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Where To Bet NBA Playoffs Series Correct Score


The NBA Playoffs are always filled with surprises. While you can often pick the winners ahead of time, the favorites win in the NBA more than any other major sports league, just how they do it is a complete different thing. Predicting how things go, game to game can be difficult and teams will always surprise you at some point in a series.

While finding a good value on a top-seeded team versus an 8th seed match-up can be really hard when picking a favorite, but there is a way to get good odds on these playoff series. The way to do it is by picking the correct score of the series.

This article will cover how to bet NBA Correct Score, where to bet it and how to bet it. I’ll also throw in a little of my own personal strategy on how to win these bets. Let’s get right into it.

Where To Bet NBA Playoffs Series Correct Score:

These types of bets are very common when it comes to the NBA Playoffs so they are always available at all of the top sportsbooks. Our recommendations for the best odds on these are the following:

America: Bovada offers a ton of options for betting on the NBA Playoffs. There will be point spreads, over/unders, and totals set on each game as well as multiple series props including NBA Playoffs Series Correct Score props.

Canada: A great sportsbook for betting NBA is Sports Interaction. They have tons of lines throughout the regular and postseason including NBA Playoffs Series Correct Score and other series related props.

Everywhere Else: One of the top sportsbooks in the game right now, 888 has you covered when it comes the NBA Playoffs. You can bet on each series winner, the series correct score, eventual champion, and much more. A great site for fans of the NBA Playoffs.

What is NBA Playoffs Correct Score?

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The NBA Playoffs Correct Score is a funky way of saying who will win and by how many games. There are only eight possible betting options for this.

Team A 4-0, 4-1, 4-2 or 4-3


Team B 4-0, 4-1, 4-2 or 4-3

Simply put, you pick the team you like and then guess in how many games they are going to win it in. Even if you are betting a big favorite, you can win some good money by correctly picking the series winner in the correct amount of games. This is a prop that is very hard to nail so the odds on it are very good.

Common NBA Correct Score Questions:

What are the best odds for NBA Correct Score?

The best odds are always the underdog winning the series with the sweep being the best available odds.

For the favorite, the sweep is usually the best odds as well unless the match-up says otherwise. Sometimes, in overwhelming favorite situations, the least likely bet would be the favorite in seven games. It just depends on the match-up and the respective teams.

What is the biggest NBA Playoffs series upset?

There have been quite a few NBA Playoffs upsets over the years, but the one that stands the test of time is the 1994 Denver Nuggets against the Seattle Supersonics. Denver finished the season at 42-40 while the Sonics were the best in the West at 63-19. While I don’t have series correct score odds going back that far, the Nuggets were a +1400 underdog in the series so you can only imagine what the correct score prop might have been.

What are some NBA Playoffs upsets that have happened in less than seven games?

One of the biggest all-time NBA First Round upsets took place in 2007 when the 67-15 Mavericks lost to the eight-seeded Golden State Warriors in the first round. It was a surprise at the time not because of the upset, but because of just how the upset went down.

The Warriors took game one of the series, then lost game two before winning the next two games at home. At this point they had a 3-1 lead which is a lead that teams very rarely lose when having. The series was basically over at this point. The Mavs ended up making a series of this with a game five win in Dallas, but they were blown out in game six to lose the series in six games. The Mavericks became one of the few teams to win 65 games and not win a title.

2020 also saw a huge playoff upset as the favored Milwaukee Bucks lost in round two to the Miami Heat. A big asterisk here because of the pandemic, but the Heat took this series in just five games. Heading into the series, the Bucks were favored to come out of the East while Miami had just a 15.2 percent chance of upset.

How To Bet NBA Playoffs Correct Score:

Bovada: From the NBA Playoffs Series Prices page find the series you like. From there there will be a little “+” with a number connected to it and you’ll find all the bets for that series.

Sports Interaction: All series Correct Score bets are listed under NBA Futures. This is easy to find from the left hand side, under “Basketball”.

888: From the “Basketball” section click “Outrights” at the top. Each series will be listed there, but instead of being called Correct Score it will say “Series Markets”.

NBA Playoffs Correct Score Betting Strategy:

A general rule of thumb is that if you are picking an underdog, you should probably pick them in six games. The list of teams to win as an underdog on the road is pretty short.

I’d also say that sweeping is very hard in the playoffs. We see it every year where a team should easily sweep and they end up winning in five games. Call it the gentleman’s sweep, 4-1, which is my personal favorite bet to do for favorites. Game three is really hard for a team to win as the home team almost always comes out hot.

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