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Where To Bet UFC Method of Victory


There is nothing in UFC quite like a good knockout. A kick out of nowhere that hits just right and ends the fight in an instant. That always makes for an amazing highlight and is why we watch this stuff to begin with.

It’s fun to bet on a UFC fight, but what I really like doing is to bet on the method of victory. You can get some really great odds when you bet on a knockout or submission and it gives you something to root for within the fight. Those last few minutes of a round can really become intense as you root for an end to the fight. Or against the end of the fight within the distance.

This article is going to talk a bit more about how you can bet on the UFC Method of Victory. I’ll let you know where you can bet it, how you can bet it, and my strategy for betting it. Let’s go.

Where To Bet UFC Method of Victory:

America: Bovada is one of the best sportsbooks online for betting mixed martial arts and they have you covered when it comes to UFC Method of Victory.

Canada: A good place to bet Method of Victory in Canada is Sports Interaction. They offer odds on each fight and many different fight props.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a website that provides mixed martial arts and UFC betting odds, including Method of Victory.

What is UFC Method of Victory betting?

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This type of bet sees the sportsbook setting odds on the outcome of the fight. There are numerous ways that a fight can end and you are going to be betting on which type of decision will end the fight.

The different methods of victory are:

– Fight Goes the Distance
– Fight is Within the Distance
– Fighter Wins by Decision
– Fight Ends in a Draw
– Fighter Wins by Submission
– Fighter Win by Knockout/TKO

There will be different moneyline odds set on each different method of victory.

Additionally, you can bet on how long the fight will go and what round the method of victory will take place.

Common UFC Method of Victory Questions:

How long do UFC fights typically last and how do they finish?:

Over the years, the statistics typically hover around 50/50 as far as finishing inside the distance or going to the judges.

Of the half of fights that end up finishing inside the distance, much more of the finishes come by KO/TKO than submissions. Typically, a finish is much more likely to come via TKO, KO or doctor’s stoppage over submission.

When the fights do go to the cards, there is not often agreement among the judges. Roughly 25 percent of fights over the past few years have ended in a split or majority decision result.

How to Bet UFC Method of Victory:

Bovada: Head to the MMA section of the website and find the fight that you would like to bet on. Click the “+” sign with the number beside it to see all of the props associated with that fight, including Method of Victory.

Sports Interaction: Click “MMA” from the left hand side of the page. There will be a list of all the fights. Click the fight you are looking for and it will display all of the available props for this fight.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Find “Boxing/MMA” from the side of the page and click on it. This will display Boxing and UFC. Look below UFC and you should find “Method of Victory”. Click that and you will see all the odds.

UFC Method of Victory Betting Strategy:

One thing to take into consideration when betting this one is the length of the fight. Title matches and main events are five round fights as opposed to three rounds for other fights. Modern UFC fighters are usually trying to finish, but it’s a lot easier to finish in a five round fight as opposed to a three round fight. Take that, as well as fighter’s styles, into consideration when making this bet.

UFC Types of Finish Betting Guide

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