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Where to Bet NBA Highest Scoring Quarter


In the NBA one quarter can change an entire game. A great defensive performance or an awesome offensive performance can swing an entire game in just one quarter. We’ve seen some crazy quarters take a game that looked in hand for one team and rip it violently from that hand. A lot can happen in twelve minutes and the NBA proves it time and time again.

An interesting aspect of NBA betting is the NBA Highest Scoring Quarter. There are four to choose from and there are a lot of different factors to consider. Will the first quarter be the highest scoring because both teams are feeling each other out? The second because teams are warmed up? The third? The fourth? It’s one of the more exciting betting options out there. There is one quarter that is typically the highest scoring, but that doesn’t mean that it is always the winning quarter.

In this article we are going to cover how this bet works, where you can bet it and, more importantly, how to win betting this.

Where To Bet NBA Highest Scoring Quarter:

America: A great site for betting the NBA Highest Scoring Quarter and more is Bovada which offers it on every game each night. In addition to the NBA highest scoring quarter bet, they offer a ton of betting props on every game of the season as well as moneylines, point spreads, totals, and more.

Canada: The go-to site for NBA Highest Scoring Quarter bets is Sports Interaction. They offer this on every game with good odds on the quarters. They also offer a ton of other props on every game of the NBA season. They have game props like this that don’t matter what team is the winner as well as a ton of other team specific betting props.

Everywhere Else: Does Bet365 Sportsbook offer NBA Highest Scoring Quarter odds on their website? They do. They also offer a ton of other props on every game of the season as well as futures, game lines, and much more. A great sportsbook for any NBA fan.

What is NBA Highest Scoring Quarter?

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This is a rather simple bet as you are betting on which quarter will be the highest scoring quarter of the game. The points are combined for both teams and it doesn’t matter how many points are scored (like an over/under), but only what the highest scoring quarter is. So, for example in this scenario:

1st: 21-18
2nd: 17-22
3rd: 20-20
4th: 15-24

The third quarter would be the highest scoring quarter. It doesn’t mater that one team scored more in the other quarters, the only thing that matters is the total of the two teams scores for an individual quarter. One quarter could be 50-5 while another quarter could be 28-28. While that first quarter is definitely more fun, that second quarter is the winner.

This is a tough bet to win because there are so many variables, but you usually get pretty good odds. The first half is usually in the +200 range while the second half’s quarters are in the +300 range.

Common NBA Highest Scoring Quarter Questions:

What is the highest scoring quarter in the NBA?

These odds vary from year to year, but in general the first two quarters are usually the highest scoring. The reason for this is that teams often come out firing and try to win games with their offense. They also have the freshest legs.

During the second half is when the defenses lock in and try to win the game. Teams also feel more tired during the second half and can slow down. All games aren’t created equal, but this is a good rule of thumb to go off of.

What was the highest scoring quarter in NBA history?

The highest scoring single quarter in NBA history was 99 combined points by the San Antonio Spurs(53) and the Denver Nuggets(46). The quarter in question was the fourth quarter in a game on January 11, 1984. This was a wild game as the Nuggets won with a 163-155 final score.

Hallo thanks for your general answers concerning quarters,my question is,what happens in an event where the highest scoring quarters tie and there was no draw option, will I lose my bet or what happens

Most sportsbooks go with dead heat rules.

If two quarters are both highest scoring – for example the 1st and 2nd quarter both have 60 points and the 3rd and 4th quarter have less than 60, then it depends on what quarter you bet. If you bet the 3rd or 4th quarter, you would have lost your stake. If you bet the 1st or 2nd quarter then the dead heat rules kick in.

The rules for dead heat is that your payout is determined by dividing the amount that you bet by the number of quarters that tied for highest scoring. In this way, it would be divided by two. If all four quarters were the exact same score, then it would be divided by 4.

How to Bet NBA Highest Scoring Quarter:

Bovada: Click “Basketball” on the left and that will bring you to the basketball page with the NBA Games. It only offers the basic bets but click on the right where it lists a number of additional bets, and Highest Scoring Quarter for that specific game will be listed there.

Sports Interaction: Click “Basketball” on the side and then “NBA”. This will list all NBA Games. At the very top right there is a drop down which you can click to view the high scoring quarters.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Under the “Basketball” section, NBA is listed at the top. Just below the “Lines” is the “Props” section. “Highest Scoring Quarter” is there. CLick that and it will list the highest scoring quarter bet for all games.

NBA Highest Scoring Quarter Betting Strategy:

The key thing to look at here is data. There are a multitude of websites that offer the quarter by quarter statistics on points allowed and points scored. You can sometimes find the sweet spot where two teams match up for a big quarter.

The second thing to look at is the first half. As we mentioned above, this is typically where the highest scoring quarter comes from. Look at some stats for the first half and go wild.

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