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Where To Bet Virtual American Football / NFL

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Where To Bet Virtual American Football/NFL

The National Football League follows a strictly regimented schedule, and, whilst it’s always exciting to bet on a game of American Football in real-time, this isn’t always possible. That’s why virtual American Football is a great place to put down money whenever and wherever you want, with most sportsbooks offering simulated NFL games on a regular basis. How do you transfer your knowledge of real world NFL over on to the virtual space though, and what does this mean for your betting?

With virtual American Football/NFL, what you’re essentially seeing are games simulated online, as you get to bet on them in real-time. Using an algorithm to determine the outcome, you get to place your money down, with many of the teams themselves being based upon real NFL teams. This algorithm also defines the odds given, so you should be able to predict some of the outcomes, although there is still a randomized element keeping it exciting. The matches themselves are short, ensuring they take place in quick succession of one another, meaning there’s a game happening pretty much all the time.

Using this you can then strategically approach the game using the various odds and stats that are provided. Where is best to start then, and what are the signs you should keep an eye on when placing down bets?

Where To Bet Virtual American Football/NFL:


At the moment it appears that this isn’t currently on offer in North America, but this could change very soon, especially with the NFL themselves getting on-board, so stay tuned.


In Canada you’ll be best served by Bet365 Sportsbook when it comes to betting on virtual American Football and the NFL.

Everywhere Else:

Bet365 Sportsbook is once again the best site for this particular bet, with its international coverage all over the world.

What is Virtual American Football/NFL?

Taking place on a virtual pitch with simulated players, the game runs entirely of an algorithm, as the rosters and stats are pre-loaded into it. Many of these work on their own outside of the NFL, so you’ll have to research what they are beforehand, but some knowledge of previous seasons of American Football wouldn’t go amiss. Placing your bet down in the time window prior to each match, you then get to sit back and watch the short simulated game play out.

Virtual American Football/NFL games may differ on different platforms, but the overall principle largely remains the same. Currently this is what the layout of virtual American Football looks like at this present time, although it can vary between sportsbooks:

  • Match Length: Altogether each match normally lasts approximately 3 minutes, and this includes the countdown time and results.
  • NFL Branding: Many sportsbooks and virtual American Football games use the official NFL branding, meaning the players and teams all have their officially licensed names.
  • Bets Provided: These will usually be the same as you’d find in real-world NFL, although many of the smaller more niche props may not be there.

Once the match starts you wont be able to place any more bets, so make sure you’ve chosen all that you wanted in the time given. What choices are there though, and how do you know which teams are best when it comes to making your bets?

Common Virtual American Football/NFL Questions:

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How different is this from the real NFL?:

Due to technological advancements, games of virtual American Football and the NFL are becoming indistinguishable from the real thing in terms of graphics and presentation. The teams themselves are also officially licensed, so this will fully immerse you in to the world, along with the commentary too. Where it does tend to differ, is when it comes to the match length, as you’ll find these games considerably shorter than their real-life counterpart. This does allow you to make more bets in quick succession though, as it’s geared towards gambling, making it faster and simpler when betting.

What bets can I expect to make here?:

Sometimes it’s the case that you may have a couple of locations open to you, with different virtual fields available to bet upon. Betting on the overall outcome is, first and foremost, what you’re going to be presented with as soon as you login and set yourself up. Then you have your winning margins, with your total points both over and under, allowing you to cast your bets across a wide range of options. You’ll have a short time to make your bets prior to each match though, so you want to spread your bets out as much as possible.

How to Bet Virtual American Football/NFL:

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Using ‘Virtual Sports’ listed further down the left side of the page, you can then go on and choose from the selection of sports themselves. These are found above the screen in the center of the page playing the sports, with ‘American Football’ being located around the middle. Once you sign-up and login to the site, you can then watch the games, and the bets are found underneath, rolling down, as you can then select the ones you want.

Virtual American Football/NFL Betting Strategy:

It’s tempting to head straight for the big bets at first, but you should measure yourself, spreading your money out. This will provide you with more chances of seeing a larger windfall, especially when considering the randomized nature of the bets here. You can watch a number of matches looking for patterns beforehand, but making a succession of smaller bets will also potentially help you here. Make sure to remember that the human element is out of the equation too, as, whilst it’s still realistic, your bets are based purely on the algorithm and the stats provided.

Look towards the spreads and totals, measuring up the odds against the other winning margins on offer, looking at how they change between alternating matches. This should then offer a more rounded series of bets, allowing you more profit potential in the long-run when it comes to placing your bet down.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.