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Where To Bet UFC Decision Finishes


In this article I’m going to cover where to bet UFC decision finishes.

This article will be two-fold; it will explain where to bet on a fight being a decision finish or not, and then will also cover what other options there are in regards to betting decision finishes. May as well cover all the bases right?

So let’s get to answering the question of where to bet UFC Decision Finishes.

Where To Bet UFC Decision Finishes:

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans to bet decision finishes is Bovada. They offer the ability to bet if it’s a draw, if a fighter wins by decision, if it goes to decision – basically anything you want from UFC decision finishes. If you’re into decision finishes you can even bet with a points handicap. So you could bet one fighter gets +2.5 points going to the decision finish for example.

Everywhere Else: The best option is 888. They offer a variety of bets based on the decision finish such as whether it will end in a decision or not, and the ability to pick who will win the decision finish or if it will be a draw. However what they also offer that is great is you can bet a fighter will win in round 3 OR a decision finish as a combo bet at good odds.

You may also want an account at Bovada due to the ability to bet point spreads based on the decision finishes.

What is a UFC Decision Finish bet?

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A UFC decision finish is very simple – it’s betting whether or not a fight will go the distance.

Do you think a fight is going to go to a judges decision? Or do you think it will end with a KO or submission prior to the end of the final round? That’s what you’re betting on – whether the fight will end in a decision or not.

The basic options for this bet are “Yes” or “No” – either it will end in a decision or it won’t.

The odds for this bet will vary greatly depending on the fighters. Got a KO artist in there or a heavyweight fight? Then the “Yes” will be a higher price something like +175 maybe.

Got two flyweights in there who have 6 decision finishes in a row between them? Then the odds of “Yes” are probably going to be like -400 or something.

The odds will vary greatly depending on the fighters.

However depending on the online sportsbook you bet at, you can bet more than it will go to a decision.

Some sportsbooks will allow you to bet on the actual outcome of the decision. So you’re not betting that it will go to a decision – you’re betting that it will go to a decision AND a specific fighter will win. And if you are a fan of playing the lotto, you can even bet that a fight will go to a decision and end in a draw.

Those are all of the bets you can make in regard to whether a fight will go to a decision or not.

Common UFC Decision Finish Bet Questions:

Can you bet on a fight ending in a draw?

Yes. Most sportsbooks should have the option of betting that the fight will end in a decision, and then that the outcome of that decision will be a draw between the fighters.

Can you bet on the specific outcome of a decision finish?

Yes. The majority of sportsbooks will have a separate section for that called “Method of Victory” or similar where for each fight, you can choose the winning fighter and choose that they win by decision.

Is there point spreads for decision finishes?

Amazingly yes. See the below section for details on where to bet that.

How to Bet UFC Decision Finishes:

Bovada: Head to the “UFC/MMA” section of the site and find the event. Then click the + sign next to the match to go to all of the match props.

888: Either search for “UFC/MMA” or click “All Sports” in the left sidebar then “UFC/MMA”. That will bring up each fight coming up and then you just click on each one and all of the potential decision finishes are there to bet on.

UFC Decison Finish Betting Strategy:

My favourite strategy for decision finishes is based on undercards where there’s not much action so people move the lines more easily.

I look for ones where fighters have a history of KOs outside the UFC and then the odds of a decision finish for their debut or 2nd fight are high. That usually indicates people are looking at their record then blindly backing them.

Then usually I’ll bet on the decision finish there. As I find a lot of fighters are nervous and really there’s a big difference from outside the UFC to into the UFC.

That’s my main strategy and if you start to study you’ll spot those opportunities.

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