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Where To Bet NBA Conference Winner


NBA futures are a big part of basketball betting and one great way to do that is to bet on the Conference winners. While some people say that the NBA is the most predictable league out there, you can still often find good value betting on the Conference winner if you do it early enough.

Betting on conference winners can be a lot of fun and it can keep you interested throughout the season and playoffs. Knowing you have that betting slip out there keeps you interested in the team throughout the season and playoffs. Of course, this has a flip side too where every injury on the team feels like it’s your own family member.

This article is going to get a bit more in-depth on betting NBA To Win Conference bets. What they are, how to bet them and where to bet them.

Where To Bet NBA To Win Conference:

America: One site that constantly updates their NBA futures is Bovada and they offer Conference betting throughout the season with updated odds. They also offer a great selection of betting lines and props on every game during the season as well.

Canada: You can bet on Conference odds and other NBA futures at Sports Interaction. This is an easy to use site with a wide selection of betting options for each game as well as props and futures on many games.

Everywhere Else: I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and diversity of the NBA futures at 888. A great place to bet on Conference winners and you can find a number of great betting options and props on every game of the NBA season.

What is an NBA To Win Conference Bet?

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Simply put, you are betting on which team will go through the playoffs and win their Conference and making it to the NBA Finals. Regular season record does not matter and the results of the Finals don’t matter. The only thing you are looking for which team represents the Eastern or Western Conference in the Finals.

You can typically bet this throughout the regular season, but it really ramps up once the playoffs start. The odds are constantly shifting as the playoffs go on, but usually the favorites stay strong and get stronger as the playoffs get deeper and deeper.

Common NBA To Win Conference Betting Questions:

How important is regular season record when winning the conference?

Not as important as you may think. Between the 2008 and 2018 NBA seasons, there have been ten #1 seeds to win their conference and twelve teams that weren’t top seeds.

However, the lowest seed in that time frame was the #4 which has happened twice. Your regular season record isn’t the most important factor, but if you finish outside of the top four in your conference you can pretty much forget about it.

What is the biggest upset in Conference Finals history?

While we have seen many teams upset in the Conference Finals over the years, it’s very often a #1 seed losing to a #2 seed or something like that. This is that as well, but the biggest upset in the Conference has to be the 1971 Eastern Conference Finals when the Baltimore Bullets upset the New York Knicks.

The Bullets were actually the second seed in the playoffs, but they finished with just a 42-40 record compared to the Knicks 52-30 record. The Bullets barely got past the Sixers in the semifinals while the Knicks handled the Hawks with relative ease. The two teams then matched up in the Eastern Conference finals.

The Knicks won the first two games before losing the next two. Still, with a 3-2 lead in the series they seemed likely to get to the Finals. However, Baltimore came back and won two straight games with their backs against the wall to make the Finals. The Bullets then met the Bucks in the Finals and were swept by Kareem and the Bucks.

How To Bet NBA To Win Conference:

Bovada: From the “Basketball” tab look below for the dropdown menu and select “Futures”. It will then display all the futures that are currently open including To Win Conference.

Sports Interaction: From the left sidebar click “BASKETBALL” and the drop down will link to NBA Futures which is where you can find all the bets you are looking for.

888: Find “Basketball” from the SPORTS A-Z Menu and then click on NBA. From the top of that page you will see “Live & Upcoming”, “Outrights” and “All Basketball” at the top. Click “Outrights” to find all the NBA future bets currently available.

NBA To Win Conference Betting Strategy:

You have two options when you are betting on NBA Conference winners and it depends on who you are looking to bet on for what strategy you should take.

The first strategy is betting the favorites and when you are doing that, the earlier the better. If you liked the Warriors in 2017, the best odds were before the season because as things went on they just kept getting lower and lower as everyone realized they were the class of the league. Early is better when going favorites.

Of course, if you are looking at a non-favorite that you think can pull an upset then the later you do it is probably the best.

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