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Where To Bet the NBA 3 Point Contest


There has been a groundswell over the past couple of years when it comes to All-Star Weekend, a hot take that just keeps getting hotter and hotter, and people are really starting to get behind the idea. That idea is this: the 3-Point Shooting Contest is better than the Slam Dunk Contest and is the true highlight of All-Star Weekend.

It’s easy to see why. Three-point shooting has never been more important in the NBA and the people shooting them have never been better at it. Meanwhile, the Slam Dunk contest has a bit of a “been there, done that” feel to that. Some dunks can just never be topped and everything we see is an attempt to emulate, not top that.

This idea has become so big that betting on the 3-Point Contest has actually become a big thing to bet on during All-Star. With some many great shooters and their three-point shooting numbers so easily accessible, this seems like the most “winnable” event during All-Star. So today we are going to show you how to bet on the 3-Point Contest, where to bet it, and our strategy for winning the thing.

Where To Bet the NBA 3-Point Contest:

America: Bovada is one of the best books for betting the All-Star weekend, especially the 3-Point contest. They put the lines up before the weekend actually starts so you can track the odds.

Canada: One site that is always on top of the All-Star Saturday events is Sports Interaction. They are quick with the lines and good numbers on the events. The 3-Point Contest is the best of the Saturday night events and they have you covered.

United Kingdom: 888 is the place for basketball fans in the UK to bet on the All-Star events.

Everywhere Else: Go with a combination of 888 and Bovada. If there is a particular player you like, this is a great spot for line shopping.

What is the NBA 3-Point Shooting Contest?

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The 3-Point Shooting Contest is an annual event that takes place during NBA All-Star Weekend on their Saturday night extravaganza of events. The event had eight participants from it’s inception in 1986 until 2002. Then just six competitors from 2003 to 2013 before returning to eight competitors in 2014 and beyond.

Odds are set each year with a moneyline on each player. For instance, in 2017 the favorite was Klay Thompson at +165 meaning if you bet $100 on him to win, it would be $165. The eventual winner, Eric Gordon, was at +750 to win the event. So you can see how this can be a profitable event.

Common 3-Point Contest Questions:

What is the record for most consecutive shots made in the 3-Point Contest?

While you might think that someone like Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson might hold this record, you’d be wrong. The person who made the most consecutive shots in the 3-point Contest was actually Craig Hodges in 1991. That year he also set the record for most shots made in one round at 21.

Steph Curry is next in line at 13 shots in a row which shows you just how insane that round really was.

What great 3-Point Contest betting upsets have there been?

There are upsets on this betting prop all the time because of the way that the event works. It’s a single shooting performance that you are betting on so a “big” upset is unlikely. It’s not so much a matter of an underdog grabbing a win, but a less likely person winning. The odds on all the shooters are pretty favorable.

A good example would be the 2020 event. The event opened with Trae Young as the favorite at +350 and the 2019 winner Joe Harris at +400. However, neither of the two of them ended up winning the event. Buddy Hield was the one to get that done. Hield went off at +5500 and paid handsomely for any bettors who backed him.

The aforementioned Joe Harris was actually a pretty big upset at +600 in 2019. However, that’s just because Steph Curry was such a big favorite. The Warriors star was +150 to win the event, crazy low odds for this contest.

How To Bet the NBA 3-Point Contest:

Bovada: Find the “Basketball” section from the top and there you can find NBA Props including the 3-Point Contest odds.

Sports Interaction:From the left hand side of the site select “Basketball” and then “NBA”. From there go to “NBA Props” and the 3-Point Contest odds will be listed there.

888: Hover over the “Sports A-Z” section and select “Basketball”. Find “NBA All Star Game” and then click “Outrights” at the top to find the 3-Point Contest odds. Or just type “NBA All Star” in the search bar.

3-Point Contest Betting Strategy:

You want to bet the favorite? Go right ahead. I’m not looking for that though. I like to bet the guy who is pretty good at three pointers, but doesn’t quite have the reputation as the main guy. Eric Gordon in 2016 would be a great example.

Looking back on that contest, it’s pretty clear that Klay Thompson (the favorite) was the best shooter in the contest, but Eric Gordon was pretty close to second. Don’t be seduced by superstars, this is a shooting contest. ‘

I talked a bit about the 2019 contest earlier in this article when Joe Harris grabbed the win. Any interesting thing about that contest is that Joe Harris had a higher three-point percentage on the season than Steph Curry, the favorite, had at the time. It’s a small sample size, but Curry actually had the fourth highest shooting percentage at that time.

Shooting percentages matter and they should be one of the first stats you look at when betting on this contest.

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