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Where To Bet NFL Player Tackles and Assists


One of the most frustrating things about fantasy football is the lack of any real defense. I’ve argued against doing away with them before as it just doesn’t quite get it. Points are one thing, but that are a lot of factors that go into that as well. I get that you can’t have a twenty man fantasy team, but it would be nice to see defense to get a bit more play.

In the world of gambling, it is getting that play. You can bet on interceptions, you can bet on sacks, and you can bet on player tackles and assists.

That last one is what I am going to focus on here today. It’s a newer betting market, but it can be a lot of fun to dive into. Rooting for tackles is a game within a game within in a game, and I love it. Let’s talk about betting it.

Where To Bet Player Tackles and Assists:

Everywhere Else: A sportsbook that offers player tackles and assists, as well as a ton of other football player props is Bet365 Sportsbook. This is the place to find the odds for player tackles and assists.

America: There are currently no tackles and assists odds at BetOnline, unfortunately. However, they do offer a huge selection of props for each game and you can even bet on player interceptions if you need to bet defense.

What is a Player Tackles and Assists bet?

The sportsbook takes a list of players from a team’s defense and sets an over/under on them with a moneyline attached. If you bet over and the player has more than they amount of tackles listed, you win and vice versa on the under.

An example of what this looks like. For example, I’ll use the Kansas City Chiefs from Super Bowl LV:

Bashaud Breeland Over 3.5 (-130) Under 3.5 (-110)
Frank Clark Over 2.5 (+125) Under 2.5 (-175)
Anthony Hitchens Over 5.5 (-150) Under 5.5 (+110)

Here you see that for Frank Clark, the over is actually an underdog. So if he scored three tackles and you bet the over, your bet would pay out at 1.25x. Put it simply, a $100 bet would pay $125.

For his under, a $100 bet would only pay around $57. That’s because they believe that he is very likely to finish less than that threshold.

Common Player Tackles and Assists Questions:

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Who has the most combined tackles in a game in NFL history?

The record for combined tackles in a game is 24 and it is held by two players. David Harris was the first to do with with 20 tackles and 4 assists in 2007. The record was tied in 2013 by Luke Kuechly who had only 9 tackles with 15 assists.

David Harris also holds the record for solo tackles in one game for that performance.

How to Bet Player Tackles and Assists:

Bet365 Sportsbook: Go to the football section of the website and you will find a large list of betting props. From here, scroll down to the “Player Props” section and look for the link that reads “Player Tackles and Assists”. Congratulations, you have reached your destination.

Player Tackles and Assists Betting Strategy:

This is not an easy market to bet, but I like to look at how often teams run versus pass. A team that runs more often could be a great time to grab the over on a linebacker because the ball will be at midfield a bit more.

For a passing team, I might target a safety for the over. Especially if that player is known as a hitter.

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