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Where To Bet NHL Online


Welcome to my section on where to bet the NHL.

In this section I’ll help you figure out where to bet on the NHL. I’ll cover the best online sportsbooks for you, and I’ll list pages within the site in case you want to bet on a specific market.

The sportsbooks I list below are the best overall online sportsbooks. They should accomodate the majority of betters. They cover:

  1. May offer a good deposit bonus for users or a solid rewards program
  2. Are online sportsbooks I personally trust and use
  3. Have a great selection of bets – from the basic NHL bets to more advanced ones
  4. Have no issues with depositing or withdrawing – basically you’ll get your winnings promptly!
  5. Have excellent customer support in case issues arise

Due to country restrictions, I will list it by the three major areas – American, Canada and Everywhere Else.

Americans: Formerly known as Bodog, the online sportsbook Bovada is the #1 place for Americans to go. These guys are trustworthy and have been around forever.

They offer a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options and even accept Bitcoin! They have a great deposit bonus, decent odds and often offer reload bonuses.

Canada: I have to recommend Sports Interaction. These guys are 100% Canadian and they only accept Canadians. They’ll offer specific bonuses and rewards focused on Canadians and they offer a great deposit bonus as well as a wide variety of great betting options.

You can bet everything here including futures, player props and various team props. Being Canadian these guys obviously put a very strong focus on hockey.

What this may mean is the odds on Canadian teams? Not so good.

But that’s not a bad thing – it’s a good thing! If you are looking for great value, then betting against the likes of the Oilers and Leafs is a smart move here.

They also have the infamous Pinata Prop which is one of my favourites where you get to make a random bet at incredibly enhanced odds. A lot of fun.

Everywhere Else: I personally place a lot of my bets at Bet365 Sportsbook. Even when they don’t have the best odds, they have a design and user interface that I personally like.

I also personally trust them the most out of any sportsbook other than Sports Interaction and I have no problem leaving large amounts of my bankroll on there.

If you’re looking to live bet hockey, I’d advice Bet365 Sportsbook.

Where To Make Specific NHL Bets:

NHL Games: In this article I cover the basic NHL Game bets as well as a few more advanced ones.

NHL Money Lines: One of the most common bets in hockey – betting the NHL money line, or who will win a game including overtime/shootout. I talk about what sportsbooks to bet at for the best odds and what strategies to employ.

NHL Over/Unders: This article deals with the common over or under bet you can make on an NHL game, as well as offers up alternative lines and bets the sportsbooks offer based on the over/under.

NHL Puck Line: Sometimes a team is too big a favourite to bet due to the odds however you can bet with handicaps similar to point spreads in NFL. In this article I explain what to look for when betting them and where to bet it.

NHl 1st Periods: I love 1st period betting. Less chance of variance in terms of injury, lots of data out there, lots of bets to make etc – not having to factor in comebacks and all that too much. I cover 1st period betting in detail in this article.

NHL Both Teams to Score: You might think betting “Both Teams to Score” is a silly bet in hockey. Don’t worry – the sportsbooks agree. You either won’t be able to bet it, or it is for extremely brutal odds. That’s why many sportsbooks offer up variants such as both teams to score 2 or more, and 3 or more etc. I go into detail about this bet and all the options here.

NHL Player Props: One of my favourite bets is to make a player prop bet such as “McDavid will score a goal tonight”. Always adds a lot of fun to betting and there are some great props out there. In this article I cover all of the available NHL player props, and where to bet them.

NHL Player Assists: This can be a fun one to bet. Usually good odds on the player assists prop. Lot of opportunities. I cover where to bet this one and what to look for when betting it.

Hockey Deposit Bonuses
NHL Player Blocked Shots: Fun prop betting on NHL player blocked shots. A rare prop bet but luckily I’ve found the sportsbooks that will allow you to bet it!

NHL Player Goals: I go into detail about the NHL Player Goals prop and what variants there are, as well as what strategies to use when betting on it. For example there is “at least X goals”, first goalscorer, last goalscorer, first scorer on a team etc. I cover where to bet all of this.

NHL Player Shots On Goal: A fun prop bet where you can bet the amount of shots a player will have on goal. There is variations to it such as the over/under and the “At Least” factor. I cover all of that and where to bet these variations in this article.

NHL Player +/- One neat prop is betting the +/- of a player on the ice that night. I cover where to bet this unique prop and what strategies to use.

