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Where To Bet the NBA All Star Game


The NBA All-Star Game is one of the best exhibition events in sports. In 2018, the league instituted a major change to the All-Star format. Gone are the days of the best of the Eastern Conference against the best of the Western Conference. It is now the time of team captains with a draft of the All-Star players. The two leading vote getters in each conference will now draft the teams.

This only adds to the excitement of the event. While people might be excited to see a lot of players from a team like the Warriors in the All-Star game, it’s even more excited to see them playing against each other. It is a star studded event that just got a bit more interesting.

Today we are going to take a look at where to bet on the All-Star game as well as how to bet on it and what our best strategy for betting on it is.

Where To Bet the NBA All Star Game:

America: You can go pretty much anywhere to bet the All-Star game, but our favorite place for US bettors is Bovada. They offer plenty of game props and good lines on the big game.

Canada: Sports Interaction is pretty much the standard bearer for betting NBA games in the Great White North and the All-Star Game is no different.

Everywhere Else: 888 is one of the best options out there for betting the All-Star game. They offer lines, totals and plenty of options for game props.

What NBA All-Star Game Betting Options Are There?

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Betting on the All-Star game is just like betting on any other game during the season. There is a moneyline, a point spread, an over/under and a handful of prop bets. Here’s what all of those are for the All-Star game:

Point spread: Despite the idea for these two teams to be even matched, there will always be a favorite. For instance, in 2018 Team Lebron was a -3.5 point favorite over Team Stephen. If you bet on Team Lebron, you need them to win by four or more points for that bet to “cover” or win.

Over/Under: This is a total of the amount of points scored by both teams in the game. For the All-Star game, this total will be set extremely high in the 300s. You would bet whether you think it would be over (more than) or under (less than) that amount of points.

Moneyline: The favorite would also have an outright win number as well. So, you don’t want to lay any points and just want to pick a winner. You would bet the moneyline which would see the favorite at something like -150. Meaning if you bet $100, you’d win $75. The underdog might be +150. That would mean a $100 bet would win $150.

Game Props: There are always plenty of game props for the All-Star Game ranging from “Who will score first?” to “How many points will (Player) score?”

Player Props: This will be totals on points, rebounds, and assists. You can bet over/under for each player.

MVP: The All-Star Game MVP is usually quite the competition and you can bet on the winner. This is not an easy one to bet, but can be quite profitable.

Common NBA All-Star Game Questions:

Why are the scores of the All-Star Game so high?

The NBA season is a long, hard grind and the All-Star Game is meant to be a break in that grind. The players enjoy playing in the game, but they know that it is an exhibition and a time for them to take a break.

Put simply, they aren’t playing any defense for a game that is meaningless.

What is the “Elam ending”?

The Elam Ending was used in the 2109-2020 All-Star Game and could be used going forward. The way that it worked is that for the fourth quarter, there was no clock. Instead, the two teams play to a target score that is set by adding 24 to the leading team’s score at the end of three quarters.

In 2020, Team Giannis had a 133-124 lead heading into the fourth quarter. The target score was then set at 157 and whichever team got to that score first would win the game.

Team Giannis would only need 24 while Team LeBron needed 35 to win.

The number 24 was chosen in honor of Kobe Bryant who had recently passed away. The Elam Ending was very popular among fans watching the game as it added a level of intensity to the proceedings. The Elam Ending is used for every game in The Basketball Tournament.

The Elam Ending does mess with betting on the over/under a bit as you a big part of your bet will take place during those first three quarters as the most points the teams could possibly have in the fourth quarter is 47. It’s definitely something to take into consideration when betting on the All-Star Game.

How To Bet the NBA All-Star Game:

Bovada: Head to the “Sports” section on the left hand sidebar. From there select “Basketball” then “NBA All Star Game”.

Sports Interaction:From the left hand side of the site select “Basketball” and then “NBA”.

888: Hover over the “Sports A-Z” section and select “Basketball”. Find “NBA” and the All-Star odds should be right there.

NBA All-Star Game Betting Strategy:

The way I head into All-Star Game betting is by looking at the young players. Who is hungry to prove themselves? Who actually cares about this game? Who is on the rise and looking to make a name for themselves?

When you are an NBA superstar in your 12th season, you’ve been there and done that. The All-Star Game is old hat by now and you aren’t quite as motivated by this game. Young guys are. I like to see who has the youngest and best up and coming superstars and go with that team.

This game always features a ton of points scored early, which the sportsbooks obviously know, but the first quarter or first half overs are always worth taking a look at.

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