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Where to Bet the NBA Championship Winner


The NBA regular season is fun and all, but let’s be honest: it’s all about the NBA Championship. That’s why every free agent is signed, every trade is made, every coach is hired and everything else in the league. It’s all about winning the NBA Championship and betting on it is one of the best things about following the league.

Of all the championships in the major sports, the NBA title is one that almost always goes to the best team. There are no Wild Card teams that make crazy runs like in the NFL or NBA, and it is very rare to see a top seeded team eliminated early like in the NHL. In my opinion, this makes the NBA championship one of the most prestigious in all of sports. The Finals match-up is nearly always a match-up of the two best teams from each conference. You would think that would make betting on this easy, but it rarely is.

In this article we’re going to get to cover how to bet on the NBA Championship winner, where to bet on it and how to win big money betting on the NBA Championship winner.

There is a lot to cover here so let’s get right into it.

Where To Bet NBA Championship Winners:

America: Bovada has the NBA Championship futures up throughout the season and they are constantly updating them as the season goes on. This is one of the standard bearers of the NBA sportsbook landscape and you can always find them updating these odds to reflect what the consensus is in the NBA.

Canada: The top spot to bet NBA Championship futures in Canada is without a doubt, Sports Interaction. They offer a wide variety of betting options for each individual game and have you covered when it comes to the championship futures as well.

Everywhere Else: 888 is the best option for betting NBA Championship futures for you. The odds are posted early in the year and updated throughout the season. In addition to the Championship, you can also bet on each Conference winner as well. They also offer a wide variety of player futures as well if you are looking to bet on the NBA MVP.

What is NBA Championship Winners Betting?

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Simply put, you are betting on the team that is going to win it all. You can bet this pretty much from the moment the previous season ends to the moments before the last game of the NBA Finals.

These odds stay up all season long and change as the season changes. A player gets injured, a team breaks out and a variety of other factors can change the odds as the season goes on. The favorites who play well see their odds get worse and worse while the teams who play poorly see their odds get better and better.

Common NBA Championship Winners Questions:

Does defense win NBA Championships?

In the last ten years, every single NBA champion has been a top ten Defensive Rating team.

  • 2017: Warriors (2nd)
  • 2016: Cavaliers (10th)
  • 2015: Warriors (1st)
  • 2014: Spurs (3rd)
  • 2013: Heat (9th)
  • 2012: Heat (4th)
  • 2011: Mavericks (8th)
  • 2010: Lakers (4th)
  • 2009: Lakers (6th)
  • 2008: Celtics (1st)

The only teams to finish outside of the top six can be chalked up to weird situations. The 2016 Warriors lost Draymond Green to a suspension when they were up 3-1. The 2013 Heat were moments away from losing until a really controversial final seconds and a miracle Ray Allen shot. The 2011 Heat should’ve beaten the Mavericks and the fact that they didn’t is still weird to this day.

What was the lowest seeded team to win the NBA Championship?

The 1994-95 Houston Rockets were the lowest seeded team to win the NBA Championship. Coming off a championship the previous season, the Rockets finished sixth in the Conference despite making the big trade for Clyde Drexler earlier in the season.

The team then went on to beat the third seed, the second seed, and the first seed in the Western Conference. They then faced the top-seeded Eastern team in the Orlando Magic to win the title. They swept the finals and became the first team in NBA history to beat four 50-win teams in a single postseason en route to the championship.

How to Bet the NBA Championship Winner:

Bovada: When in the sports section of the site, click on “Basketball” and then at the top click “All Basketball” and choose “NBA”. That opens up a new drop down at the top “All NBA” and you click that and choose “Futures” and all NBA Futures are there including the NBA Championship. Or anywhere on the site simply type “NBA Championship” into the search bar.

Sports Interaction: Click on “Basketball” and the option for “NBA Futures” will be there. Simply click that and the Championship Winner odds will be there.

888: You can always just search for “NBA Winner” but the other way is to click “NBA” on the sidebar which will be under “Popular” or “Basketball” then on that page click “Outrights” at the top centre of the page.

NBA Championship Winners Betting Strategy:

A great place to start is the place that we mentioned above: defense. A team can be exciting, have a lot of wins and have great players, but if they don’t have a top ten Defensive Rating you should probably move on. The history of that happening is not in your favor and the NBA is the most predictable league in all of sports. Don’t throw your money away.

The NBA is in a weird place lately with the Warriors and Cavs being so dominant, but even before that this has always been a favorites league. Study the top five to ten teams in the preseason odds and keep track of the transactions. Try to project the defense and go with that team.

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