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Where To Bet MLB Player Triples


There simply aren’t enough triples in baseball. It is far more exciting than a home run or any other hit in baseball. It combines a well hit ball with some speed by the player and is always a pleasure to watch. The triple is the most exciting play in baseball if you ask me.

Unfortunately with all the changes in the game there are no less triples than ever. In 2010, there were eight players to finish in double digits in triples. While in 2018 there were only three players in double digits and only four players to finish in double digits in 2019.

The good thing about there not being as many triples is that if you bet on them happening and they do, it pays very well. If that is something that you are interested, keep on reading and I’ll tell you how to bet MLB Player Triples.

Where To Bet MLB Player Triples:

America: BetOnline doesn’t currently offer a prop for triples, but they do offer both the Hits player prop and the Total Bases player prop. These props work similar, but they aren’t specifically for triples and instead are just for any sort of hit or the amount of total bases. If you think someone might hit a triple, they are going to go over there.

Everywhere Else: MLB Player Triples is one of the many MLB Player Props available at Bet365 Sportsbook.

What is MLB Player Triples betting?

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You can bet MLB Player Triples bet betting over or under 0.5 on them. However, the way these are calculated is there is a big moneyline on the odds.

For an example, let’s took a look at two players. Ketel Marte, a known speedster, and Bryce Harper.

Ketel Marte – Over 0.5 (+450) / Under 0.5 (-5000)
Bryce Harper – Over 0.5 (+1000) / Under 0.5 (-10000)

This is just a random example, but as you can see the odds are lower on Marte because he is far more likely to hit triples. While Bryce Harper almost never hits them so it pays much better if he were to hit one.

For both, it pays off very well if you bet over and it hits. While it is very expensive to bet on it not happening because more often that not, it doesn’t happen.

Common MLB Player Triples Questions:

What is the record for MLB Player Triples in a single season?

This is a tough one because the top of the all-time list is filled with players from the “deadball era” of baseball. This is from a time in history when the ball wasn’t wound as tight so it was “dead”. They would also play with one ball through the whole game which would change the way it was hit throughout the game. Some stadiums were even missing outfield fences so a ball could just roll and roll.

It was a much different time in baseball which is why I think Owen Wilson’s 1912 record of 36 triples in a single season will never be broken.

The closest anyone has come in the modern era was in 2007 when Curtis Granderson his 23 for the Detroit Tigers. This is the most that anyone has hit since 1949.

How to Bet MLB Player Triples:

BetOnline: All of the player props at BetOnline can be found by heading to the list of MLB games for the day and clicking the red “+” sign next to the game you are thinking of betting on.

Bet365 Sportsbook: In the “Baseball” section of the page you will see a list of betting options. Find “Player Props” and from there you can find the MLB Player Triples.

MLB Player Triples Betting Strategy:

This is a bet that I rarely pull out of my arsenal, but when I do you can bet it is going to be at a big, spacious ballpark like Coors Field. Triples happen when there is too much ground to cover for the outfielder and balls end up in hard to reach places. If I am going to do a high risk bet like this, I want it to be in a place like this where triples are more likely to happen.

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