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Where To Bet the NHL Correct Score


If you’ve watched the NHL for a long time, you’ll notice that some scores seem to repeat themselves. Games ending 3-2, 4-2, and 2-1 are among the most common final scores and it’s extremely rare that you scour the box scores and don’t see one of those numbers.

Like all things in sports, the correct score in an NHL game is something that you can bet on. This is extremely hard to do, but the odds on these bets are great and you can make some big money if you pick them correctly.

This article is going to focus fully on NHL Correct Score bets. I’m going to tell you a bit more about them, how to bet them, and where to bet them. Let’s do it.

Where To Bet NHL Correct Score:

America: Bovada offers one of the best selections of NHL betting props and that includes NHL Correct Score props. They even have 1st period Correct Scores available to bet.

Canada: Canadians know that Sports Interaction is the best place to bet on the NHL. NHL props here include 2nd period and 3rd period Correct Score bets.

Everywhere Else: 888 offer one of the most robust selections of NHL prop bets including tons of NHL Correct Score odds.

They also offer live betting so you can bet the correct score based on the goals so far if you wish.

What are NHL Correct Score Bets?

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An NHL Correct Score bet is just what it sounds like. You are betting that the game ends in a certain way and with an exact score. For example, if the Lightning were playing the Red Wings you could bet Lightning 3-2. If the Wings win 3-2, you lose. If the Lightning win 3-1, you lose. The score has to be Lightning 3, Wings 2.

To make that worth your while, the odds on this one would be around +2000. Other odds, like Lightning +400 would be +5000. Or Lightning losing 0-4 (assuming they are favored) would be +7000!

There is a lot of money to be made on these bets because they are one of the hardest to predict.

One cool thing about these betting odds is that you can even bet them on the individual periods. There are betting odds for 1st Period Correct Score, 2nd Period Correct Score, and 3rd Period Correct Score.

Common NHL Correct Score Questions:

What is the most common score?

According to the Win Column blog, 3-2 is the most common outcome. That particular score has been the final score 10.6% of the time in history. It’s the most likely outcome, by far.

Next up would be 4-2 at 7.7% and 2-1 at 7.6%.

Typically, the favorite winning 3-2 is the lowest value bet on the board, but it still has pretty strong odds as it only happens one-in-nine games.

Somewhat surprisingly, when you look only at playoff games the most likely outcome is still 3-2. You’d think with the defensive focus of the playoffs that it might not be as likely, but that would be wrong. However, 2-1 becomes the second most likely score followed by 4-3. Close games happen more often here.

What was the lowest scoring NHL game?

The lowest possible final score in an NHL game is 1-0 with no goals being scored in regulation and the final score being decided via a shootout. The shootout was introduced in 2005 and it is now impossible for a game to end at 0-0.

Prior to the introduction of the shootout, there were 189 games that ended in 0-0 ties after overtime. There were an additional 122 games where the score was tied 0-0 at the end of regulation that saw a score in overtime. Since the introduction of the shootout, 0-0 ties after overtime account for roughly 0.25% of all NHL games.

What are the odds for an NHL Correct Score bet?

It varies from game to game based on a variety of factors: goalie, favorites, home/road split, etc. Here is a sample for a playoff game between the Golden Knights and Canadiens.

1-0 Golden Knights +2500
1-0 Canadiens +3500
2-0 Golden Knights +2500
2-0 Canadiens +3500
3-0 Golden Knights +2500
3-0 Canadiens +4000
4-0 Golden Knights +2500
4-0 Canadiens +4000
5-0 Golden Knights +4000
5-0 Canadiens +10000
6-0 Golden Knights +8000
6-0 Canadiens +15000
2-1 Golden Knights +800
2-1 Canadiens +1000
3-1 Golden Knights +1200
3-1 Canadiens +1800
4-1 Golden Knights +1600
4-1 Canadiens +2500
5-1 Golden Knights +2000
5-1 Canadiens +4000
6-1 Golden Knights +5000
6-1 Canadiens +10000
3-2 Golden Knights +650
3-2 Canadiens +850
4-2 Golden Knights +1400
4-2 Canadiens +2200
5-2 Golden Knights +2200
5-2 Canadiens +4000
6-2 Golden Knights +3500
6-2 Canadiens +5000
4-3 Golden Knights +1100
4-3 Canadiens +1400
5-3 Golden Knights +3000
5-3 Canadiens +4000
6-3 Golden Knights +4000
6-3 Canadiens +6500
5-4 Golden Knights +2500
5-4 Canadiens +3500
6-4 Golden Knights +6500
6-4 Canadiens +8000
6-5 Golden Knights +6500
6-5 Canadiens +8000

How to Bet NHL Correct Score:

Bovada: From the top of the page click “Hockey” and find the NHL game you are interested in betting on. Click on the game itself and it will take you to a full list of props for the game, including Correct Score.

Sports Interaction: From the left hand side of the page find “NHL games” and click that. Find the game you want and click on it, that will show all the props including Second Period and Third Period Correct Scores.

888: Search “NHL” at the top and it will pull a list of the games. Click on the game and you’ll see a list of the options. Find “Correct Score” and click it for all of that game’s numbers.

NHL Correct Score Betting Strategy:

One good way to bet on these is using straight math. The calculations would look like this.

– Take the average shots on goal for both teams and the average shots on goal allowed for both teams, create an average for both.
– Then take the expected amount of shots on goal and go against each goalie’s save percentage and home/road splits.

This should give you an idea of the “expected” score. From there take other factors into play like recent play from the offenses, extreme home/road splits, rest, and more.

A lot of times, 3-2 will be the score you come up. If you really believe that, consider going with that or 4-2 as there may be an empty net goal.

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