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Where To Bet the NHL All-Star Game / Skills


Once per year, the NHL takes a break for All-Star weekend.

The weekend is filled with the skills competition, and then the All-Star games themselves. The 4 divisions face off and then the winners play in the final.

And of course you can bet on it. I mean really – what can’t you bet on?

But what exactly CAN you bet on for NHL All Star Weekend? Let’s see:

Where To Bet NHL All Star Weekend:

America: The only sportsbook that accepts Americans and offers bets on the NHL All Star Weekend is Bovada. Depending on the year sometimes they have a lot of props other times hardly any. They’re very open to adding lines though so drop their support a message.

Canada: Two places Canadians should have accounts at. Sports Interaction and 888. Sports Interaction is the only sportsbook to offer odds on the skill competitions on a consistent basis and 888 has a great selection of bets specific to the actual games themselves.

Everywhere Else: The only real option is 888 which offers up a wide variety of bets and props on the games themselves such as the player points and player goals head to head battles.

What NHL All Star Bets Are There?

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The most basic NHL All Star weekend bet is the most obvious one – who will win the all star game? There are also bets on the skills tournaments.

In that one you can bet which division will win the All Star game out of the four divisions. Due to it being mostly a coin flip, the odds are always very close although there will always be some favourites and some underdogs. Most the odds are around the +230 mark (3.30 in decimal).

The other betting options depend on the sportsbook you’re at. Some sportsbooks don’t even list the above bet. Others will have just that.

Here’s some examples of bets from the 2018 All Star Weekend that you can bet on, and below I’ll tell you where to bet them:

Variants on the Money Line: Standard one here but some books will allow you to bet on a team to win in regulation and others will allow a double chance bet such as “Pacific Division or Draw”.

Total Goals: Always a fun one – the over/under. On all star weekend with a lot of goals expected, the game lines are usually about over or under 13.5.

To Score Most Goals: In this one the sportsbook picks 2 players and you have to pick who will score the most goals between them. The odds are usually about even. For example Connor McDavid vs Nathan MacKinnon.

To Score Most Points: Just like the above bet it’s what player between two will score the most points. For example Nikita Kucherov vs Alex Ovechkin.

Skill Games: whether it’s the fastest skater or the passing challenge, sportsbooks will also allow you to bet on who the winner will be out of all the competitors.

All Star Game MVP: You can bet on who the NHL All-Star Game MVP will be.

Common NHL All Star Game Questions:

Can you bet on the Skill Games?

Yes. Most sportsbooks now cover the NHL Skill Games and All Star weekend.

Are there any NHL All Star Props You Can Bet On?

Yes. There are actually some really fun props too or different props. For example when Kid Rock performed at the NHL All Star weekend in 2018, you could bet whether or not he would take the time to mention President Trump. Sportsbooks are always coming up with unique bets like that.

What are examples of NHL All Star Game betting Odds?

It will obviously differ from year to year based on the players who are playing for each division. In 2020 for example, the Atlantic Division were -120 and the Metropolitan Division were +100. in the Central vs Pacific one it was a pickem with both teams at -110 odds.

What are the Over/Under Goal Totals in NHL All Star Games?

Again it differs on the game. in the Atlantic vs Metropolitan game in 2020, the over/under for goals was 12.5. In the Central vs Pacific, it was 13.5.

Can You Bet NHL All Star Game Futures?

Yes. Along with the actual initial games themselves, you can bet on what the final game will be and also who will win the entire thing.

How to Bet NHL All Star Weekend:

Bovada: In the sports section of the site click “Hockey”. Then on the top bar click “All Hockey” and choose “Hockey Specials” and it’ll be listed there.

Sports Interaction: On the left sidebar is “Hockey”. Expand that section and then it’s listed under both “NHL” and “NHL Props”. Skills challenged under “NHL Props” and the games as well as all of the betting options pertaining to those games is under “NHL”.

888: This one is quite tricky as it isn’t listed under NHL. You need to use the search bar and type in “NHL” and then the “NHL All Star Game” will be listed. You can also navigate to it via the ice hockey section. Then everything is listed there.

All Star Weekend Betting Strategy:

Stay away from the games themselves – absolute crap shoots. Instead focus on the skills competitions – the odds are usually surprisingly good and if you know your hockey, you can narrow it down to maybe 3 players in each competition. Then you just have to hope it comes in!

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