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Where To Bet NHL Player Shots On Goal


One fun bet you can make on the NHL is in regard to player shots.

The most common bet in regard to the NHL player shot prop bet is that the sportsbook set a line on the amount of shots that a player will have on goal, and you then have to determine whether the player will have more than that amount or less than.

It’s known as an over/under bet on player shots.

There is also a slight variation to that bet which I will cover below. Let’s jump into where to actually bet the over/under on player shots NHL prop bet.

Where To Bet NHL Player Shots

America: There are two solid options. The first is Bovada. They offer the ability to bet total shots over/under per game for players. There is a big variety. So if you are American and want to bet on the over/under shots, then Bovada is the way to go.

If you are American and wish to bet on the “At Least” market, you will go with BetOnline. That’s because they allow you to say a player will have “at least ___ shots on goal” and you can choose the number of shots you think they will have. So if you think Crosby is going to have 5 shots in a game and the sportsbook is only offering over 2.5 shots on goal, you could use this market to change it to “At Least 5” and then get a much better price return.

Everywhere Else: If you are looking to bet the over/under on NHL Player Shots, Bet365 Sportsbook is your best option. They offer it for a wide variety of players and all with good lines along with some other great props. If you wish to do the “At Least” option then BetOnline will be the place for you.

What NHL Player Shot Prop Bets Are There?

There are the two variants mentioned above. To break them down into a bit more detail:

Over/Under Player Shots: The sportsbook sets a line, and you have to bet whether the player will shoot on goal more or less than that specific line. So for example Sidney Crosby may have the line set at 2.5 shots on goal. You will then either bet that he will have more than 2.5 shots on goal, or bet that he will have less than 2.5 shots on goal. So if he only has 2 shots the “under” wins while if he has at least 3 shots, then the “over” will win.

At Least ___ Player Shots: With this one, you will bet on the amount of player shots a player will have at least. So you can say “Crosby will have at least 3 shots on goal”. If he has at least 3 shots, you win. What’s neat about that is you can change the quantity of shots and get better odds. So “At least 3 shots” is -130 but you could bet “At least 4 shots” for +177 etc.

Common NHL Player Shots On Goal Questions:

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Do blocked shots count as a shot on goal?

No they do not. That is a blocked shot. Shots on goal are shots that the goalie either saves, or they go in the net for an actual goal.

How to Bet NHL Player Shots on Goal

Bovada: Under their hockey section, click on the game where you want to bet on a players shots on goal. You will likely have to scroll down and look for the “Total Shots On Goal in the Game” area where there will be a list of them for each individual player. The line will be there along with the odds for over and under and you click on the one that you want to bet on.

BetOnline: In their NHL category, click on the game that you wish to place this bet on to expand it. Within that section there is the “Props” category and you will see the “Shots On Goal (At Least)” section. Expand that then use the drop down menus.

Bet365 Sportsbook: It’s buried away a little bit. Go to Hockey, then NHL, then click on the game you want. Then from there click the “Score” tab and it should be listed there.

NHL Player Shots on Goal Betting Strategy:

The nice thing is you have a lot of historical data so use that to figure this out. Or as you go along during an NHL season, take some time to look at it and trends.

Trends are the way to go to crack this one. For example – and it depends on the team and player – but you’ll see a different in shots on goal depending on whether the team is a favourite or an underdog. So that sort of thing is what you want to look for. Also look into advanced metrics. Who lets in the most HDCA? And what players on the team playing against them generally rack up more shots on goal when their team has a high HDCF?

The data is there you just have to spend a bit of time researching it.

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I accidentally wrote this article twice. Rather than waste all that work here it is again with a bit of a different perspective to it:

“He shoots, he scores” is probably the most commonly heard and exciting phrase in hockey. We all know that we can bet on the second part of that statement, but did you know that you can bet on the first part too? You can and betting on player shots on goal is a lot more exciting than you ight think at first glance.

Betting on a player to simply get shots on goal sounds like something that would be relatively easy, but it can be quite challenging as well. You never know how the other team is going to defend him or if the player will be more focused on setting up teammate’s on that date. It can be tough to fully crack, but it is also a lot of fun and makes for an exciting game within a game.

This post is going to be all about betting NHL Player Shots on Goal. What exactly that term means, where you can bet, and how you can get those bets in. It’s a relatively new betting market and I think it’s a pretty exciting one.

Where To Bet NHL Player Shots On Goal:

America: BetOnline is one of my favorite sportsbooks to bet NHL and this is exactly why. They offer this prop bet as well as many other similar hockey bets.

Everywhere Else: You are able to bet on shots on goal at Bet365 Sportsbook. They also offer a wide variety of other betting options including Player Plus/Minus and Goalie Saves.

What are NHL Player Shots On Goal bets?

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Betting on player shots on goal is done in two ways. The first is betting an over/under amount that is set by the sportsbook on the amount of shots a player will take in a game. The second is a number that is set that the player needs to hit “at least” that amount of shots.

Over/Under: The player shots over/under is a number that is set that you have to bet over, meaning more, or under, mean less than, on.

A good example of this would be a player like Jakob Silfverberg of the Anaheim Ducks. For a game his total is set at 1.5 over. However, that 1.5 comes with a price of -200. That means you’d need to bet $200 to win $100. This is because it is very likely that he will go over that amount. If you were to bet under 1.5, the price would be +150. This means that a $100 bet would win $150 if he ended with less than 1.5 shots on goal.

At Least: This is a number that the player must hit “at least” that amount of shots. So, a player like Conor McDavid would have his number set at four shots. If he finishes with 4 shots on goal, you win. The price on this would be something like -130.

Now, a fun thing about the at least bet is that you can change the number of shots. You could make it less and pay a higher price or more and get better odds. For instance, for the game I am looking at you can set the number as high as 8 which would pay out at +1120.

Common NHL Player Shots On Goal Questions:

Do goals matter?

Short answer: no.

It doesn’t matter if he shoots and scores or just shoots, as long as he hits the amount of shots that you want him to hit then you win.

What is the averaging shooting percentage of NHL players?

A typical NHL player shoots at about 9 percent. Meaning that they score nine goals per 100 shots.

How to Bet NHL Player Shots On Goal:

BetOnline: Click “hockey” on the left hand side and go to the list of games. Find the game that you are looking to bet player shots on goal at and click the “+” on the far right side. This will pull up a list of props where you can choose between Over/Under Shots on Goal and Shots on Goal (At Least).

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click “Hockey” on the left side of the page and this will bring up a list of betting options. Scroll down to “Score” and you will find a link for “Player Shots” where you can find all the odds that you are looking for.

NHL Player Shots On Goal Betting Strategy:

Here’s my strategy for betting on player shots on goal: superstars only. This isn’t the kind of bet where you want to get cute and bet on a player who is on the third line. This is about the best players taking shots to win their team the game.

NHL Betting Guide / Where to Bet NHL

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