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Where To Bet Canada World Cup Betting Props


This article is in relation to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and covering betting props that are exclusive for Canada, who are making their first World Cup appearance since 1986.

It was an incredible journey for Canada. When they first played at home against Honduras and scraped a draw thanks to a penalty, you wouldn’t think that one year later Canadians would be celebrating making it to the World Cup. Then in January, they managed to defeat Mexico and the United States, and suddenly it did seem possible.

There is one Canadian sportsbook out there who are taking full advantage of Canada entering the World Cup, and have created a big variety of Canada exclusive betting props. Let’s talk about them:

Where To Bet Canada World Cup betting Props

Quick note – if you are in the USA, they have a few standard props related to Canada over at Bovada. If you live outside of North American, check out 888 for all of the betting props that they offer in relation to Canada.

For everyone else – enter Sports Interaction.

Sports Interaction are a Canadian only sportsbook. They are based in Canada, and they only accept Canadians. They are a regulated and licensed sportsbook, and are completely trustworthy.

If you are Canadian, this is the only sportsbook you need to bet at during the World Cup. Sports Interaction have an entire section just dedicated to betting props related to Canada. Let’s look at all of the betting props they currently have:

What Canada World Cup Betting Props Are There?)

Here is a list of the betting props currently available – and as a note, they seem to add more every few days, so check out Sports Interaction for the latest:

(All odds are in decimal format, and are accurate as of October 26, 2022)

Alphonso Davis To Have Most Tournament Assists: You can bet that Davis will have the most assists in the World Cup at 67.00 odds.

Alphonso Davies Top Speed:, You can bet what Davies’ fastest speed will be during the World Cup. There is an over/under and you can bet over 35.5 or under 35.5. The under is currently 1.95.

Any Canada Game Finishes Scoreless: Bet that one of Canadas three matches (or hopefully more!) will end in a 0-0 draw. “Yes” is currently 4.50 and “No” is 1.16. I love the “Yes” on that one considering how conservative teams can be during the World Cup.

Any Canada Player Sent Off: Will we see a Crazy Canuck lose their cool and get sent off? You can bet that yes, a player will receive a red card during the World Cup, or no, they will not.

Crying During the Anthem? This one made me laugh. Bet if a Canadian player will shed a tear or two during the national anthem for the opening game. Yes is 4.50 odds.

If you want to bet on any of these, here’s a handy little link: Sports Interaction. And with that, let’s see what else we have.

Canadian Wins Golden Ball: This is the award for the best player of the tournament. Unlikely a Canadian actually does that, but hey 126.00 odds for that if you want to risk it.

Atiba Hutchinson to Reach 100 Caps: You can bet that Atiba will earn 100 caps at the World Cup. Atiba is currently at 97 caps so he has to play all three group games to make it happen. The sportsbooks expect it to happen with “Yes” at 1.25 and “No” at 3.50.

Canada ’22 vs Canadian ’86: You can bet on how Canada will do now compared to in 1986. In 1986, they conceded 5 goals. Will they concede 5 goals during this tournament? You can bet under 5 goals at 2.62 odds, 5 goals exactly at 3.25 odds or more than 5 goals at 2.37 odds.

Canada Captain: Bet on who the captain will be for the first game vs Belgium. It’s either Atiba Hutchison, or any other player as the second option.

Canada Goal Disallowed by VAR: Interesting odds on this one with “Yes” at 5.50 and “No” at 1.12. Will VAR rear its ugly head? If so, you can at least profit from it.

Canada To Concede an Own Goal? You can bet whether or not Canada will concede an own goal during the group stage.

Canada To Concede a Penalty? Think someone will get a penalty against Canada? Whether they score it or not you can bet it. With a lot of action expected inside the Canada box, it’s certainly possible which is why “Yes” is coinflip odds.

This is just a short example of bets available at Sports Interaction. You can bet if Canada will score a penalty, score in every game, score in every half, bet on their total points, bet how their first goal will be scored, who the first goalscorer will be and so much more.

If you are Canadian looking to make bets on Canada in the World Cup, then Sports Interaction is the best place to do just that.

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