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Where To Bet The 2022 World Cup


As a lifelong football/soccer fan, there is nothing that gets me more excited than the FIFA World Cup.

Of course, when the tournament kicks off, the excitement fades a little bit. A lot of cautious play to start. Teams are scared to really go for it etc. But then the first round of results is done with, and suddenly it’s a must-win game for someone, and it becomes super fun to watch again.

It’s one of those tournaments I really get into from a betting and viewing perspective. There are a lot of teams whose players I am most familiar with, but there are some countries where I struggle to name more than two of their players. I love that though as I spend lots of extra time researching them and it helps me both enjoy the games, and my betting.

On this page, I will cover where to bet on the World Cup as well as where to bet specific prop bets related to the World Cup, such as group qualifiers, top goalscorer,s and more in this World Cup Betting Guide.

Where To Bet the World Cup Online:

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans to bet the World Cup is Bovada. They always open up a section dedicated just to the World Cup, which is absolutely chock full of props. There are always so many available both team and player props in the terms of futures, and then they also offer a wide variety of bets for each individual match. Bovada also has live betting for the World Cup which is great and a solid mobile website.

Canada: The best sportsbook for Canadians to bet the FIFA World Cup is Sports Interaction. First, they are a 100% Canadian sportsbook. They operate out of Canada, they only accept Canadians. This is great for two things: one – you often get better options on their betting markets in terms of betting odds. Second – they have an entire section dedicated to Canada in the Qatar World Cup 2022. They have a whole host of futures related to Canada. They also offer up some great outright bettings and lots of prop bets for matches.

If you want to bet on anything involving Canada at the World Cup, you’ll bet it at Sports Interaction.

Everywhere Else: When it comes to soccer betting, Bet365 Sportsbook are completely unmatches. They have it all. The most markets. Great odds. Amazing in-play betting. An excellent mobile interface. There is absolutely no other choice for betting the World Cup – Bet365 Sportsbook are bar none my top recommendation.

Where To Make Specific World Cup Bets:

Soccer Deposit Bonuses

World Cup Eliminated By Penalties: What to bet a nation – cough cough England – will get eliminated on penalties at some point during the World Cup? I go into detail about that bet and all of the options related to it here.

World Cup Group Qualification: If you’re wanting to bet on who will qualify from their World Cup groups, or bets related to that such as betting who WON’T qualify, then this article covers all of that. I go into detail about the best bets related to qualifying from World Cup groups, and where to bet it as well as offering my own World Cup betting strategy.

World Cup Highest Scoring Group: A very fun futures bet – where you try and predict which group within the World Cup will have the most goals in it.

World Cup Nation Props: Canada: With Canada being in the World Cup, there are a few Canadian sportsbooks going to town with great promotions related to Canada. I go into detail about them here.

World Cup Stage of Elimination: One bet you can make is at what stage of the tournament a team will get eliminated. There are quite a few variables to this one as well such as betting they will at least reach a certain stage. I cover all of those in this article.

World Cup Team Exact Points: In this bet related to the group stages of the World Cup, you get to place a bet on how many points a team will get during the World Cup. Here’s a hint: even if the sportsbook offers 10,000 to 1 odds, don’t bet on a team to get 8 points!

World Cup Top Goalscorer / Golden Boot In this article I cover the top goalscorer of the World Cup bet, the variables you can bet such as Top Team Goalscorer, and research the history of World Cup Top Goalscorers / Previous Golden Boot Winners.

World Cup Winning Continent: Undecided on whether England or France will win? Or Brazil and Argentina? Bet on the winning continent instead!

World Cup Winners: The most basic bet you can make for the World Cup – who will actually win it? However there are other things to consider such as variables on this bet, and cash out features of sportsbooks. I cover all of that in this article.

Common World Cup Betting Questions:

Is it important to shop around for the best World Cup betting odds?:

Yes. 100%. It doesn’t matter what sport you are betting on – it is always better, in the long run, to look at the odds for each team, and place a bet at the sportsbook with the best odds. The only reason you may not is if you are live betting and need to be fast, or you are focused on clearing a deposit bonus that has a limited time before expiry.

Should I Bet on the Winner of the World Cup? Who should I pick?

I always advise against these futures. The odds are never that great. Brazil are 5.00 odds for example at the 2022 World Cup, which is very poor odds. There is so much variance related to it such as injuries, suspensions, and off-field drama. If there is a team that you really like to win the World Cup, look to bet them in individual matches instead.

World Cup Betting Strategy:

Personally, something I would advise is focusing on the lesser countries – the nations that the majority don’t know much about. Games like Qatar vs Senegal, Tunisia vs Australia, and Ghana vs South Korea. These are games where most people won’t be well-versed in both teams. Take the time to really study and get to know these teams and focus on them in previous matches, and that’s where you should be able to find the best betting opportunities.

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