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Where To Bet KSW Online


KSW is billed as the biggest MMA organization in Europe. It’s official name is Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki. Not the most catchy thing in the world so I will refer to it as KSW throughout this article!

Initially formed in 2004,it is based in Poland. However they don’t do events just in Poland; they’ve ran events in London and Ireland over the years.

KSW usually offers up about 4-5 MMA events per year. Most events are numbered such as KSW 39, KSW 40 and so on although in their early days they had different events that weren’t numbered such as KSW Elimination and KSW Extra.

KSW offers up both men and women MMA action.

Where To Bet KSW:

America: The only online sportsbook that accepts Americans and offers KSW betting is 5Dimes Sportsbook. Don’t worry they are actually an excellent online sportsbook. When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts they have one of the best offerings you can find. They offer great odds on most MMA fights and they have lots of rewards programs. They’ve also been around since the late 90s so are very trustworthy.

Everywhere Else: You can bet at 5Dimes Sportsbook as well but you may want to go to William Hill who also cover KSW. They have a good selection of MMA companies worth betting on and of course as one of the largest bookmakers in the world, are completely trustworthy.

What KSW Bets Are There?

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The only KSW bets you can make is betting on what fighter will actually win a fight.

There are no KSW prop bets such as over/under rounds or how a match will finish or anything like that unfortunately.

The only KSW betting option available is predicting who will win. I should warn you the odds can be heavy tilted too in favour of one fighter as a big favourite.

Common KSW Betting Questions:

Can you bet on the entire card?:

Most of the time you can bet on all or almost all of the fights taking place on a KSW card.

This isn’t always the case. At KSW 50 for example sportsbooks only had 3 fights available to bet. However checking the archives at the above mentioned sportsbooks, the majority of fights were available to bet on KSW cards.

How to Bet KSW Online

5Dimes Sportsbook: You need to log in to the site first to see lines. Then there will be a list of all of the sports available. On the right hand side of the site is the “Fighting” section. UFC and Bellator both have their own listing. For KSW you normally have to click “MMA” and then hit “Continue” at the bottom left and that will list the KSW odds for you.

William Hill:: In the betting section of the site, click “More Sports” at the top right then choose UFC / MMA. This lists all of the upcoming events under the “Competitions” heading. Click the KSW event and it shall list all of the available KSW fights to bet on. If you don’t see KSW listed it just means there are no bets up yet.

Where To Watch Online:

KSW offer their own digital TV network at They air the matches live on there and you can watch them all. Prices are very reasonable at about $11 USD and well worth it.

KSW Betting Strategy:

Honestly while I am not a big fan of parlays, those are usually the way to go in terms of KSW. A lot of the fighters are very heavy favourites for a reason and so combining them is a good idea when there are very hevay favourites.

In saying that however the close odds matches aren’t too bad opportunities if you do the leg work. The linesmakers for KSW aren’t super savvy. While they do know who the heavy favourites are, there are always 1 or 2 closer odds fights where I feel they are off. When you see someone about +180 in American odds or about 9/5 in fractional odds – take some time to look at them.

You can’t blindly bet them but if you research both fighters you may be able to bet on it with an edge.

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