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Where To Bet NBA Second Halves


Sometimes you just have to let a game play out. Sometimes you just don’t know what you think until you see the teams play a little bit.

This is where NBA Second Halfs come in. You can watch a half of basketball and get an all new spread for the second half.

For others, this is about making good on a game total bet or even getting even after a bad one.

There are a lot of good uses for a well placed NBA Second Half bet and that’s what makes them so popular. They work for almost everyone for a wide variety of reasons.

This article is going to explain a bit more about NBA Second Halfs. What goes into them, how to bet them, where to bet them and my strategy for placing a winning bet on them.

Where To Bet NBA Second Halfs:

America: Bovada usually have lines up right when the second quarter ends and you can bet right up until the second half starts. It’s very easy to do these live bets. You will be able to bet both a point spread for a second half, and also a moneyline and an over/under.

Canada: Sports Interaction offers up NBA second half betting as soon as the 2nd quarter has ended in an NBA game.

Everywhere Else: You can easily find second half line and much more at 888. They will offer up lines before the game has started, as well as during the game.

Bets you can make for the 2nd half at all the sportsbooks include who will win, whether it is a draw, the total points, the handicap and more.

What are NBA Second Halfs?

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NBA Second Halfs are lines that come out during half time for the second half of play. Whatever happens in the first half doesn’t matter. This is just about those last two quarters (and potentially overtime).

The line will be adjusted based on the results of the first half of the game. So even if the Rockets were -10 and the game is tied at the half, that line might be -5 for the second half. If they were down, the line could be even higher.

You can place NBA second half bets prior to the game beginning at most sportsbooks but it’s advised to wait. Watch how a team is performing etc, what the result is going in. If you think you already know or can guess in advance, then place a first half bet!

Common NBA Second Halfs Questions:

Can you middle a second half? with your game bet?

Absolutely! This is one of the reasons that NBA Second Halfs are so popular.

So, let’s say you have a bet on the Cavs +8 against the Warriors and the Cavs come out strong and have a 9 point lead at the half time. There is a good chance you win your bet, but these are the Warriors and anything can happen.

The second half line is posted and the Warriors are -5 for the second half. They are expected to make a run here. You can take your chances or you could bet the Warriors -5. So if the final score ends up within Warriors +5 and Cavs +8, you’d win both bets. Either way, you would win one bet and only lose the juice.

What 2nd Half Bets in the NBA are there?

It depends on the sportsbook however the standard ones are:

  • Bet on who will win the half
  • Bet on it being a draw in the second half
  • Bet the over/under on total points in the 2nd half
  • bet the handicap in the second half

They will often offer alternate lines too so while the Pistons may be -2.5 you can still bet them in the second half at -6.5 for a bigger price.

How To Bet NBA Second Halfs:

Line for NBA Second Halfs are easy to find. Just navigate to the NBA lines portion of the website you bet games at and look for games that just entered half time. The games will be listed here and clearly marked “Second Half”. Some sportsbooks when the game is live may list it in their live betting section.

NBA 2nd Halfs Betting Strategy:

I think that NBA defenses always play better in the second half so when betting second half I veer towards the team with the better defense. Even if they lose outright, they usually can make a run and keep the game low.

Another thing to watch is young teams that don’t finish well. They can often have the lead at the half and give up points. That might scare some away, but the underdog is a good bet in that situation.

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