take part in a total of thirty-eight matches over each season. Previously operating as the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League, there was a merger in 2013 to create the SPFL. This remains to this day, as Ladbrokes would take up sponsorship of the league, becoming one of the biggest Soccer competitions in the country.

Being one of the largest Soccer competitions of its kind brings with it plenty of talent to up the stakes. How can you make a more successful bet though, and what should you look for when putting down any kind of a wager?

Where To Bet The Scottish Premiership:

America: The most comprehensive listings in North America is BetOnline, with the largest line-up of upcoming Scottish Premiership league games at any given time.

Canada: Everyone in Canada will want to choose Sports Interaction when it comes to betting on the Scottish Premiership.

Everywhere Else: This will be Bet365 Sportsbook, as it has the largest range of bets available internationally.

What is The Scottish Premiership?

Winning the most titles so far, Celtic currently hold the title for most wins in the league, being the reigning champions since it started. This isn’t to say that there aren’t many other teams rising up through the ranks though, all looking to knock them off from the top spot. With UEFA offering positions in the European leagues, Scotland has been ranked 20th throughout Europe, with sides in the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League too.

For those that win the Scottish Cup, a place in the Europa League is awarded, as well as giving the club that comes in top of the Premiership a place in the UEFA Champions League, with the second and third teams also entering the Europa League. The Premiership itself, though, generally runs as follows:

  • Split: The season is split into two phases, the first one seeing each team play everyone else three times both home and away, before the being split into two halves, with the ‘top six’ and ‘bottom six’, as they all play a further five games each.
  • Scoring: It’s three points for a win, one for a draw, and none for a loss, with a play-off game at the end of the season if any teams score equal points.
  • Promotion and Relegation: The club at the bottom at the end of the season is relegated, while the top two are promoted.

With everything to gain the competition is fierce, making for a highly compelling season of matches. How can you make sure your bet is a potentially winning one though, and what are the signs to look out for when putting down any money?

Common Scottish Premiership Questions:

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Who should I look out for and what type of bets are offered?:

First of all you should be able to bet on each individual match, predicting their outcome and what the final results will be. Next you’ll have the handicaps, particularly the ‘Asian Handicap’, which is specific to Football, meaning the team that’s previously proven to be stronger will be given a handicap. This essentially allows you to even the odds making them more competitive, along with props such as betting on who will score what and when. Keep an eye on each of the players individually, as some can play differently, such as those that play better in short bursts, and those that excel at playing for longer periods defensively.

How can I watch this event?:

Broadcasting it throughout the United Kingdom, Sky Sports, BT Sport and the BBC currently hold the rights to the game in Scotland, England and Ireland. For those in the United States and Canada, the games themselves aren’t televised, but you can view them online through many of the clubs independent live-streams. This goes for most countries outside the UK, as they’re available to fans internationally, although you may have to sign-up to many of them. Across Europe there’s many providers too, such Canal+ in France, along with Setanta Sports for much of Eurasia.

How to Bet The Scottish Premiership:

BetOnline: From the main page select the ‘Sports’ option from the navigation bar at the top. This will take you on to find ‘Soccer’ located in the ‘Main Sports’ selection down the left side. Opening up the countries under ‘Other Leagues’, choose ‘Scotland’, then ‘View Selected’. You should then see all of the Scottish games down the middle of the page, among which you can find the Premiership matches, and you can open them up after registering for the site.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Using the ‘English’ language tab on the landing page, you can then find ‘Soccer’ down the left-hand side, just below ‘Snooker’. Down the middle of the page under ‘United Kingdom’, you should next find ‘Scotland Premiership’, which will take you to the games themselves. Selecting these you can find the bets available.

The Scottish Premiership Betting Strategy:

One of the first factors that you’ll want to take note of is the players themselves, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the forthcoming line-ups. As mentioned earlier, some players are attacking, whereas others are on defence, which means that you need to pay attention to who’s playing where and when. Look at their history, watching older games, and seeing what their style is, as well as how they tend to conserve their energy over the game.

Management is also a key issue, as any changes to style in play can make all the difference in the outcome of a match. Making a more informed decision alongside experimenting with your bets for better odds, will allow you to have a more productive and potentially profitable wager.

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