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Where To Bet The Olympics Online


In this article I’m going to cover betting on the Olympics.

Whether it’s the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics you’re looking to bet on, the online sportsbooks I recommend below are the best places to bet on the Olympics.

These sportsbooks will offer a combination of the biggest variety of betting lines for the olympics, the best odds, and where applicable bonuses and live betting. Although fair warning – you won’t be able to do any live betting on the 100m dash!

So if you’re looking for where to bet the Olympics online, this is where to do it:

Where To Bet the Olympics Online:

America: The best place is Bovada who offer up a wide variety of Olympics bets including a lot of American specific bets and futures. For example along with being able to bet on specific events – like the Giant Slalom Women in the Winter Olympics for example – you can also bet on various props related to America. You can bet on the total number of medals with an over/under. You can also bet futures such as who gets the most gold medals and depending on the event, there will be a lot of props available. All hockey games you’ll be able to bet various props on is just one example.

Everywhere Else: I have to recommend 888 who go to absolute town with the quantity of bets available for the Olympics. Absolutely thousand of bets and a wide variety of props available too. I mean just one example – the downhill men skiing – you can bet on who will win or bet on who will finish in the Top 3 but then you can bet specific matchups so it doesn’t matter if it’s a top heavy event. You can bet on something like Hannes Reichelt vs Christof Innerhofer and who will have the best finishing position. Seriously go see everything 888 has available.

How to Bet the Olympics Online:

Bovada: In the “Sports” section of the site they have a specific option on the left sidebar for Olympics. When you get there, you can use the menu that appears on the top green bar to navigate between events.

888: Either use the search bar to search for the event you want or just click “Olympics” on the left sidebar and all of the events will be listed there. You can then click through each one and choose what to bet.

What Olympics Bets/Props Are There?

Olympics Deposit Bonuses

There is a large variety of olympics bets available and you can bet on practically anything to do with the Olympics.

You can bet on futures such as “Most Gold Medals” or depending on the sportsbook you can bet the amount of gold medals. There will be a wide variety of bets available per event. Again depending on the sportsbook and the sport you can bet on who will win, bet match-ups or bet various props.

There are just too many to cover but a few examples from the Winter 2018 Olympics:

Ice Hockey: For each game you can bet various props such as the game total, who will win, will both teams score at least 2 goals, bet on who will score in a game and much more with some sportsbooks having over 100 betting options available – per game!

Alpine Skiing: Bet on who will win, who will finish in top 3, classification, then matchup bets.

Biathlon: Bet on who will win a gold medal in an individual event, what nation will have the most gold medals, specific athlete markets and more.

Figure Skating: Along with betting who will win and get in the top 3 you can bet things such as matchups or head to head.

Common Olympic Betting Questions:

Where do I bet Olympic Ice Hockey?

For Americans, Bovada is the best. For everyone else, 888 is the best place to bet the Olympic Hockey.

Olympic Betting Strategy:

I find that the online sportsbooks don’t set sharp enough lines when it comes to the lesser markets. One example would be matchups in downhill skiing. If you focus on the matchup betting and really put the research into it, you should be able to make a nice little profit.

The lesser markets is where you can make the most money. And don’t let emotion get in your way – if you’re American try and stay away from anything to do with betting on USA for example. Look at all the lesser markets with people from other nations who you don’t know and have no allegiance towards.