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Where To Bet NFL Futures?


The NFL is the king of parity. A lot of leagues say that when the new season starts that anyone has a chance, but it is truer in the NFL than other leagues. While some franchises are built better than others, the league’s rules make it easy for teams to improve rapidly (or decline rapidly.) Thanks to this, the NFL is one of the best leagues to bet futures on.

There are a variety of different ways to be NFL Futures. From the Super Bowl winner to the MVP to the Division winners. This article is going to cover all of that and more.

In this article we are going to go over how NFL Futures work, where to bet them, how to bet on them and our strategy for picking winners.

Where To Bet NFL Futures:

America: One of the top sportsbooks for betting futures is Bovada. They always offer a ton of NFL Futures during and before the season, as well as Super Bowl props at that time of year.

Canada: Sports Interaction is one of the best sportsbooks online and they have you covered when it comes to NFL Futures.

Everywhere Else: 888 offer nice odds on the Conference Champions and the Super Bowl winner throughout the season.

What are NFL Futures?

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NFL Futures are bets on things in football that haven’t happened yet. Typically for a bet like the Super Bowl winner, you will see the odds posted the day after the previous year’s Super Bowl. That is pretty far in the future, but you get the gist. You can bet the NFL Super Bowl future up until late into the playoffs.

The odds will change over time as the season progresses. So you will see a team like Seattle at +2000 before the season starts if they weren’t expected to be very good. Then when the season starts and they go 7-1 or something like that, they might be down to +200. The same goes if a team goes from a heavy preseason favorite to a bad team.

The oddsa are always changing, but you can usually get good prices right up until the end due to the unpredictable nature of the NFL playoffs and regular season.

Common NFL Futures Questions:

What Super Bowl winner had the worst preseason championship future odds?

The highest of the past 40 years was the 1999 St. Louis Rams. They opened the season at 150-1 to win the Super Bowl behind the out-of-nowhere season from Kurt Warner. That was a crazy year for him and the Rams, but it was also a pretty wide-open time in the league after John Elway’s retirement.

Another wild one was the 2001 Patriots who opened at 60-1 and ended up upsetting those same Rams behind the play of a young Tom Brady.

How To Bet NFL Futures:

Bovada: Click “Football” right on the top. When you see the drop down menu, check out “Futures” and go from there.

Sports Interaction: Right on the left side of the page, click “Football” and you will see a link to “NFL Futures” right there.

888: Find “American Football” from the A-Z Menu and click “Outrights”. All of the available futures will be there.

NFL Futures Betting Strategy:

The key to the NFL right now is two things: defense and quarterbacks. Everyone knows who the good quarterbacks are so what I like to do is look for a team that underperformed the previous year and has a much improved defense the following season. Think 2014 Seahawks or 2016 Broncos.

Variants To NFL Futures: