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Where To Bet Virtual Sports Online

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For many online sportsbooks users, virtual sports are becoming a hugely popular alternative to traditional real-time sports. Using simulations, they typically play out on the sportsbook’s own platform, and this is what we shall look at here, looking at how you can make the most of them when betting.

With a list usually ranging from horse racing to sportscars, basketball, and football, a computerized rendering of the game is played out live on the site, offering quick and easy bets. Sometimes there are officially licensed simulations from popular video-game properties and franchises, but these normally take place through third party channels off-site.

The beauty of virtual sports lies in their ease of access and ability to bet on them at any time, with no need to wait around. Whether it’s lunchtime or the middle of the night, there’s always something going on guaranteed, with the games themselves lasting approximately a few minutes at most. This means you can bet on multiple games too, but what does it mean for you gambling wise and how can you effectively increase your odds?

Where To Bet Virtual Sports Online:

America:Constantly updated at all times, Bovada is the best site for all those across North America when it comes to live virtual sports online.

Everywhere Else: Here you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook again, as it offers a complete selection of different sports, with them playing regularly at all times. They also have the best interface when it comes to virtual sports in my opinion and I find I tend to play most virtual sports here. They have the biggest selection.

Where To Make Specific Virtual Sports Bets:

Virtual Basketball: Virtual basketball is just like the NBA without the game being dragged down the last few minutes due to fouls etc. It’s going on constantly and depending on the sportsbook, features both US and European teams. It has a large variety of bets you can make so you can go for more riskier ones or much safer ones too.

Virtual Camel Racing: I actually got hooked on Virtual Camel Racing. was just writing up an article on where to bet it and I was playing it to research it and fell in love with it ha. Check out where to bet it and what strategy to use when betting on virtual camel racing.

Virtual Cricket: I’ll be honest I can’t stand the real sport of cricket however when writing up this article on where to bet Virtual Cricket I played around with it a fair bit and quite enjoyed it. Virtual Cricket is a fun one and I talk about how to bet on it here.

Virtual Cycling: In this article I cover the world of virtual cycling. What to bet on when betting on virtual cycling, where to bet it, what virtual cycling strategy to use.

Virtual Darts: Of all the virtual sports, virtual darts is probably my favourite. It’s so well done and the realism is top notch. A really fun one and in this article I talk about the best places to bet virtual darts. Of all the virtual sports, this is the one that I feel you get your moneys worth out of too in terms of entertainment value.

Virtual Greyhound Racing: It seems like there is actual greyhound racing most of the day from all different countries, however if you’d rather let the AI do it all and bet on virtual greyhound racing, then here is an article covering where to bet virtual greyhound racing, and the best online sportsbooks to bet virtual greyhound racing at.

Virtual Horse Racing: Running practically every minute, you can bet on virtual horse races. They take place usually at fictional arenas and it’s all extremely random as to who will win with no sort of form book or anything. Still I feel if you want a gamble, it’s one of the most fun virtual sports to bet on and I never get frustrated betting it. In this article I talk about where to bet virtual horse racing and the best sportsbooks to bet on virtual horse racing.

Virtual Motor Racing: Virtual Motor Racing is quite a fun one to watch and bet on. In this article I cover what to look for when betting on virtual motor racing and of course where to bet it online.

Virtual NFL / American Football: If you’re tired of all the commercial breaks in NFL, then no worries here as the games are done in a highlight style fashion and are over in minutes. Very fun and without the frustrating refs.

Virtual Soccer: Virtual soccer games are pretty neat with a lot of options to bet on such as who will win, number of goals scored, correct score, total goals and much more. They feature fictional teams normally although with a variety of options such as the Superleague featuring famous teams from Europe just with different names (ie: PSV Peasants). In this article I talk about virtual soccer, where to bet it, and what to look for when betting on it. Virtual Soccer is a fun one featuring made up teams such as “Manchester Rules”. There is a wide variety of bets you can make such as Results/Both Teams To Score, the over/under on team goals, match goals etc. A fun version and it runs all day and night long.

Virtual Speedway: Virtual Speedway is a fun one to watch with the motorcycles racing around the corners and so on. Alas the virtual world is obviously not as thrilling as the real world but it can still be thrilling if you bet on it. In this article I cover what betting strategies to use when betting on Virtual Speedway, and where to actually bet on it.

Virtual Tennis: Graphically virtual tennis is really cool and there’s games running all day and night long. This is better than video game style graphics and I cover where to bet virtual tennis and what strategies to utilize in this article.

Virtual Trotting: Virtual Trotting is one of the fun virtual sports to bet as it features jockeys harnessed to their horses with a tandem. It’s not something many people normally bet in the real world so you’re not going to be comparing it to the real life version as much. It’s one of the more fun aspects of virtual sports as it really has an authenticity feel to it.

How to Bet Virtual Sports:

Bovada: First you’ll want ‘Sports’ on the main page, followed by ‘Virtual Sports’ on the next, which will take you through to the live-stream of all the ongoing games. Down the left side of the mini-screen is a list of all the available virtual sports, and you can then choose which ones you want. Each virtual sport section has the open bets and odds below, and the timer countdown beside each sport showing you when the next simulated game is.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Down the left side of the page you’ll find ‘Virtual Sports’, which is located just below ‘Tennis’, and above ‘Winter Sports’. This will take you through to the live-screen of the simulated games playing themselves, although you wont be able to view these until you sign-up and login directly to the site. Across the top listed horizontally you’ll see the virtual sports themselves, with the screen just below, and underneath you’ll find the bets and odds, with all the matches, teams/players, and various props.

What Virtual Sports Bets/Props Are There?

Depending upon the virtual sport itself, the bets on offer can vary, but they do all allow you to bet on the overall outcome and winner. You will then find more specific bets and props, typically located further down the page, just below the main results. These can consist of anything from boundaries in Cricket, to handicaps in Soccer, all providing the chance to bet on multiple games at once.

Basically whatever sport you can think of that you can bet on, you’ll be able to make similar bets in the virtual world.

American Football / NFL for example you’ll be able to bet the likes of point spreads, over/unders, winning margins, result and total doubles.

In soccer you can bet the winner, number of goals, double chance, over/under goals and so much more.

There is an incredible variety of bets available for virtual sports.

Common Virtual Sports Questions:

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How are the odds calculated?:

This is a big question many have here, especially when it comes to a set of games overseen by an apparently randomly generated algorithm. You do get odds provided though, and there are patterns to look out for with favorites to win using virtual terrains and stats, although it’s best to keep up with this on a day-to-day basis. Inspect the percentage of wins a favorite gains over the course of around a dozen consecutive games, which many sportsbooks will provide you.

Where To Watch Virtual Sports Online:

Given that you’re betting directly through the sportsbook itself, you will also be watching the simulated games and sports on there too. Usually this consists of a screen with rudimentary commentary over the top, giving a simple run-down of exactly what’s going on, followed by the results. Most of the time you’ll also have to sign-in if you want to watch these virtual games, but they’ll be playing most of the time.

Virtual Sports Betting Strategy:

You need to focus on the basic maths here, as the question of external forces determining any bet outcome doesn’t come into the equation. Defined by an algorithm, you want to watch the games play out for a while, giving you a clear percentage of where the winners come in. This then needs to be coupled up against the favorites and the odds provided, allowing you to get a rough idea of when they may be due to win again.

Constantly keep yourself updated as to the progression of the games, as the pattern can change each day, meaning you need to change your approach. Remember, patience is key here, and after some time you should be able to get a clearer more succinct idea of how the virtual sports are playing out.

Variants To Betting on Virtual Sports

Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.