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Where To Bet Virtual Horse Racing

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Where To Bet Virtual Horse Racing

One of the oldest running virtual sports currently out there for many bookmakers and online sportsbooks is that of virtual horse racing. A simple sport to simulate based on stats and odds, the game focuses primarily on numbers, with factors such as breeding and trainers having been taken out of the equation. This makes it a lot easier in many respects for a nice quick and easy bet, as we shall now see here in closer detail.

There’s plenty of different markets to bet on here, with the entire system being designed around providing you with the maximum amount of gambling opportunities. Typically providing their own virtual sports, many of the online sportsbooks will usually offer virtual horse racing on-site. Managing their own platforms, they’ll often bring up virtual simulations of the races too, playing out on-screen, allowing you to follow along. Given how instantaneous the results are it’s a fast and fun way to place a bet, cutting out any extra unnecessary hassle.

You can effectively strategize your game though, as, whilst it may seem like a random algorithm on the surface, there are methods you can utilize to push your money even further. How do you best identify these strategies though, and what should you look out for when betting on virtual horse racing?

Where To Bet Virtual Horse Racing:


With simulated races taking place every few minutes, all those in North America will find themselves best served through Bovada.


Using Bet365 Sportsbook is your best option, as it has the widest selection of virtual sports available across the whole of Canada.

Everywhere Else:

Internationally you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook again, as there’s simulated games and horse races taking place regularly.

What is Virtual Horse Racing?

As mentioned before, this is pretty much self-explanatory, in that you get a simulated set of races taking place online through the sportsbook itself. Geared solely towards betting, you’ll typically have a set of forecasts made available and it’s up to you to choose the winning horse. From betting on the horses themselves, there’s a range of single bets and trifectas, through to each way bets and forecasts, as the set-up is not too dissimilar from traditional horse racing.

Many of the sportsbooks can differ in the specific details of their virtual horse racing, but overall the format usually remains the same. This is a general layout of what you can expect to find when placing down bets on virtual horse racing:

  • Venues: Whilst names of each venue will differ between the sportsbooks, the format remains the same, in that each one will provide different terrain, from flat racing to jumps.
  • Bets: There will be a selection of different bets open here, including win bets, each way bets, tricasts, and forecasts, to name just a few.
  • Start Times: Many sportsbooks provide staggered start times and, depending upon the length of the races, these should allow you to quickly move between games placing multiple bets.

After you’ve put your money down, you will then typically be presented with a graphic simulation of the race taking place, followed by the results. What should you look out for then when putting any wagers down, and how do you potentially make this system best work for you?

Common Virtual Horse Racing Questions:

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What should I watch for and how are the odds calculated?:

A big difference between virtual horse racing and its real-time counterpart is that there’s no room for human error. This means that the results will be purely based on maths and statistics, as it runs to a strict randomly generated algorithm. As for the odds offered, the software itself generates these, creating favorites to win, along with enough leeway to ensure that the results can’t be easily predicted. Given that the races are in quick succession of one another you should be able to table out the winners over the course of a dozen games or so, although many sportsbooks will already offer this, giving you a set of clear percentages to work from.

Where and when can I find these bets?:

The joy of these simulated races is that they can be bet on at any time, whether it’s in the middle of the day, or late at night. Races often happen within minutes of each other, so you should always be able to place a quick bet, regardless of when you login. Lasting for around thirty seconds each race, the beauty of this bet is that it’s always open, with it being continuously online for most sportsbooks. Just find one of the larger sportsbooks with a strong reputation and you should be good to go once you’re all signed in.

How to Bet Virtual Horse Racing:


Using ‘Sports’ at the top of the main landing page, you can then go on and find the ‘Virtual Sports’ option on the navigation bar of the next, with it being between ‘Politics’ and ‘Table Tennis’. In the middle of the page now is a live-stream screen of the virtual games, with ‘Basketball League’ being the first one you land on. Moving down the sports options beside the screen, you’ll find ‘Horses’ just below ‘Soccer League’, with a timer countdown to the next simulated game available, as they happen regularly every few minutes.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

First you’ll want the ‘Sports’ tab, followed by ‘Virtual Sports’ found down the left-hand side, located just below ‘Tennis’. This will bring you through to all the available virtual sports themselves, with the range of simulated sports being listed across the top of the live-screen playing the games. You’ll need to login to watch the games playing out, but you can find ‘Horse Racing’ on the far left above, although you’ll have already landed here when first coming through to the virtual sports section.

Virtual Horse Racing Betting Strategy:

Whilst you’ll begin to see trends emerge over time, you should never stick to any one single betting strategy. It’s best to constantly vary your playing style, as patterns tend to change from day-to-day, with them constantly being kept fresh and updated. Watching for favorites is important though, finding what their overall winning percentage is and using this as a foundation.

Spreading your bets can help increase your chances, along with the opportunity to catch a winner with long-odds. This should then give you all you need to get started betting on virtual horse racing online, making your money go even further.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.