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Where To Bet CES MMA Online


Classic Entertainment & Sports MMA, known as CES MMA, is an MMA promotion that was founded in the United Stated back in 2010.

They have been around for years but primarily air fights out of Lincoln, Rhode Island. Other states thay have held events from include Connecticut, Pennslyvania and Massachusetts.

Like most MMA promotions they run numbered events except for special occasions such as CES MMA NY. We have seen people use CES MMA as a springboard to the UFC, with Rob Font being one notable fighter who made his way to the UFC followign CES MMA.

You may have also heard of CES MMA from when Dave Bautista, the ex-WWE and Guardians of the Galaxy superstar, made his debut here against Vince Lucero.

In this article I’ll talk about where to bet CES MMA Online:

Where To Bet CES MMA Online

Bovada: This is one of the only online sportsbooks that offer CES MMA betting. I should also note that they don’t seem to cover every event however they are always happy to run betting odds. So if there is an upcoming CES MMA event and they don’t have odds, perhaps contact them via live chat and request the odds. They are usually quite good with adding odds if people are looking for betting action.

Note that for many CES MMA events, I rarely see odds for the entire card. Instead there will only be a handful of fights that you can bet on.

What CES MMA Bets Are There?

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Unfortunately, the only CES MMA bet I have seen available is the ability to bet on who will win or lose a fight.

Bigger promotions like UFC and Bellator will have many prop bets available. Smaller promotions often have the option to at least bet on the over/under of rounds.

Sadly CES MMA seems to be restricted to just betting on who will win or lose a fight.

And as mentioned above, you will very likely not be able to bet on all fights on the card. There will only be a few fights you can bet on.

Common CES MMA Betting Questions:

Could you bet on Dave Bautista vs Vince Lucero? What were the betting odds?:

Big Dave fought that event at CES “Real Pain”. As far as I am aware, you could not bet on that one. I remember at the time looking for odds and not seeing them. I have checked archives of odds and am not seeing any odds. If you could bet on them, considering the opponent, Dave would probably have been about a -500 favourite.

Where can I watch live streams of CES MMA?

UFC.TV airs all CES MMA events. You just need a UFC fight pass account / membership. There are no additional costs to watch CES MMA live.

You can also watch archives of some of the events on there. It looks like they currently offer CES MMA 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60.

Does CES MMA do drug testing?

Yes it does. There was a story related to Johnny Campbell who defeated Kris Moutinho at CES 57. A couple of weeks later, he found out that he had failed a drug test the night of the fight. It was due to marijuana. This article actually goes into depth about it, issues in regard to the state regulatory board and the entire testing process and what a mess it all was.

What happened to CES MMA 61? Is it still going on?

CES MMA 61 was an event that was scheduled to take place on Friday, April 24th 2020. It would have been held at the Twin River Casino in Rhode Island, and aired on UFC Fight Pass.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the event had to be canceled.

It would have featured a main event of Blaine Shutt vs Richie Santiago. Other fights on the card included John Douma vs Giorgi Kudukhashvilli and Kyle Bochniak vs Jonathan Gary.

At this point, no makeup date or venue has been announced and future CES MMA cards will be on hold indefinitely.

Announcers for CES MMA 61 were going to be Tom Lawlor, Joe Lauzon and Michael Parente.

How to Bet CES MMA Online

Bovada: You first will need to register an account and the log in to see all the odds offered. After doing so, look to the top of the site for MMA. There will be a pulldown menu of all the companies offered. It will be there although it may just be under “MMA” instead of “CES MMA”.

Where To Watch CES MMA Online:

From 2014 until 2019 you could watch CES MMA Online via AXS TV. However that deal is now over with. You can now watch CES MMA events at UFC.TV with a UFC Fight Pass account.

CES MMA Betting Strategy:

There aren’t too many odds released for CES MMA for a reason – linesmakers don’t focus on it that much. That means when there are odds available if you do the hard work, you will be able to come up with more accurate lines for the fights.

I find a lot of CES MMA odds are based off broad data such as wins/losses and don’t go into fighter styles too much. So basically it is a case of spending the time doing the work, and you’ll be able to find lots of betting opportunities available. Well not a lot but I find at least one time per card I spot a fight where the odds are off by a fair bit.

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