NHL Player Power Play Points: One player prop you can bet on is the points a player will get in a power play. This can be a fun one with bigger odds and requires analysis of team PP & PK stats. I cover where to bet this prop.

NHL Goalie Saves: Want to bet on goalie save props? Be sure to read this article as I cover the type of prop bets available involving a goalie and give you some suggestions as to how to bet it strategically.

NHL Goalie Shutouts: A nice simple bet – will a goalie record a shutout? I cover where to bet this prop and what to look for when betting it in this article.

NHL Correct Score: It’s a risky bet but with a big payoff – predicting the correct score in the sport with the highest variance. In this article I talk about where to bet on the NHL correct score, as well as what to look for when you are betting it and what strategy to use for an NHL Correct Score bet.

NHL Team to Score First: Always a fun bet to get things rolling on an NHL game – betting which team will score first. A fun NHL prop bet – one that can be wiped out in the first 14 seconds or last all the way to the end of the game. Always makes for an exciting start and I tell you where to bet it in this article.

NHL Race to 3 Goals: The “Race to 3 Goals” bet is an interesting bet where you can bet who will win the race to 3 goals – or bet that neither team will make it. I list the options available to bet that in here as well as cover Race to 3 Goals betting strategy.

NHL Grand Salami: The NHL Grand Salami is one of the funnest bets in the NHL – where you bet the over/under on the total amount of goals in ALL games on that particular date. In this article I tell you where you can bet that and suggest some betting strategies.

Home Goals vs Away Goals: Similar to the Grand Salami except instead of the total goals, you’ve got to try and guess the total goals scored by all the home teams that night and the total goals scored by all the road teams that night, and then bet on who you think will score more.

NHL Playoffs: Want to bet on the NHL Playoffs? Whether it’s before the regular season has begun, halfway through the season or hell even during the playoffs – I cover everything related to betting on the NHL Playoffs in this article.

NHL Team Totals: In this article I cover a popular bet involving NHL Team Totals and all of the variables related to that.

NHL All Star Weekend: The Divisions square off as do the players at the skills competition. I cover all the possibly bets available during NHL All Star Weekend.

How to Bet NHL Online:

Bovada: When under the sportsbook section, click on “Hockey” in the left sidebar. This brings up todays games. However then on the top bar click “All Hockey” and choose “NHL”. You can then see the basic bets and if you want to see additional bets to be made click the “+17 bets” or “+15 bets” section to the right of that particular game.

If you want to bet NHL futures at Bovada then after clicking “NHL”, the top bar will have an “All NHL” section. Click that and choose “Futures” and it will display all the NHL futures available for betting.

Sports Interaction: On the left sidebar click “Hockey”. This will bring up 3 options – NHL, NHL Props and NHL Futures. You then click whatever section you wish. The “NHL” section will be all of the specific game bets. Each game has a dropdown where you can change the options for what you bet – if you wanted to bet “Race to 3 Goals” or whatever.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click “Hockey” on the left sidebar. At the top will be “NHL” and all of the bets available – game lines, props etc. Just click on each one to place bets on that. If you want to bet NHL futures scroll to the very bottom of the page for the “Futures” section.

What NHL Bets/Props Are There?

There is a wide variety of bets related to the NHL.

The most common ones are betting a team to win and betting the team total. There’s also the “puck line” which is like the point spread in NFL where the favourite is -1.5 and so have to win by at least 2.

There is various other NHL betting options within a game such as highest scoring period, then player props and also futures where you can bet on the Stanley Cup Winners or who will win a division etc.

Common NHL Betting Questions:

What is the Grand Salami?

Total quantity of goals scored on that particular night from ALL games and you bet whether it will be over or under that total. For more details see my article on the NHL Grand Salami.

Where To Watch NHL Online:

You can sign up for a membership at NHL.TV. I personally use this and think it is a great service. Sure there are other methods to watch NHL without having to pay but I personally feel it’s worth it. It’s great being out and seeing a game is going to OT and being able to throw it on your phone in high quality in just 2 clicks. Well worth it.

NHL Betting Strategy:

Follow my NHL Betting Tips site Best strategy I can give you! Other than that the best advice I can give you is if you are confident in a team winning, bet on them to win in regulation at better odds. The reason for that is if you are confident that they will win a game then you shouldn’t have to rely on the coin flip that is overtime and shootout.

Betting Variants to the NHL:

I also cover where to bet the following hockey leagues:

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