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Where To Bet Virtual Trotting

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Bet online on Virtual Trotting any time of the day or night. That’s right, it’s now possible to place a bet 24/7 on simulated horse Trotting races. Seeing the horses pull the jockeys behind them on-screen, the sportsbooks are now offering the chance to bet whenever you decide to login. Looking at this virtual sport in closer detail, we’ll examine what this particular wager means, and how you can potentially maximize your profits when putting money down.

The sport of Trotting itself is relatively difficult to find bets for, let alone being an ongoing event which you can gamble on at any time. Featuring jockeys harnessed to their horses with a tandem, it does enjoy a huge amount popularity, even if it is more of a regional sport. This is part of what makes it so appealing as a virtual sport as, no matter where you are, you too can enjoy the thrill of the race track. Many people do bet on it in real-time too, which is highly similar to the betting you’ll find with the online race simulations. Putting your money down on a jockey and horse, you can watch the different names take off around the simulated track, potentially delivering a big win at the end.

Easy to make, the bet is instantly accessible, with it being open at any time, allowing you to put your money down with a minimum of fuss. Which horses should you look out for though, and what should you keep in mind when betting on the Virtual Trotting?

Where To Bet Virtual Trotting:


This isn’t really available in North America as of yet, but this is subject to change, so be sure to stay tuned.


For all those in Canada they can’t go wrong with Bet365 Sportsbook, as it offers ongoing Virtual Trotting bets at all times.

Everywhere Else:

Here it’s Bet365 Sportsbook once more, with its easy to use system, providing the bets internationally to betters everywhere.

What is Virtual Trotting?

One of many popular virtual sports featured online, Virtual Trotting seeks to replicate the sport of horse Trotting for the benefit of placing bets on. With a selection of jockeys, you make your bet after which you watch a simulated race with state-of-the-art graphics showing the horses on a circular Trotting track. Not much different from the real thing, this is as close as you can get to the actual sport, and there’s always a bet to be made at any time. Two-wheeled carts, or the ‘Sulky’, is what the jockey rides behind the horse, and it’s perfectly represented on-screen, making for a highly realistic simulation.

To some this is also known as ‘Harness Racing’, but, as a virtual sport it’s labelled Trotting, which is what you’ll be using here. This is a brief overview of how it currently looks online, and what you should expect to find once you login:

  • Timing and Scheduling: Altogether it’s around three minutes between each race, and this includes betting times and results, with the race itself being about a minute in length.
  • Bets Available: You can bet on the winners, along with forecasts, tricasts, and combinations of the first three positions, providing betting across the board.
  • Tracks and Presentation: Doing one lap of the track that’s around 800m long, you’ll have the authentic look and sound of a Trotting event, including commentary as well.

With eight racers to choose from, you’ll be given various different odds for each of the jockeys and horses. What’s the best methods for picking out the winners though, and which are the best methods for making your decision?

Common Virtual Trotting Questions:

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Where do the results come from?:

The results themselves are randomly generated, making this more a case of managing and organizing your bets effectively. Whilst it’s important that you take note of any patterns forming in the outcomes of each race, you need to be aware that luck is also a major component here. The patterns change regularly, and, while the given odds are good indicators, you need to be prepared for varied results. A margin of around 5% usually goes to the sportsbook, which is the case for most virtual sports, so make sure to focus more on how you manage your bets.

Which bets are best?:

While betting on the winner may be the most straightforward wager, it’s better to create a spread, with a total eight competitors usually in the race at any given time. Often putting money on the top three horses to finish will be the most financially rewarding, especially when there’s an each way bet on the table too. This can potentially push the stakes up, whilst steering the odds in your favor, and making the profit incentive higher. Typically paying out at 1/5 the odds, you can recoup your money with a decent win, whilst keeping you afloat for longer.

How to Bet Virtual Trotting:

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Go down the left side of the page until you find ‘Virtual Sports’, which is listed alphabetically near the bottom of the options. This will then bring up a screen in the middle of the page playing the simulations, along with the virtual sports listed above it horizontally. Open up Trotting and this will provide the screen, along with the current bets below it where you can create your betting coupon, and the upcoming race schedule along the navigation bar in the middle.

Virtual Trotting Betting Strategy:

Presented with eight riders once you open it up, it’s easy to forget the forecasts/tricasts below, but these are where you’re more likely to make your money. Whilst spreading your money out with the larger bets can help minimize your losses, placing smaller more specific bets can really help you. Patience is definitely a virtue here, and using the tricast can reel you in some extremely high-stakes wagers with smaller amounts. Being able to place multiple bets at once is also a huge advantage, which you definitely want to make the most of, creating numerous bets across the board.

Play several games in advance, experimenting with various different combinations to find the best possible outcome. Once you have this you should then be able to go ahead and make a far more informed decision when betting.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.