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Where To Bet XFL Online


The XFL is BACK and you will be able to bet on it.

The XFL originally aired in 2001 for one season. Due to it being ran by Vince McMahon of the WWE, sportsbooks were wary of allowing betting on it due to concerns that it was fixed etc. Of course that wasn’t the case (if it was they wouldn’t have debuted with the god awful Outlaws vs Hitmen blowout) and now many years later, the XFL is back and is being taken seriously.

The groundwork has been laid for the XFL. The AAF was a success in terms of ratings and it had pretty good football too. The only thing it didn’t have was the financials however lots of lessons will have been learned, there has been much more planning involved, and Vince McMahon has earmarked a portion of his personal fortune to lose on this venture.

So with that, let’s get into where you can bet the XFL Online…

Where To Bet the XFL Online:

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans betting on Football is always Bovada, and that stands true for the XFL. Prior to the XFL season beginning they even ran various futures for the XFL such as if a PFT Commenter would be on the Defenders Roster for Week 1 etc. They are an excellent sportsbook when it comes to football.

For football games, Bovada usually have over 100 different props available. Whether you want an alternate point spread, player props, team points, first half points etc etc, they are the best online sportsbook for you. For betting on the XFL if you are an American, choose Bovada.

Canada: The best place for Canadians to bet the XFL will be Bodog. These are the same people behind Bovada and as they are focused on the American market more, they will offer the better options in terms of the XFL. They will have the widest variety of bets available and even have a good deposit bonus for all new players.

Everywhere Else: I’ve got to go with 888 who have been right on top of the XFL from the get-go. Months before the XFL even began, you could do prop bets there on the XFL such as betting on whether it would come back for a second season or not, and whether it would have more games than the AAF or not.

888 also give a very strong focus on “American Football” as it’s referred to over there, with over 150 prop bets for NFL games and we can expect a wide variety of prop bets for XFL games as well no doubt.

Where To Make Specific XFL Bets:

XFL Futures: A link to XFL Futures will be coming soon.

How to Bet XFL Online

Bovada: In the Sports section of the site, “Football” will be linked in the menu bar. Click on that and it will list upcoming football events including any XFL games and you can click on them to see all the props available. There is also a drop down called “All Football” and you can click that and filter to see any XFL lines. That is also where you will go to see XFL Props.

Bodog: Under the “Sports” area of the website, visit the “Football” section. All the lines will be there. There is also a drop-down menu you can use to filter to show just XFL Games. You can also click on any XFL Game to see different lines.

888: The easiest way is to use the search bar and simply search for “XFL”. That’s the best way to find props currently, as they are listed under the WWE/Pro Wrestling section. For game lines etc look under the American Football section.

What is XFL Bets / Props Are There?

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As of right now, no game lines or anything have been released. No doubt you will be able to bet on the XFL Money Line, Point Spread and Over/Unders. There will also be basic lines such as first half and second half betting. At this time, it is unknown if there will be XFL Player Props or not. We’ll find that out when the game lines are up although I wouldn’t expect XFL Player Props until after the season has begun.

Prop bets have been released prior to the season begining which are:

– Will PFT Commenter be on the Roster for DC Defenders for Week 1? Yes +500 No -900
– Will the XFL Surpass the AAFs 33 games? Yes -345 No +225
– Will the XFL announce they are closing down in 2020? Yes +140 No -200

More will be listed as they appear.

Common XFL Betting Questions:

Is this fixed in any way?:

No it is not. It is 100% completely legitimate. Well as legitimate as sports can be anyway 😉 Looking at you Tim Donaghy.

When does the XFL Season Begin?

The 2020 XFL Season will begin on Saturday, February 8th. It features two games. The first game has the Seattle Dragons visiting the DC Defenders followed by the Los Angeles Wildcats heading to Texas to take on the Houston Roughnecks.

What rule changes are in the XFL compared to the NFL

They have started nice and basic with 5 gameplay changes, 5 timing changes and 5 common sense changes. Rather than list them, you can read them in detail over at the XFL Rules section of their website.

What are the XFL Betting Odds for Winning the Championship?

No odds of that have been released yet.

Who are the XFL Teams?

In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Dallas Renegades
  • DC Defenders
  • Houston Roughnecks
  • Los Angeles WIldcats
  • New York Guardians
  • Seattle Dragons
  • St. Louis Battlehawks
  • Tampa Bay Vipers

In 2001 the only locations above that also had teams were the New York/New Jersey Hitmen and the Los Angeles Xtreme.

What does XFL Mean?

Nothing. When it was launched many assumed it stood for Xtreme but the X never really stood for anything.

Where To Watch XFL Online:

The games are not streaming online via a service although local services will offer it. In the USA, the XFL will be on ABC, ESPN, Fox Sports and FS1. Every game will be televised with the Championship game on April 26th on ESPN.

XFL Betting Strategy:

Sportsbooks will make mistakes. Act on that. Look for early trends.

When the AAF began for example, they kept setting the over/under line too high. It took until week 6 for the majority of the AAF games to go “over”. Defense is also something that is easier to pick up. Now the sportsbooks may be a bit wiser based on the AAF so look beyond the lines at team points etc. That’s where to go.

Focus on defense. That is where the money will be initially. And look for an XFL team whose offense clicks faster than others. In the AAF that was the Orlando Apollos for example.

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