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Where To Bet NBA All Star Weekend


NBA All Star Weekend is always a fun event – I should know, I attended it in Toronto back in 2016 – but what makes it that much more fun is when you gamble on it!

NBA All Star Weekend is always a popular event to gamble on. However most online sportsbooks will only offer you the ability to bet on the all star game itself. That sucks! As I mean that’s a complete crap shoot.

Thankfully there are some online sportsbooks that offer a wide variety of bets on NBA All Star Weekend and those are the ones I’m going to cover in this article. So if you’re looking and wondering where to bet NBA All Star Weekend, read on!

Where To Bet on NBA All Star Weekend:

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans to bet the NBA All Star Weekend is Bovada. First of all they have their lines up early so you can place your bets or start your research a few days before. They cover every single bet that we listed above and have the biggest selection of bets for NBA All Star Weekend out of all the sportsbooks. They also offer 1st half lines and cover everything related to All Star Weekend.

United Kingdom: The best option is 888. They have a variety of specials and their game specific bets are incredible. One thing they offer that a lot of sportsbooks don’t is player specials such as if a certain player will record a double double, or who will get the most points between two players.

Everywhere Else: A combination of Bovada and 888. Bovada is great because it’s an American sportsbook so they have the most NBA lines but they accept everyone except from the UK. One thing they don’t offer though is the crazy player props which is what 888 offer.

What NBA All Star Weekend Bets Are There?

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It obviously depends on the sportsbook but the NBA All Star Weekend bets you can make are:

Bet on the NBA All Star Game: The most obvious one – you can place a bet on the NBA All Star Game. There’ll be a point spread assigned as well as an over/under or you can bet on the money line in the game.

Bet on the NBA All Star Celebrity Game: You’ll be able to bet on the celebrity game and there will be a point spread assigned as well as an over/under. Depending on the sportsbook there will be various props tied to the game such as which player will win the Celebrity All-Star Game MVP.

Bet on the NBA All Star Rookies Game: Rising Stars Challenge, Rookies vs Sophomores. Whatever you want to call it you can bet on it and you can bet who will win, who will cover the spread and the over/under.

Skills Challenge: During NBA All Star Weekend you can bet on which performer will win the skills challenge, or depending on the sportsbook you can actually bet the “Field” versus someone which means as long as that specific player doesn’t win it, you’ll win money. You can also bet on the position of who will win the skills challenge – be it a guard or a forward or center.

Additionally you can bet on whether or not a player will reach the skills challenge final.

Three Point Contest: You can of course bet on who will win the three point contest during all star weekend. You can bet whether a player will win or not, as well as if they will finish in the top 3 or not.

Slam Dunk Contest: You can bet on whether a particular player will win the slam dunk contest or not, and you can also bet on whether they will or will not reach the final round.

Player vs Player Props:. Some sportsbooks will offer player specials such as “which of these two players will get the most points?”.

Common NBA All Star Weekend Questions:

Is there a point spread on the NBA All Star Game?

Yes there is. The majority of online sportsbooks will overr a point spread, over/under and money line. Depending on the sportsbook there will be various other props such as first half bets and lines.

How to Bet NBA All Star Weekend:

Bovada: Under the “Basketball” section you can find the “NBA Props” and this will bring up everything related to NBA All Star Weekend.

888: Simply visit the site and on the left sidebar will be a special menu “NBA All Star Game”. Click that and it lists everything.

NBA All Star Weekend Betting Strategy:

For the dunk contest, 3 point contest and skills challenge they are all a crap shoot for the most part so you want to back the 2nd or 3rd favourite usually. There’s some nice value there and if you can figure out who wants it more for the most part, those are the ones. Also any NBA players going in “hot” is good as they’re usually able to enter the zone easy.

For the All Star game it’s basically a coin flip so just bet who gets the points or who has the best money line odds.

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