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Where To Live Bet NFL


Anyone who bets on the NFL has had that moment in the game where they realize they messed up and bet the wrong team. It’s always tough when that happens, but thankfully there is now live betting which offers you a chance to make up for that lost bet.

With live betting, you can bet on the game as the game is going on. From individual plays to adjusted moneylines and totals, live betting offers a ton of betting options that didn’t exist before. You can not only save your bad bets, but you can make some really good ones as well. Football is the perfect sport for live betting with the time between plays and the exciting, every play matters nature of the sport.

This article is for anyone that is interested in the world of live betting in the NFL. This article is going to cover where to live bet, how to live bet, and more.

Where To Bet Live Bet NFL:

America: BetOnline is my go-to sportsbook for live betting on NFL. They have an easy to use interface and plenty of betting options as the games are going on.

Canada: Besides their great sportsbook and casino, Sports Interaction also has a robust live betting section. They offer a ton of sports in the live betting section, including NFL.

Everywhere Else: A sportsbook with in-play betting is Bet365 Sportsbook. This is one of the most reliable sportsbooks on the web and they offer many NFL betting options.

What is Live Betting in NFL?

There are a few ways that players can live bet on an NFL game:

Plays: This is a bet on the next play and the next play only. You can bet whether it will be a pass or a run, or a multitude of other options. The odds on this one can be good, but they change based on the game situation. You need to act fast on this one because you only have until the ball is snapped to make the bet.

Traditional bets: I am calling this traditional bets because you are simply betting on the game in the same way that you normally would (point spreads, moneylines and totals) before the game, but with different odds based on what is happening in the game.

For example, let’s say a team is favored by -7 points and they are now up by 3 points. If you wanted to bet on the opposing team with the points, you would now get +10 instead of +7. The same rule would apply to totals and the moneyline as well.

Common Live Bet NFL Questions:

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What can I bet on in NFL live betting?

You can bet on pretty much anything that you can bet on before the game during the game as well. Depending on your sportsbook, you can bet on everything from point spreads, moneyline, totals, prop bets, and individual plays.

When did live betting begin?

Live betting was first introduced to the sports betting world in 2002. It came just as online sportsbooks were gaining traction as the new technology allowed for betting in new and exciting ways. Once it began at one site, it spread to the others with more and more betting options being offered.

How to Bet Live Bet NFL:

BetOnline: At the top of the page click on “Live Betting”. This will take you to a list of all the sports currently ongoing with live betting options. Football will be listed here with all of the NFL games currently in play. You can click on each specific game to see a full list of betting options for them.

Sports Interaction: “Live Betting” is listed right at the top between Sports and Casino. Click on that to see a list of sports. You can find “Football” from this list to see the NFL betting options. You can click on the specific game to see a full list of betting options.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Right on the top of the sportsbook page there will be a link for “In-Play”. Once you click on that you will see all of the available sports with in-play/live betting options, including NFL. You can click on a specific game to see the list of betting options.

Live Bet NFL Betting Strategy:

There are two main strategies that I employ when using live betting. The first is to wait until a team that I absolutely believe is going to win falls behind and then I pound the moneyline on them. It can take sportsbooks a bit to adjust the odds, but once they do you can often find a great line once a team is down.

The other thing I like to do is bet on specific plays, especially late in the game. When a team gets down they tend to forget about the run and focus on the pass. This is when I like to bet on the specific plays and go pass, pass, pass. It can add up quickly. I would also say that this type of betting works early in the game with the run on first and second downs.

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