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Where To Bet MLB Pitcher Hits Allowed


The game of baseball is changing. Pitchers are throwing harder than ever before and hitters are hitting the ball a whole lot less than they use to. They are simply not putting the ball in play as much as the focus is so much on hitting homeruns these days. It’s a different game of baseball.

Still, baseball is still baseball. You throw the ball and someone else tries to hit the ball. It’s just that simple. You can’t win the game without giving up some hits. A pitcher’s goal is still ultimately to avoid giving up hits. A pitcher that gives up a lot of hits very often ends up losing the game. With offense at a premium, pitcher hits allowed are more important than ever.

An interesting betting market to bet on is MLB Pitcher Hits Allowed. This is a bet on only the amount of hits that a player will allow in a game. It doesn’t matter how many of those hits lead to runs, only how many hits they give up.

This article will go into how you can bet on this emerging betting market and the best place to do so.

Where To Bet MLB Pitcher Hits Allowed:

America: Bovada is a site with a lot of MLB player props, but unfortunately they don’t have this one listed as of this writing. This is still one of the best sites to bet on MLB player props, they just don’t offer this one currently.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is the site to go to if you are looking for betting odds on MLB Pitcher Hits Allowed.

What is MLB Pitcher Hits Allowed betting?

This betting market is set up as a simple over/under play. A total of hits is set for each starting pitcher in each game and then you can either bet over or under on that amount of pitcher hits allowed. Here’s an example:

Chase Anderson 4.5
Erick Fedde 5.5

In this game, Fedde’s hits allowed is slightly higher because of the match-up. If you bet over on him, you would need the Phillies to get six hits off of Fedde in order for the bet to go over. If you are thinking of betting under, any amount of hits allowed under six is a win for you.

Again, it doesn’t matter how they come. You could see Fedde give up four homeruns and get pulled from the game in the first inning and that would be an under win.

Common MLB Pitcher Hits Allowed Questions:

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What pitcher has the most no-hitters in MLB history?

There have been six pitchers in MLB history to pitch three or more no-hitters in MLB history. Those pitchers are: Larry Corcoran, Nolan Ryan, Cy Young, Bob Feller, Justin Verlander, and Sandy Koufax.

Feller, Corcoran, Young and Justin Verlander have all done it three times.

Sandy Koufax did them all one better with four no-hitters in his career which includes one perfect game. He had one in 1962, 1963, 1964, and 1965. Just an incredible four year run for one of pitching’s all-time greats.

However, the all-time king of pitching no-hitters is Nolan Ryan. He got it started in 1973 when he threw two of them and then added additional no-hitters in 1974, 1975, 1981, 1990, and 1991. Three decades of no-hitters is quite the accomplishment for the Hall of the Famer.

How to Bet MLB Pitcher Hits Allowed:

Bovada: All of the MLB player props and pitching props can be found by clicking “Prop Builder” from the left hand menu and selecting “MLB” from the top menu.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Once you are on the sportsbook page of the website, click “Baseball” from the list of sports. From there, scroll down until you see “Player Props”.

MLB Pitcher Hits Allowed Betting Strategy:

This is a bet where I simply don’t see a lot of value in betting the under. Sure, there are some great pitchers out there and they can really shut down opposing teams, but base hits happen. Balls get into holes in the infield, speedsters beat out grounders, and stuff just happens. It is not an admonishment on a great pitcher if he gives up a hit.

For this one, I just like to bet on bad pitchers giving up a lot of hits versus good offenses. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

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