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Where To Bet NFL Player Rushing Attempts / Carries


The running back has to be one of the toughest positions in the NFL as there is seemingly no room for error. Have a couple bad possessions and you are out of there. Get an injury and you are released. Throw in the fact that you just get tackled all the time and it’s one of the tougher jobs in the NFL.

When a running back is going well though? Everything is right in the world. A running back who is really performing well will just keep getting fed by their coach and their team will benefit from them. It’s a great thing for your team when the running back is going well and it’s even better when you’re betting on it.

Feed him the rock, again and again. That’s the betting market we’re taking a look at today, player rushing attempts or player carries. Let’s get into it.

Where To Bet NFL Player Rushing Attempts / Player Carries:

America: BetOnline offers both Carries (At Least) and Carries Over/Under. A great place for betting NFL props including the rushing game.

Everywhere Else: A sportsbook that provides odds for the NFL is Bet365 Sportsbook. They not only provide odds for every game, but also for player rushing attempts.

What is NFL Player Rushing Attempts / Player Carries betting?

There are two many ways to play this betting market.

Over/Under: This is a total set by the sportsbook about how many carries they think a particular player will get. You can then bet whether you think it will go over or under that amount.

It will look like this:

Leonard Fournette: Over 11.5 / Under 11.5

An over bet means twelve or more to win. An under means eleven or less to win.

At Least: This is similar to over/under, but it is also adjustable. So while you will get a number like 12 that you can bet, and if a player gets 12 attempts you win, you can also adjust that upwards for better odds.

For example:

Leonard Fournette
12 (-114)
15 (+124)
18 (+186)

The more carries you bet, the more your bet pays if it wins. This is because the sportsbooks find it unlikely that Fournette will finish with 18 carries. If he does, a $100 bet would win $186.

Common NFL Player Rushing Attempts / Player Carries Questions:

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Who is the all-time leader in rushing yards per attempt?

The all-time leader in yards per attempt, minimum 750 attempts, is Michael Vick at 7.0 yards.

I feel like that goes against the spirit of the statistic a bit though. The top three in this category are all quarterbacks and while what they do is impressive, it’s not quite a fair comparison to a running back.

The top running back in rushing yards per attempt is Jamaal Charles who averaged 5.4 yards per carry during his illustrious career.

Jim Brown averaged 5.2 and Barry Sanders averaged 5.0.

How to Bet NFL Player Rushing Attempts / Player Carries:

BetOnline: From the list of NFL games, find the red “+” on the right hand side and click that. This expands the list of props for that game. Scroll down and find “Over/Under Carries” or “Carries (At Least)” to bet.

Bet365 Sportsbook: If you click “Football” from the menu, it will show a huge list of props available for the game. Scroll down to “Player Props” and find “Player Rushing Attempts” to bet this market.

NFL Player Rushing Attempts / Player Carries Betting Strategy:

This is a tough prop to bet because you need to make sure that the player is going to perform and earn more carries. If a player is getting shut down after only gaining a yard or two then he is going to be subbed out or his team will simply pass more.

You need a guy who is going to put up numbers. I prefer to check out the opposing defenses and target a weak one. Then find a team who has a true main back.

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