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Where To Bet NFL Player Passing Yards


Quarterbacks are the kings of the NFL and they are the kings of the betting world. Nearly every bet you make can be traced back to either good quarterback player or bad quarterback play. It’s pretty rare to see a game where how the quarterback threw the ball didn’t decide the game. That’s how important his position is in the NFL right now.

With that importance has come a ton of betting props. You can bet on everything from quarterback touchdowns, quarterback interceptions, and player passing yards. That last one is going to be the subject of today’s article.

In this article, I am going to talk a bit about NFL Player Passing Yards. This is a betting prop where you can bet on the amount of passing yards that a quarterback will finish a game with. I am not only going to show you how to bet it, but my favorite spot to bet them as well.

Where To Bet NFL Player Passing Yards:

America: BetOnline is a sportsbook that offers many QB-related betting props. For NFL Player Passing Yards, you can bet the over/under at BetOnline.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a website where you can find odds on NFL Player Passing Yards. They are other betting odds listed here for NFL games including many more props.

What are NFL Player Passing Yards bets?

This is a bet on the amount of passing yards that a player will get in an NFL game. It’s not like roulette or something where you pick a number and hope that comes in, that would be ridiculous. NFL Player Passing Yards is set up in one of two ways, each involving a set total.

Over/Under: This is the type of passing yards betting that you can find at Bet365 Sportsbook. The way this works is that there is a set total and you choose whether you think your player will go over or under that total.

Here’s an example:

Tom Brady: 284.5 yards

If you bet over, you think he will have 285 or more yards in this game. If you bet under, he needs to finish with 284 in order for your bet to win.

At Least: This is the way to bet on player passing yards at BetOnline.

The way that it works is that there is a number and in order to win, that player just needs to get that many yards. It’s like an over/under that you can only bet over.

A fun thing about this one is that you can move the line and bet higher totals. So, for example:

Tom Brady: 286 yards (-114)
Tom Brady: 316 yards (+118)

The more yards you bet, the higher your potential profit. A +118 would pay $118 on a $100 bet.

Common NFL Player Passing Yards Questions:

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What is the NFL’s all-time player passing yards leader?

The NFL’s all-time passing yards leader is Drew Brees who has passed for 80,358 yards in his career. He holds a slim lead over Tom Brady who has 79,204 yards in his career.

The two of them have a large lead over the third place, Peyton Manning, who finished with 71,940.

This is a record that is made to broken as NFL passing has grown over the years, but it is going to be a long time before anyone catches the top-two.

How to Bet NFL Player Passing Yards:

BetOnline: All you need to do here is click on “Football” on the left hand side of the menu to see all of the day’s games. Find the game you are looking for and click the red “+” sign in the top right corner to see all of the game’s props, including NFL player passing yards.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Head to the football/NFL section of the page and you will see a huge list of options. Scroll down to the props section where you will find “Player Passing Yards”.

NFL Player Passing Yards Betting Strategy:

Over. Over. Over.

That’s my advice here. If you are looking to bet on this and thinking of betting an under? Just don’t. All it takes is one long pass and your bet is screwed. So just find a game you like, a QB you think will do well, and bet the over. This is one situation where the under is really not worth it.

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