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Where To Bet UFC Submission Finishes


Betting on UFC submission finishes is a very simple bet – you’re betting whether or not a fight will end via submission.

However there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye and I’m going to cover that in this article.

First of all it’s not a very common bet and only a few online sportsbooks actually offer it. So in this article I’ll be telling you where you can actually bet UFC submission finishes.

I’ll also be offering up a few other options – for example maybe you don’t want to JUST bet submission finishes. I’ll cover online sportsbooks that offer a wide variety of UFC betting options such as submission finishes, decision finishes etc.

Let’s get to it:

Where To Bet UFC Submission Finishes:

America: Bovada offer the ability to bet that a specific fighter will win by submission. You can also bet that they won’t win by submission although the odds of that are pretty crazy – like risking $1000 to win $1 crazy.

Canada: See the “Everywhere Else” section below as the best online sportsbook for Canada is the same for everywhere outside of the USA.

Everywhere Else: The best online sportsbook to bet on submission finishes is 888. First of all they allow you to do what you want – which is bet on a straight submission finish. The odds are always great for that so you can bet for a fighter to win via submission.

However they also offer the option to bet “Any Fighter to win by Submission”. That way if you want to bet on a submission finish but not specify a fighter – you can do that at 888.

They also offer betting variants such as by submission or add in KO, TKO etc. Finally they allow the option to bet a fighter to win via submission in a specific round! So you could bet for Max Holloway to win by submission in the 3rd round for example. While those are risky bets the odds make it worth it. You can also bet for a submission finish in a specific round but not have to state which fighter gets it – just that a submission ends it in that round.

What is UFC Submission Finish Betting?

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Betting on UFC submissions is a very simple bet – you’re betting on whether or not a fight will end via submission.

This is betting solely on a submission. You also have the option of betting if a fight will end via a specific finish – for example you can bet that a fighter will win va KO, DQ, DQ or submission. That’s actually the most common bet you’ll find at online sportsbooks – essentially betting a fighter will “finish’ the fight.

However there are some online sportsbooks where you can bet purely on a submission.

If you bet on someone to win via submission, then you win your bet as long as they submit their opponent. And don’t worry – if the opponent doesn’t tap but passes out in the hold (like in Bisping vs GSP at UFC 217) that still counts as a submission victory.

You can also bet on a fighter NOT to win by submission. The odds of that are crazy risky of course – we’re talking betting $600 to win a $1 risky.

There are some online sportsbooks out there who also offer the “Any fighter to win by Submission” bet. With that one, you’re betting that the fight will win via submission and it doesn’t matter who the one that wins is.

Common UFC Submission Bet Questions:

Can you bet on the TYPE of submission a fighter will win by?

Unfortunately not. At this time no online sportsbook offers the ability to bet on the specific type of submission. Which is a shame as there are some fighters who favour a guillotine choke for example more than most.

How to Bet UFC Submission Finishes:

Bovada: Find the “UFC/MMA” section from the top of the page. Then find the match you are looking at and click the “+” sign to see all the related betting options for the fight.

888: You can either use the top search bar to search for “UFC/MMA” or under “All Sports” on the left sidebar, click that and then that will expand. Choose “UFC/MMA” and it will list all upcoming fights. Just click on whatever fight you want to bet a submission finish on, and all of the options for that fight will be there.

UFC Submission Finish Betting Strategy:

The one bet I usually do when it comes to submission finishes is that specific round bet.

The odds are very good for it – usually 15 or 20 to 1 odds that a fight will end in a specific round via submission finish.

The odds get better the later the rounds go obviously because it’s tougher to lock on a submission in the later rounds due to sweat, fatigue etc. However I like to look for fighters who have a trend for that or who take it easy early on. Max Holloway for example doesn’t wear himself out too early on. He’s had a couple of submission finishes in the 3rd round.

Or someone like Brian Ortega who can snap a submission on out of nowhere. He’s someone you want to bet straight up to win via submission as they really can get it on even if they’re losing the fight big time.

Betting on a submission finish is one of the most overlooked bets I personally find but one where if you do the research you can really make a profit on it.

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