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Where To Bet NBA Player Rebounds


Rebounds are a key part of the NBA with many players making their name off of them. Guys like Dennis Rodman had two jobs when they played basketball: play defense and grab rebounds, and he was the best at it. His rebounding was a big part of his championship wins in both Detroit and Chicago. It’s a key part of the game and players work hard to grab as many boards to pat their box score.

Players rebounds from game to game are relatively static. Teams have hierarchies when it comes to boards so from game-to-game you might see the players rebounds fall in the same range. This makes it a good prop to bet on in basketball.

While the rebounds are typically around the same level, that aren’t always the same which make them a fun over/under to bet on.

In this article we are going to get a bit more in-depth on everything player rebounds. What sportsbooks let you bet on them, how to bet on them, and where to bet on them. Betting on player props like rebounds are a lot of fun so let’s get into how you can start doing this right now.

Where To Bet NBA Player Rebounds:

America: One of the top sportsbooks for betting on the NBA for Americans is Bovada. They offer a wide variety of props on every game of the NBA season including betting on Player Rebounds.

Canada: Sports Interaction is a great site for betting on the NBA. While they don’t offer Player Rebounds on every game, they do offer Player Points as well as Points/Rebounds/Assists.

Everywhere Else: The best place to bet on NBA Player Rebounds is 888. They offer these odds on every game and put odds on multiple players for each game as well. They don’t do just power forwards and centers, players you would expect to get a lot of rebounds, but they put odds on guards as well. They offer many betting options for every game of the NBA season and playoffs.

What are NBA Player Rebounds bets?

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The NBA Player Rebounds prop bets are an over/under total that is set on the amount of rebounds that a player will grab in a game.

For a player like Anthony Davis who averages 9.5 rebounds per game, he might have his over/under set at 9.5 rebounds. If he finishes with 9 rebounds, that would be an under. If he finishes with 10 or more, that would be an over.

Common NBA Player Rebounds Questions:

What is the record for most rebounds in a single NBA game?

Like many records in the NBA, this one is held by Wilt Chamberlain. The big man from the Philadelphia Warriors finished with 55 rebounds in a game against the Boston Celtics in 1960.

How to Bet NBA Player Rebounds:

888: Search “NBA” from the search bar and find the list of games. Click on the game that you are interested in and scroll to Player Rebounds.

Bovada: Click “Basketball” from the list of sports and from there you’ll see a list of that day’s NBA games. Click the “+” with a number next to the game and it will take you to a full list of props associated with the game including Player Rebounds.

Sports Interaction: From the lefthand menu on the screen, click “Basketball” and then “NBA Props” and you can find different props there for that day’s games.

NBA Player Rebounds Betting Strategy:

The key thing to look for when betting Player Rebounds is match-up and minutes. Who are they playing against that is going to be going for the same rebounds as them.

The other thing to look at is minutes. How many minutes are they going to play? If it’s a game with a high spread that could mean a blow-out and in that case they might not play enough minutes to grab their normal amount of rebounds.

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